May Weather

Crazy, mixed up weather…

May is finally here, right on the heels of last week’s August.   Only my day lilies seem to realize it is June. 

Oh – and I stand corrected.  (Thanks, Linda!!)  I should have known better, but yesterday’s photo was no bud, but a seed pod from magnolia blossom #1.  So, we wait.  And hope… perhaps I’ll get another bloom yet.

Photo from You Just Made My List

Can I distract you from the lack of knitting or spinning with a shocking experience?  Some of you know that I love a good glass of wine, especially bubblies, but the Knight grabbed some Michelob Ultra Pomegrante Raspberry for me to try, and trust me, no one could be more surprised than I was how much I liked it.   In fact, if you can slip past the hops taste, it’s very much like a fruity, sparkling wine.   I’ve tried the lime before, and it tastes like beer with lime (which for the record, was previously the only way I drank beer, generally about once a year with Mexican food…)  I might have to try the citrus variety too now.

Any dirty little secrets that are really happy little finds you care to share? 

… and the girls are fine.  There’s a very quick update on their blog.


14 comments on “May Weather

  1. Nichole says:

    Oh yes, that Ultra Pomegrante Raspberry is good! Haven’t had any in awhile, but it is yummy and refreshing on a hot summer day!

  2. gMarie says:

    fun post! I looked for that beer at the grocery last week, we didn’t have it! I’ll look again for knitting this week.

    Dirty little secrets – I messed up the Mexico skirt. Thankfully it can still be saved – but I’m in time out 🙂 g

  3. Marjie says:

    Jeffrey got me a pot of lilies for Mother’s Day, and I need to get those planted. Yours are pretty, but I always thought those orange ones were tiger lilies. Maybe that’s just what we call them in New England.

  4. Amy says:

    Okay, I can not resist commenting to this. As the wife of a home brewer, and someone who’s palate has been spoiled by microbrew … why, oh why my dear friend, would you drink that beer? I can’t even call it beer … oy! Fruit in beer?

    Okay – my rant is over. If you like it, that is what matters most. Just because I think it is a heathen concept doesn’t mean it is a bad thing. But like I said, I am spoiled. 🙂

    I can’t wait to see you Sunday!

  5. I can’t comment on beer, of any flavor….most likely could NOT get past the hops there. The lillies, however, are beautiful! Did you notice my June header is Tiger Lillies, too?

  6. AlisonH says:

    Pomegranite and raspberry sounds like they’d make a great fruit juice together (as close as I’d be able to get, myself.)

  7. Bubblesknits says:

    Oooh…I’m on my way to Wally World after the kids finish their late lunch. I’ll have to look for that beer. Nom.

    We’re in full June mode down here. Tons of humidity and highs in the 90’s. Ick.

  8. km says:

    I spent $3.50 on myself yesterday -just because- and bought a headband I’m in LOVE with. I’ve been wearing my sunglasses on my head in the house just to keep my hair out of my face. Headbands always give me a headache. NOT this one!!! I sure wish I had saved the packaging…I’m not sure what kind it is, but I bought it at Target. ;0)

  9. kathy b says:

    Oh forgive me

    I’ve tried and LOVED the Big Mac wrap.
    and I love the mini burger at Steak and Shake: about 2 bites worth. Makes me feel like I am dieting.

    Glad the pups are good. Cricket just killed rabbit in the yard….ew

  10. Anita says:

    May is finally here, right on the heels of last week’s August…. LOL that’s funny! And so true! 🙂

  11. Carol says:

    Our weather has been a little mixed up here too. Flowers that don’t usually bloom until late June are blooming, others are wilting, or not blooming at all. Thanks for the drink tip. It sounds like it would be refresing to drink on a warm summer day.

  12. Kathy says:

    May? It’s more like March up here :(.

    Oh bubbly….I like a nice glass of good wine. Certainly doesn’t have to be an expensive wine. A cheap drinker (guess that’s my dirty little secret…lol)

  13. Louise says:

    Same here in PA. The peonies seems to have it the worst. Poor things started to blossom during “Faux” summer. Oh that Mother Nature:)

    Odds are, I won’t be trying that drink. No matter how I try, I just can’t warm up to anything pom.

    Thanks for sharing, Chan. Glad to hear the girls are festive. Will they be darning those Red Bandana’s I read @ Marjie’s?

    Dirty secrets? I believe you already know mine:)

  14. Terrie says:

    Your lilies are beautiful!! I’ll have to give that beer a try, sounds good 🙂

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