Celebrate Beautiful

Before I forget, today’s the last day to enter Ally’s contest.   Do tell her I sent you!

My beautiful Scilla Fairy Batt

This week has been an “oooh shiny!” one for me.  Know what I mean?  No?   I’ve been so easily distracted in everything I do, especially blogging.  I think the resulting posts have been better ones than what I was planning, but still…  I feel like a bird-brain  little birdy, hopping around, grabbing at sparkly trash rather than food or more practical nesting materials.

I follow a rather ecletic mix of blogs.  There are food blogs, knitting blogs, dog blogs, and now, to my great surprise, a fashion blog even.    The Bon Bon Rose Girls are inspiring.   I’m sure if we shopped together, they’d push my comfortable, traditional limits, and the results would be glamorous.  Today, they have a guest blogger who kinda’ hit me between the eyes.

But hold that thought.  They did a guest blogger swap, and I think instead of finding joy the rest of 2010, I’m going to try to live up to this quote –  So, why not take  a cue from the fabulous Ms. Bennett and “dress like you want it or stay home”?   You’ll just have to follow the link and read the post for the rest of the story.

Three of my beautiful friends from fall 2009

Now, back to THEIR guest blogger, and her thoughts on what it takes to feel beautiful.   This post falls right in line with what I said yesterday.   It’s up to us as women (and kind men) to remind each other that we’re beautiful, regardless of whether we’re wearing the size clothes we want to wear, or whether the scales say what we think would be ideal.

My alway fabu cousin and me spring 2007

I’m not saying I’ll start wearing frocks and heels to work.  I am committing to making regular hair appointments and pedicures a priority, rather than trying to bend the salon’s schedule to my last-minute NEEDS.   I am very visually oriented, so just as I crave sunshine for a happy day, I need to like what I see in the mirror when I walk past.   Since I can’t be that tiny little fitness freak I was 20 years ago, I can at least purdy up what I have so she doesn’t mutter “Frumpy!” when we meet in the mirror.

Love the one you’re with.  That goes for me, myself and I too, and you, yourself and you as well.

The "she don't know she's beautiful" girl who is quite self-assured anyway

So, who is having a long weekend?   Gretchen hasn’t seen anything about Memorial Day as far as I know, so I felt a little guilty when she bounced up and down this morning as I promised her that if she wanted, Dadaw and I would stay home most of the weekend and even Monday too.  Oh well.  The four of us are going to have a wonderful time hanging out, and with a bit of luck, moving stuff into the shed-mahal.

From the "old wheel"

Anyone have more exciting plans than that?  Oh – and I do plan to ply that blue handspun with beaded cotton and aspire to finish spinning up my tie-dyed looking fiber too…

23 comments on “Celebrate Beautiful

  1. Marjie says:

    We don’t do “exciting”. We used to go to Greg’s family cottage in Connecticut, but his great nephews are terrorists, and I didn’t want them harassing my little boys or Thor. Their behaviour at Greg’s son’s wedding last summer was abhorrent, including teasing Greg’s sweet golden retriever until the poor guy cried. So we stay home, make party type foods, roast marshmallows, and I secretly gloat because I am not an idiot out there fighting the traffic! Hope you have a great one, and hope Shed-Mahal gets broken in properly!

  2. gmarie says:

    Okay first – love the photo of you in the fancy dress. Second – your are stunning! Flaunt the fierce. Third – I’m envious – when I show that much chest I never have cleavage.

    Off to check out the fashion blog and wonder why you didn’t share it sooner. g

  3. Barbara S. says:

    My plans for the weekend? Well, I might catch church at St Paul’s Cathedral, as it is “just across the street.” Literally, not figuratively, in this case.
    Apparently it is a “bank holiday” on Monday (whatever that is, I am sure G can enlighten us), so we will be dealing with crowds where ever we decide to end up, but “Oh well!”

  4. grace says:

    Our plans became severely altered this morning when I learned of the death of my friend’s daughter. The girl was only 37, but had many problems brought on my her own abuse, such a shock for a mother to have to endure, she also leaves a 9 year old son. So I will be home, or with her as needed, but Tom still insists we do his function on Sunday, I am hoping he finds time to grill this weekend!!!

    Enjoy your time off!!! hugs

  5. AllyB says:

    Gretchen is casting the perfect pose there. Have a great weekend!

  6. Sue says:

    My friend Sue and I decided years ago that we would wear our pretty jewelry every day even if we were only wearing jeans and tee shirts. We do it for ourselves because it makes us feel happy. Reason enough!

    We’ll be hanging around home playing with dogs and taking our bandana pics. Maybe the neighbors will have a cookout and invite us over.

  7. AlisonH says:

    Ooh, look at the colors in that batt!

    I’ll be playing with Peruvian Tweed…

  8. Anita says:

    Your bird brainness has resulted in some great posts. LOL
    You are absolutely right! I have a hair appt on the 14th for a new look, I’m looking forward to it. 🙂

    Nope, no long weekend for me, extra work for me… that’s ok though. 🙂

  9. km says:

    Our days and weeks seem to blend together as M is home all the time. Weekends blur into weekdays. We do have friends coming over for dinner tomorrow. I’m excited for that. And I’ll try to use the BBQ for Monday’s dinner. Have a relaxing weekend.

    PS…I enjoy your “sparkly trash”…maybe I’m a birdbrain too.

  10. YOur batt can come live with me when it grows up and becomes yarn; it’s beautiful! You are too, of course. I’m counting the days till I can say that to you face.

  11. Bubblesknits says:

    Girl, I don’t know what you’re talking about. You look HAWT in that fancy dress. 😉 Best of all, you’re smiling and you look like you’re having a good time. That’s what is most important in my book. 🙂 Dr. Tooth tells me quite often that his favorite “look” for me is when I’m in blue jeans and a t-shirt. I think he’s nuts, but then we all knew that. lol

    Oooh…I love that pretty blue batt. Don’t be enablin’! lol

  12. Louise says:

    Your diversity is one of the many things I adore about you! So many blogs! Fashion, BTW is NOT my forte:)

    Quiet weekend here too! Marion and I are not doing much. I may just go to an auction but I really shouldn’t. I certainly don’t need any more books!

    You got your shed? Did I miss that post!!! How’s it look?

    Wishing a Safe and Fun holiday to you and yours:)

  13. Amanda says:

    Love seeing pics of you! You look great in that dress, Ms. Chan!

  14. Barbara says:

    Lovely post, Chan. And you sent us to two great bloggers with super points to make today. Must be the weekend for it. Another post I like (although she doesn’t post regularly) has something along the same lines today. clarityinwonderland.blogspot.com

    Hope you have weather decent enough to get your shack finished! Can’t wait to see more of it.

  15. Walden says:

    I am glad to have a 3 day weekend, for sure. I will be catching up on all the things I didn’t have time for this week due to training and studying with my new job. Hopefully I’ll actually end up with something to post about! 🙂

  16. Kathy says:

    Your post is inspiring to say the least. Much needed on a day when I’m feeling frumpy (which is most of the time);). I’m sure Miss Diva has no clue why we fret over looks. If she passed a mirror, she’d pause, hold up her head and mutter, “yes, I’m gorgeous.” LOL

    You look stunning in that gown :).
    Weekend plans? family stuff, prodding hubby to stain the deck and spinning. Lots and lots of spinning :).

  17. laceylee says:

    We’re making yet another trek to the airport. Sounds like great fun hun!?! I agree with you. I always try to make sure I put on make-up or at least look decent before leaving the house. My mom always said “you need to always look your best, you never know who your going to meet, and you only get to make a first impression first”. There are a few days when I don’t make it out of my exercise clothes, but for the most part I always try to look my best. Great picture of Gretchen. She is a doll. I think her and Angus would be a cute couple!

  18. Kristin says:

    Happy Memorial Day! We’re getting ready to BBQ with the fam in a little bit. I hope you have a fab time with your fam today!

  19. Terrie says:

    This is such a lovely post!! You look beautiful in the photo with your cousin 🙂

  20. Mary says:

    Gorgeous, Girl!

  21. Nichole says:

    Great post – great quotes! I need to get away from “frumpy” once again too!

  22. Anniebananie says:

    1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the photo of the flag. That ROCKS.

    2. I am honored to be considered one of your beautiful friends.

    3. I have Laura Bennett’s book and have read it 3 times already. Let me know if you want to borrow it – it’s hysterical. My favorite part is in the beginning when she is on a plane and the flight attendant says to put on your oxygen mask before putting the one on your child. It was an epiphany to her, and to me too. We must get our oxygen before we can take care of others, or we will be no good to anyone. Brilliant.

    4. I adore that dress on you!

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