The Lovely Month of May

I’m not even going to try to list all the birthdays in May, but there is a very special one the fur-girls have blogged about today.  I want to wish Thor a very happy birthday too, and I hope all the humans in my life with birthdays will forgive any unintended slight…

Nine years is a milestone for a mastiff, but we’re hoping Thor’s good health continues and he’s around for much longer.  Isn’t he dapper in his birthday hat?

While I’m at it, happy birthday to all the other May birthdays out there!!

May is also Pampered Chef’s Help Whip Cancer month.   One dollar from every special edition pink product goes to The American Cancer Society.  Full disclosure – I am a consultant.   I do have a show that I need to get up on the website in honor of my sister’s friend who is a breast cancer survivor, so if you’d like to order, let me know and I can give you the link.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Pink Parade.   I’m still plugging along on the fiber I started in my friend’s memory.  It takes a long time to spin up a pound of fiber!

What’s on your mind today?

9 comments on “The Lovely Month of May

  1. Marjie says:

    Thor thanks you for the birthday mention, and he hopes you and the fur girls enjoy his favorite cake! He’d invite you over for dessert, if the 350 or 400 miles were a wee bit shorter…

    You know I’ll want your website address, then we’ll see when the mood moves me to order some more great kitchen stuff! Your Pampered Chef goods are top notch, and your service can’t be beat…call me if you need more advertising plugs!

  2. Nichole says:

    XOXOXO to Thor…that’s a great shot you “borrowed” of him there! 🙂
    Please send the HWC link my way…..

  3. Wow…I whole pound of fiber? That IS a lot! I’ll have to hop over and wish Thor a happy b-day…Hope your Hump Day is awesome.

  4. Sue says:

    I’m a little late getting the cake put together. Life keeps getting in the way of my plans.

    A pound of yarn sounds really ambitious. What are you going to do with it once it’s spun?

  5. Mary says:

    Happy BDay, Thor!

    As for what is on my mind, not much…evidently I lost it on the way to PHX. (For example, I just had to type this reply for the second time since I forgot to fill out my name and email. Doh!

  6. Anita says:

    I really like that yarn you are spinning, colorful & cheerful. 🙂 I don’t think I’ve spun a whole pound of something at once… I might have to do that just to see. LOL

  7. Cat says:

    speaking of spinning, I am looking forward to my class on the 15th! I talked with a girlfriend who is a wonderful seamstress and she gave me some ideas to use in making my Kiwi a custom cover/carry case! I may have to attack that this weekend so I can use it next weekend…

  8. Bubblesknits says:

    A pound of fiber? That’s a lot!

    Love all the pink Pampered Chef stuff.

  9. Kathy says:

    Happy Birthday to Thor from Mr. Bettis & Co.

    Love the Pampered Chef. What does Gretchen think of the Pink (not Pank)? LOL

    A pound of fiber? you’d better get spinning.

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