Magic and Bags

What do you do when you realize you simply cannot finish a project (Ravelry link) in time?  Specifically, when the baby is going to be delivered tomorrow and a blankie is barely at half-way?

You crank out a pair of Magic Slippers.   I made two pairs of these last spring for babies on the way, but I’d forgotten them until another blogger mentioned them over the weekend.    I won’t do another full-blow finished object report, but the originial is here, and the particulars for this project are below.

Yarn:  Tofutsies leftovers, from their first “sock club” special. 

Needles:  Two 16″ US #2 Knitpick circulars.  I rather liked doing these on two circs instead of the dpns I’d used before.  Might try Magic Loop and two at a time for the next pair.

One day last week, Vera had the Stephanie bag on sale in select colors, and MJ and I were both tempted to the point of purchase.  The Cupcake green on the left is her early Mothers Day present, and the Mod Floral on the right is mine.

I REALLY wish Vera would offer inside views of their bags, or at least a swatch of the contrasting fabric.  That’s the interior of MJ’s Cupcake green, which as seems to be the case with me and Vera of late, I like better than the primary/exterior fabric.

And that’s the interior of my Mod Floral.

Another shot of the bag.  Yes, it has very short handles.  I happen to love the shape and have already switched over to this one.  Of course, it’s too soon to tell, but I like the way it feels on my shoulder – tucked up under my arm – and it holds all of my stuff with room to spare.  For the price I paid, I won’t cry if Sissy slimes it too often and it has to be retired in the fall.

I love the pleats at the top of the bag.  How silly is that?!

How was your weekend?  I accomplished absolutely nothing that I set out to do.  The Knight was on call for work, so the shed building didn’t start until about lunchtime on Saturday, so there there no need to bake and cook.  (Of course the time he has something planned at home, he gets a call on the far side of the county…)  I did knit on the blankie, but honestly, that acrylic hurts my hands.  I guess because it has no give at all and I’m doing cables and such? 

I did cast on for a new project (Ravelry link) last night when I got ticked off because I didn’t have all the paperwork I needed to do the taxes.  The Knight had handed what I thought was everything over, but…  and he wasn’t home to find the missing pieces, so…  Knit therapy to the rescue!  Tonight’s the night, even if he has to beg out of a chiefly duty or ten.

How was your weekend?


21 comments on “Magic and Bags

  1. Sue says:

    I love your bag. The fuchsia color grabbed me right away. We were busy all weekend and I felt like we accomplished a lot, but it’s all piddly stuff. On Saturday I went to a Victorian Tea with a friend and yesterday was stock up on dogfood day.

    Today I have tons of paperwork to do and I want to get it all finished so I can sew and knit this week.

  2. gaylen says:

    Hey lookie there – Sue’s sewing!

    My weekend – had fun playing with my friend’s grandson. Let him “ride” Beau – of course there are photos! We also have photos of Beau’s punk rock hair do – guess who’s the star of DOT for a few weeks?

    I roughed out the taxes. Need to remind JB to look and see if he wants to make IRA deductions we don’t really need. The taxes will pay for the upgraded tile I want and them some 😉

    Took apart and remade the houndstooth skirt. Fits much better – although there are still a few issues but I think I’m seeing things nobody else would. Love my new iron. Did not blog anything – but have tons of fodder.

    Made an antipasto salad for lunches this week, and granola and precooked the rice for the ham, rice, brocolli casserole I “chatted” you the recipe for. making it tomorrow.

    Love the bags! Love them. g

  3. Marjie says:

    What do you do when the blankie’s not done? Well, keep working, of course. The new mama will appreciate it all the more when it comes in later than the flood of gifts she’s getting in the next few days. We send taxes off to an accountant. It’s too complex for my pea sized brain!

    Great new bags! Wonderful colors.

  4. Blond Duck says:

    My SIL loves Vera bags…they’re all the rage down here and in the South.

  5. AlisonH says:

    Those booties are adorable!

  6. Mary says:

    Cute booties and a new bag, too! V. nice. And anyway, getting taxes done is a highly over-rated activity. Picked up my car (it works!! knock wood)on Friday night and so DH and I made it date night and had a nice, leisurely dinner in Annapolis. Picked up new closet doors for the guest room. Otherwise, a boring weekend of laundry and cleaning. And read another book or two :).

  7. Mr Puffy says:

    Magic slippers indeed! They are adorable 🙂

    Love the Vera bags ~ I use mine all the time ~ as a project bag and love it.

    This week all I did was work and take the munchin to obedience class (not a moment too soon, I might add).

  8. Dawn says:

    Those bags are sooooo pretty! The booties are adorable!

  9. Thanks for the timely post on the Vera bags. Today’s special includes that Green Cupcke,and I wasn’t sure about getting it…bit maybe now…:-)

  10. Bubblesknits says:

    Love those little slippers. I’ll keep those in mind for a shower I’m hosting in June.

    Love the Vera haul.

  11. Anita says:

    What do I do when the blankie isn’t finished? Go buy something! LOL

    Love your new bag! And I’m not usually a big vera print fan. 🙂

    We got the taxes done & don’t have to pay! Yahoo! What a relief. I have so much other stuff to do too & I’m running out of time, why does that keep happening to me? Could I be overloading my plate? That’s what I’m starting to think…

  12. Julie says:

    My second fave Vera bag is Stephanie in Paprika (first is Emma in Birds In Paradise). Those little slippers are so cute! And I must post about what I did this weekend…maybe tomorrow!

  13. Dianne says:

    Love those VB bags, and the booties are too cute for words!

  14. Susan says:

    Love Vera Bradley!!!

    Glad to know I am not the only one that still hasn’t finished the taxes!!! 😉

  15. Barbara says:

    The booties are adorable…and from what you indicated, quick to make.

    Your V bag is aptly named…it reminded me of the Mod Squad. And I do like the interior fabric of yours.

    An accountant does my taxes, thank God.

  16. anniebananie says:

    Those slippers are absolutely adorable. Must make some for LisaSunshine. As for the bags, personally I like the interiors more than the exteriors. Sorry!

  17. Nichole says:

    The Mod Floral is still one of my most FAVE Vera fabrics!

    Love the magic slippers… I made a couple pairs too and with all these babies popping out around here, I really need to crank out some more! 🙂

  18. Amanda says:

    The booties are so cute, Chan! And, of course the Vera is lovely…

  19. Kathy says:

    They really are magically quick booties.

    Your bag is stunning and I love the fabric choice. Very colorful.

  20. […] sitting in the loveseat, waiting for me to switch over.  In the meantime, I’ve purchased the Stephanie, but in two and a half months of use, she’s already a little droopy.  Still, it’s a […]

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