Had Matter

(Play on words intended almost exclusively for a specific friend.)

Photo from Wikipedia

You see, I feel a bit like the March Hare and the Mad Hatter are my social secretaries these days.  (And if you must know, I do certainly mean the original Carroll versions, not the current big-screen interpretations.)

You see, I left work yesterday and went downtown for a meeting.  I arrived a whopping two minutes early and hustled one row of shops down to Animal Connection, and still made it to my meeting basically on time.   Then, home for a quick visit with the fur-girls, then a fun family dinner, then the firehouse…

I took photos for today’s planned post.  I downloaded them onto my laptop, but evidently, I didn’t upload them to Flickr.  (Can a techno-savvy someone PLEASE verify the correct usage of those -loading terms?)  So.

Venture a guess? What are they?

I don’t mean to tease.  I hate to be teased or strung along, but I’m afraid that’s what this week is going to look like, while I hop around to the manic beat my that seems to be my life.  I say I crave calm, quiet evenings at home, but I must enjoy being busy, because I can recall being advised to set priorities and scale back on my activities way back into my childhood. 

Most of my friends are busy.  We schedule social time, just as we do everything else.  The Knight is a fly by the seat of his pants kind of guy, causing me to adapt.   So tell me…  do you like to take life as it comes or do you prefer to grid it all out on the calendar?

No Pictures!

Wasn’t it Zsa Zsa who was famous for her “No pictures!” line to the press?

Well, I have plenty to share, but no photos.  I finished spinning my batt – as in MY. BATT. that I made almost all by myself – and even got it plied, but it is sitting on the bobbin, waiting, and again… no pictures.

Bring on the holiday weekend!!

My evening was hectic.  I raced home, grabbed Sissy and we headed to the vet’s.  She got a great report, but you can see the fur-girls’ blog for more on that.   Then the Knight was a man on a mission.  He marched on through his honey-do list, tossing in a few surprises too.  Did I mention that I have no pictures? 

She really is THAT good...

Tomorrow, I’ll have pictures.  Gretchen is getting antsy because she feels I am impeding her ability to send prompt, proper thank you posts for her gifts, and I too have much to share… but I won’t even give hints until I have pictures.  (And the couple of you that are in the know, HUSH!)

Blue Moon

I don’t think we really have a blue moon, but it’s been a stunning sight the past few nights, and I was looking for something with blue for a title…

When I got home Friday, I had the sweetest package waiting for me!  Anita sent all kinds of goodness, but you’ll have to wait for the girls to blog about their goodies later.  (The girls also got pressies from Ann, so they have some thanking to do!)

First up is the superwash Anita dyed just for me.   She named it “Ocean” and it does look just like our mid-Atlantic waters.  There are six glorious ounces there, so I can spin it finely and navajo ply it and still get plenty of yardage.  Anita knows me so well…

I am blessed to have received Anita’s first WIP tool. (Wraps per inch… a necessity in spinning, but nice to have for any yarn-related crafting)  Isn’t it ADORABLE?!

Look at that sweet face!   I love the detail in Anita’s clay animals.   This long-backed sheep has a poodle cut so that  its “bare” middle can be used to measure the wraps per inch.  (You don’t need to REALLY wrap…  I just spread my yarn one row “deep” and line it up closely, then count…)

Of course, the other end is pretty cute too, thanks to Anita’s attention to de-tail, er… detail.   

I’m so honored to have the first of Anita’s newest line of clay fiber arts  jewelry.  If you’re local, you can find Anita’s cute critters at Dog House Yarns & More in Culpeper.   They quitely opened for business on Saturday.  Yes, I’m going to scoot up there sometime this week and tell you all about it!  If not, you can find them on her Etsy site.

Oh – and I wasn’t the only one smitten with Anita’s fiber, but you’ll have to click over here to find out more…

Edited to add:  Here’s a photo of another WIP tool in use.

12 WPI (wraps per inch)

Faerie-ly Late

Well, I missed the contest deadline for our Blue Mountain Handcrafts group on Ravelry, but I finally finished my blue batt.    The Knight and I were working on wrapping the yarn on the niddy noddy during the crazy storm that rocked the city, and then, I gave it a nice bath.

It dried overnight, so I snapped photos while the girls had their first trip outside of the morning.

Blue Mountain Scyllia Batt

 This was my first true laceweight yarn.  I spun extremely fine singles and then plied 750 yards or so of them with a blue metallic thread.   THIS  is one yarn I’m keeping for me.  While there’s plenty of room for improvement, I think it’s going to make a lovely shawl of one sort or another.

Not all of the yarn got plied with the metallic thread.  When I ran out of thread, I just navajo plied the remainder. 


It turned into a nice, fingering weight yarn.  Pity I only have about 135 yards.  

That’s a close-up of the laceweight.  You can really see all the extra bling from the metallic thread!

So, what are your plans for the weekend for the last weekend in June?

2nd Chance

Photo borrowed from Auntie's Facebook

World, meet Chance.   He’s my aunt’s third rescue dog, hence the title… he’s found his forever home on his second try.    He’s a darling, handsome, playful, black and tan standard daschund.     He’s three years old and my girls are smitten.

Sissy did her own post about the day, but alas, it’s a bit ego-centric.   I’ll start at the beginning.  Friday night, the girls got baths to be all purdy for the family reunion.   I really thought I took several photos, but this is the only one my camera shared with me when I downloaded (uploaded?) to my computer.

Why yes, that is the Knight's hand in the toy basket

Sis is right that I had the devil of a time trying to get a photo of Chance.  He’s one happy, active little guy.  However, what I also didn’t capture was how sweet Sissy was, trying not to overwhelm him.  She dropped to her belly when he seemed a little uncertain about the big, playful dog, and when that wasn’t enough, she rolled onto one side and just batted at the little dogs with her front paws. 

There was a “hayless hayride” we skipped to continue supervising the doggy romper room.  I also missed the trip to the local alpaca farm because Sis had an upset tummy…

I was a little nervous about having Sissy and her food restrictions at a family reunion, but it went pretty well.  Phew!

My aunt’s other dog, Luna, is also a rescue.   She didn’t adapt to their household quite as seemlessly as Chance has, but my aunt and uncle were patient and she’s quite the fixture now.    She wasn’t interested in the playful antics of the younger set though. 

Here’s Sis, being the alpha-diva.   Luna’s bed, the two bones Gretchen found…  And don’t you love that LOOOOONG pink tongue?!

Of course, I can’t leave Gretchen with that less than flattering shot from the tub.  She was  happy to pose for her fans!

What?!  Your family reunions aren’t all about the fur-kids?  Huh.  Well, ours are…

Happy dogs on thursday and little friday!

Vacant AND Pensive

(With my apologies to Mr. Wordsworth, althought I’m sure he’d be honored to know that a poem I had to memorize more than 30 years ago still flows from mind to lips with ease…)

My poor head is flipflopping from vacant to overly pensive these days.  I over-think most things, most days, but it’s been brought to such a fevered pitch that you have to suffer with me now.

I spun – plied, to be exact – for SIX hours last night, while the Knight fixed dinner, and I still didn’t finish my blue batt for the contest.  Still, if you’re on Ravelry and so inclined, pop over and view the other handspun beauties and vote, vote, vote.    You’ll get photos when I do finish plying, skeining and such, but I don’t think it will be this week. 

I did stop to Wii…  There has to be a better way say that I worked out with the Wii, without all those words, without sounding as though I’m telling you about a potty break.  Oh well.    I’m really into the skateboarding “game” on Wii Fit Plus at the moment.  It’s totally out of my element, and it makes my thighs burn, so it’s all good.

Since it’s little Thankful Thursday here in my crazy blog world…

I’m thankful that my body and I are making friends again.  You see, I’m afraid I don’t like her much when we can’t be active together.  As cerebral as I am, I also have high physical needs, as though my body really does want to be balanced with my mind. 

I’m hard-pressed to identify a favorite body part.  I will say that this hourglass figure serves me well, thick or thin, hiding a multitude of sins.

My strengths and weaknesses are different sides of the same coin.  I have a take-charge personality, and I like to think I’ve finally gotten a grip on my temper.

Hard at work, fall 2008

Really though, I’m blessed to have the time to sit and ponder these things that make me who I am.  Some people actually have to work at work!

Numbers Hostage

I’ve been having a few conversations with different friends about the numbers in our lives.  You know… weight, clothing size, shoes size…  I feel I’m held hostage by some of these numbers, and I know several of my friends are very concerned about their numbers too.

My pretty, bronze Merrell sandal, size 6.5

Why is it that most of us couldn’t care less what size shoe we wear, or if our shoe size changes?  I was a true 6 narrow for much of my life to date, but a few years ago, I started wearing some “regular” widths, then some 6.5s, and now, I sometimes need a size seven even.  Other than the sad fact that some of my lovelies don’t fit anymore, it has had NO impact on my view of self.

However, that’s the only number/size not currently in hostage negotiations.  My weight doesn’t matter AS much to me as some, maybe because I’ve ALWAYS weighed more than it appears I do.  Still, I weigh more than I should, and I know that. 

Sissy says she FEELS like a cow because the costume is too small!

What REALLY does me in is clothes.  I’m down almost two full sizes, despite the fact the Wii insists I haven’t lost much weight at all.  (And maybe I haven’t; I’ve always tended to build muscle faster than I lose fat.  I know, I know, that’s a good thing…)  I can also rationalize that different manufacturers and/or designers use different templates, so I SHOULD wear different sizes.

That’s why I feel I’m a hostage to these numbers.   I can sit here all day and tell you why they shouldn’t matter, but they DO. 

Sissy says to run for the shear joy of it

Another number that matters is how fast I can run a mile.  Now, keep in mind that I haven’t run competitively since I was 17.   That’s a LONG time ago, right?  Still, I know my competitive nature, and I know that means I can’t train WITH other people, because I just lose focus and have to be out front, whether it is what is best for me or not. 

I’ve decided I can’t train with the Women’s Four Miler program, but after chatting with a childhood friend and her hubby lately, I’m wondering if I can even participate in the event without hurting myself.  I mean, if I can’t train without losing sight of my limitations, why on earth would I trust myself to “race”?! 

 Are you held hostage by numbers?  Have you figured out how to pay the ransom?

Oh – and Gretchen has up her review of the Thundershirt.  It does come in a PANK version now, but that doesn’t seem to matter…