Do you frog?

Okay knitters, why is it calling frogging when you pull apart a knitting project, in part or sum total?

After a fast start, Serenity literally became a pain to knit.  I like the pattern.  Despite the cables, it’s an easy enough design.  However, the rugged acrylic I selected based on the intended recipient, soon proved too hard on my hands.  As the rows got longer, it became harder to finish one or two rows before my hands ached so much I had to take a long break, or my fingers got numb and I had to quit.

After languishing almost a month with no progress, despite the April birth of the intended recipient, Gmarie helped me realize yesterday that I needed to throw in the towel.  I haven’t done the actual frogging yet, but I have let it go in my heart and mind.

I’ve found that when I’m trying to force myself to knit something, I lose ALL of my knitting mojo.  What about you?  Does it happen with other crafts too?

I don’t really have any plans at all this weekend, so tell me about yours!

Oh – and see the fur-girls’ blog for an update… but not while you’re eating.

21 comments on “Do you frog?

  1. gmarie says:

    funny – we blogged almost the same thing today. I do frog and occassionally I’ll actually “throw in the towel” on a project that just isn’t working for whatever reason. It’s okay – you don’t have to finishing something is physically painful. Remember – this is your hobby, you do it for joy and relaxation. If it’s not providing those qualities – find something else to knit that will.

    Now – breathe deep. g

  2. AllyB says:

    Ok, it’s called frogging because you “rippit” out. As for Serenity, I found it anything but. I got to the point (when it was 400+ sts around) that I could only accomplish 2 rows during an episode of NCIS and then I had enough of it for the night. I kept plugging away though as I do so love my co-worker and wanted her new son to have something that I had truly toiled over with love for him. When I bound off it was over 600 stitches. When I presented it to Mama it was so worth all the swearing and tearing that I did to accomlish it. Find a lighter weight yarn that you enjoy working with and give it another try. I think it would look beautiful in a fingering weight yarn. As much as I hated that little blanket when I finished it, I’ll probably make another…in white cotton. I know, I am crazy.

  3. Marjie says:

    I guess you’re not the only one who doesn’t like “Serenity”. I only do things when I’m inspired. Right now, I’m inspired to make dresses from white eyelet, so 3 or 4 will undoubtedly appear before I grow bored with the fabric. I feel like I should make a dress from a yellow crepe I just got yesterday (a post for tomorrow) for Jeff’s graduation next weekend. I hope I’ll be able to make myself do it. Otherwise, I’ll be wearing a white eyelet dress, and not something in Jeff’s favorite color.

    So don’t make yourself crazy over this blanket. Make another. Or a sweater. Or booties. The baby won’t care. And give the new mother chocolates or something she loves just for herself. It’ll all work out well.

  4. AlisonH says:

    Rip it, rip it.

    Tinking is when you undo it stitch by stitch, for “knit” spelled backwards and for–or so I’m told–the sound it makes as you do so. (Tell me, does it really? The things you guys hear fascinate me sometimes.)

  5. Amy says:

    I only frog if it is something that I can’t fix or blend in. I try at all costs not to have to rip anything out, but it does happen.

    Tinking is a pain in the butt. That said, I’ll try to tink before I rip. LOL

  6. Barbara says:

    Reading your comment section is an education in itself! Frogging and tinking.
    I sure would give up if something hurt me that much!

    Sorry the girls are having so many problems!

  7. km says:

    Ditto on the others…rip it sounds a lot like ribbit when said in a string.

    I think more often than totally frogging, I let things languish as WIP in the ZZZ category.

    My hands have been hurthing even with nice yarns these days.

  8. Sue says:

    If something isn’t going together well I tend to lose interest in knitting, cross stitch, sewing or most any other interest. I find myself thinking about the next project and finding excuses for not working on the one that’s giving me problems.

    I’d say frog it and do something more fun. Mom and baby will never know.

    This weekend is wide open. I hope to find something fun to fill it up.

  9. Mr Puffy says:

    Rip it Rip it Rip it…..listen and you will hear the sound a frog makes.

    If the project was hurting your hands, absolutely it was time to frog it.

  10. If I hate how it’s coming out, or it hurts to knit, or is somehow just wrong, I will frog….but it’s well known around these parts that frogging makes me grumpy!

  11. Grace says:

    I do frog but I take it to personally, I feel like I failed and it eats me up — I eventually get over it but I always have something on needles in my hands. Tom really thinks if it were possible I would knit sleeping.

    Here is a bit of irony for you —I NEVER dream about knitting.

    would Serenity work in a nice soft machine washable merino???

  12. Walden says:

    I agree, forced crafting makes the mojo disappear. I have made myself finish some in the past, but I am trying hard not to do that anymore. If it is too much of an annoyance, it gets frogged!

  13. Dawn says:

    Funny I frogged a shawl today a couple of times…finally got it right, I think!:) I so dislike having to frog though…makes me so sad….

  14. Anita says:

    A project like that does suck the mojo right outta me. I need to frog several that have been in hibernation for too long! 🙂

  15. Terrie says:

    I’m sorry this turned into a not-fun project. I’d rather not frog; I’ll tink back to fix an error, but when you no longer enjoy a project frogging sounds like the right choice.

    Tomorrow I’m going to brunch with friends for a friend’s birthday and Sunday Nathan & I are spending time with his family for Mother’s Day. Have a great weekend!

  16. Kathy says:

    Oh I frog all the time. If I don’t like the knit, it’s off the needles. I don’t want to know how many projects I cast on and within a few months, they’re off the needles.

    I’m not doing anything special this weekend. The days just seem to run together anymore. It’s freezing here and the heat is on so I suppose I’ll just stay home and knit. Hope I don’t join you in the frog pond 🙂

  17. Bubblesknits says:

    Well, it looks like everyone else has already explained why it’s called frogging, so I’ll just nod in agreement. 😉 And yes, if I try to force a craft, I suddenly lose all interest in it. So you’re not alone on that one. 🙂

    Will I be okay to look at the girl’s blog if I’m just drinking coffee?

  18. kathy b says:

    I am always AMAZED at how fast we can rip out something that took hours and hours to partially create! I don’t think painful knitting has any place for us busy knitters. I want to keep knitting forever , glad you are careful too. I do love the look of the pattern. Maybe not in that yarn, someday.

  19. Nichole says:

    Frogging is always hard…… maybe instead of frogging this, why not just cast it off as is and call it a cloth of sorts??

  20. knittysue says:

    Do I Frog? Sometimes I seem to frog more than I knit *v* Just the other day my sisters and I were waiting for mom’s surgery to be done and I had a sock on the needles and had just finished the gusset..tried it on to see if it fit (I’m trying to get a great fitting sock made)..well it fit but my ribbing was stretched to the max…hence I don’t like it so I started frogging much to my little sisters horror. You spent all that time knitting that and your ripping it out she says with eyes bugged…YUP why should I knit something that I won’t wear…I’ll start over until it’s just right.

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