Watch Dogs

Happy Dogs on  Thursday, little friday and Thankful Thursday! 

Do you see how intently Sis is focused on something?  (Gretch is too… on whatever was on Sissy’s foot?)

Can you see them?


Those photos were taken immediately prior to her rough landing as she departed from her perch (aka: our hot tub cover), which resulted in the luxated quick (read:  quick popped through the nail) and the rush to the vet’s on Saturday.

That’s my dopey, mopey DIVA, not long after we got home.  She’s just starting to feel better, but I suppose that was to be expected.  Wondervet had advised that she was giving Sis five days’ worth of pain pills, and she wanted Sissy to take the whole prescription, no matter how happy she seemed.   Yesterday afternoon, with just last night’s dose to go, Sis finally began to be herself.

What?! You don't let your dog stand on the coffee table on YOUR deck? OBX 3-10

That means she resumed leaping and “mooing” and trying to lick the bacon grease off the hot griddle on the stove top…

Which brings us to the Thankful Thursday part.  There just aren’t words to thank wondervet and the staff at the vet’s.    I had already called in for FOUR days straight (to check on Gretchen’s Easter travel plan) when I called in Saturday, less than 45 minutes before they were scheduled to close.  (Normal Saturday hours on the day before Easter?  That’s impressive on its own.)

Still tiring easily...

The receptionist knew who I was, and only took a second to confirm with the vet on duty that they’d still see us.  I never asked, as it is a multi-vet practice, but I wasn’t surprised at all when wondervet’s personal extension showed up on my cell, as we were walking through the office door, precisely 10 minutes after I’d promised the receptionist we’d arrive.  She was checking to confirm we were going to be there before they had to close…

Sis, waiting to be discharged on Saturday

Then, instead of diagnosing Sis and saying we’d need to take her to the emergency vet clinic another 20 minutes away for the minor procedure Sis needed, wondervet and at least three staffers stuck around to take care of us.

It took us a while to settle with this practice.  We had a good vet before, but my girls have special needs, needs that a sweet little country vet wasn’t able to meet to my exacting satisfaction.   Even the Knight is singing the praises of wondervet, and he’s never met her!

It’s truly beautiful outside today, even if I am sneezing my fool head off from the pollen.  The rain is coming though, and for once, I’m looking forward to it.  

How’s your little friday?


16 comments on “Watch Dogs

  1. Nichole says:

    I am SO happy for you finding Wondervet! You know there’s NOTHING like having that confidence in them AND them having that great bedside manner! YEA!!!!

  2. Walden says:

    I am glad you have found such a wonderful vet and Sissy is starting to feel better. That’s one thing I love about most pets, they are so resilient. Such positive forces.

  3. gaylen says:

    Yea for Wondervet and staff. I’m thinking a basket of home-baked goodies should be in their future 🙂

    Glad everyone is feeling better. You don’t want to hear about my morning – just say snow . . . g

  4. Blond Duck says:

    Your vet sounds awesome. What’s on her foot? A cast for the nail?

  5. Sue says:

    It’s such a relief to know your vet is really good and interested and there when you need him or her. One less thing to worry about as an owner of active dogs.

    We were promised rain every day this week and so far just a few sprinkles have arrived. Ron and Tsar and I are all sneezing and Sky needed extra anti-histamines today for his red watery eyes.

  6. AlisonH says:

    Feeling comfortable is a very wonderful thing. I’m so glad you’ve got such a good vet.

  7. Those deer certainly have good camoflauge. How in the world does your silly Diva hound spot them? I hope that now that the meds are in the past…your weekend isn’t too crazy trying to control that girl’s crazy impulses!

  8. Marjie says:

    Would you believe Thor just looks at the damn deer and does nothing? That’s probably better for us. You are lucky to have found Wondervet. I hope their latest solution allows Gretchen to ride happily in the car, and I’m glad Sissy’s well on the mend and no longer doped up.

  9. Julie says:

    Glad the girl is on the mend. Beautiful “early” pictures.

  10. Mary says:

    Oh, I do so love Sissy’s proud pose on the coffee table. And if I can admit to dancing to “Inagaddadavida” on someone’s coffee table during a high school party…well, I, for one, am certainly not going to deny Sissy her opportunity to play Joan of Arc on a table.

  11. Mary says:

    P.S. My dogs think that deer are just exceptionally large doggies…so large, they ignore them except when they meet on a walk down the street. Then, well, just hold tight to their leashes or you’re going for a drag.

  12. Dianne says:

    A good vet is worth her weight in gold, platinum, diamonds, emeralds, rubies all together! Glad Sissy is feeling better!

  13. Barbara says:

    Those deer are camouflaged well! I would never have found them in the first photo.

    I have no animals now, but we had a regular menagerie for many years. Good, caring vets are really important. So glad you found one to match the girls’ needs.

  14. Anita says:

    A good vet is such a blessing! Trying to lick the bacon grease off the hot griddle? Good grief! Silly dog!!!!

    Love all the photos! 🙂

  15. kathy b says:

    Oh those luxated tendons . Huck had that once. I am secretly puttng some cash away for the day Cricket may do that….
    Extra love to her.

    I saw them in the second shot!

    I love our vet too. and my sister and brother in law vets.

    My little friday was about, teaching Cricket to heel. We had ONE good couple of blocks, reading a dog book, and doing a race around a store to buy 3 tops out of sheer necessity. I mean race. I gave myself a half hour and it took 45 minutes for there, back and shopping with register delay!

  16. Louise says:

    Oh poor, poor Sissy. I do hope she is recovering slowly. Even I know you can’t keep a good Sissy down:)

    I can’t help wondering how Getchen took all the commotion. Thankfully, you did find a good vet. Gee, I wonder if a physician would have stayed opened.

    Thanks for sharing, Channon. Be sure and “kiss” Sissy’s boo boo for me…

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