Had Matter

(Play on words intended almost exclusively for a specific friend.)

Photo from Wikipedia

You see, I feel a bit like the March Hare and the Mad Hatter are my social secretaries these days.  (And if you must know, I do certainly mean the original Carroll versions, not the current big-screen interpretations.)

You see, I left work yesterday and went downtown for a meeting.  I arrived a whopping two minutes early and hustled one row of shops down to Animal Connection, and still made it to my meeting basically on time.   Then, home for a quick visit with the fur-girls, then a fun family dinner, then the firehouse…

I took photos for today’s planned post.  I downloaded them onto my laptop, but evidently, I didn’t upload them to Flickr.  (Can a techno-savvy someone PLEASE verify the correct usage of those -loading terms?)  So.

Venture a guess? What are they?

I don’t mean to tease.  I hate to be teased or strung along, but I’m afraid that’s what this week is going to look like, while I hop around to the manic beat my that seems to be my life.  I say I crave calm, quiet evenings at home, but I must enjoy being busy, because I can recall being advised to set priorities and scale back on my activities way back into my childhood. 

Most of my friends are busy.  We schedule social time, just as we do everything else.  The Knight is a fly by the seat of his pants kind of guy, causing me to adapt.   So tell me…  do you like to take life as it comes or do you prefer to grid it all out on the calendar?

17 comments on “Had Matter

  1. gMarie says:

    I like some of both. I like my evenings pretty quiet usually – if only I could organized to do the ‘cinderallas’ during the week then the weekends could be free. I’m fine with fly by the seat until it interrupts my plans – as it did last weekend. But it’s still all good.

    Oh – I totally know what they are! Shall I tell? They are fabulous. Can’t wait to see them modeled. g

  2. I like a mixed bag…scheduling some things helps a lot, but then again, living in the moment has it’s advantages, too. If I won’t see you unless I schedule in advance, I’ll do that. I like to ‘schedule” some downtime, too so life doesn’t get overwhelming.

  3. Sue says:

    I like to plan ahead partly because it gives me time to figure out how to get out of things. I’m better if I’m spontaneous. I hate things out of my routine, but some of those have turned out to be my best experiences.

    I’n not sure what those are, but since one is pink and one is purple, I think I might see the girls wearing them soon.

  4. AlisonH says:

    The answer here would be, yes. But then, I’ve had years by now of adapting to the reality that sometimes the bod throws my plans out the window and sometimes I can suddenly just make a break for it and get out there and *live*! So, yeah. Adaptation.

  5. nichole says:

    We have the same issues – I’m a planner, he’s a go-with-the-flower……. sigh.

  6. grace says:

    I used to be able to go either way but as I have gotten older I am less likely to be spontaneous Of course this said from the lady who has not been outside of these 4 walls in 2 full weeks!!!

  7. Darcy says:

    I normally like to plan ahead but when I’m feeling like the Mad Hatter I tend to do spontaneous adventures like my recent unscheduled trip back home because I’m quite Mad you know;)lol Darcy

  8. Marjie says:

    I LIKE to have a schedule (I decide on my meat a week in advance), and I like to know when I’m going somewhere, but I have no problem doing something on short notice. Hell, I could pack up the car and be ready for a month long road trip in an hour or so. But my dearly beloved’s a homebody, and doesn’t feel much need for socialization, so, like Grace, I’ve not been outside my own four walls in a couple of weeks! Tomorrow is a blood test, Friday is a cruise on the Hudson, then I can stay home for a while!

  9. Anita says:

    Hmmmm I have no idea what those are…. well? 🙂

  10. Julie says:

    I think those are zipper pulls. I am a structured person by nature. But now that I am older and (finally) a full time housewife, I just do whatever. This is especially true because I do not drive, so that if something sounds good, I go along “for the ride”. Nice way to live!

  11. km says:

    Sometimes when I don’t schedule, then I don’t get to see the people that are important to me. I do have a pretty empty schedule though. Especially compared to lots of my friends with kids. We like our down time. Time to read, knit, play legos, work in the yard.

  12. Walden says:

    I need some planning, but for the most part, I find if it is easy to over plan and that often gets me into trouble. Things tend to work out better if I just go with the flow, even if the flow feels like it’s going to drown me sometimes. 🙂

  13. Dianne says:

    Stitch markers?

    Happy Birthday!!!

  14. Mary says:

    I would like to be more spontaneous, but heavy work demands/travel mean I have to pay attention to a schedule. Unfortunately when you leave home @ 5 am and don’t return until 12+hours later and that day includes 3 hrs of commuting, evening activites just aren’t possible…esp when one only gets 4-5 hours sleep a night. Tis ugly. Guess spontaneity may return when I retire…

  15. anniebananie says:

    I want my life scheduled by the minute, if I could manage it. Now that I think about it, I pretty much do schedule my life to the minute, when I can get away with it.

    However, I must schedule more sleep time.

  16. Kathy says:


    You’re a busy woman :).

    Am I a planner or a fly-by-the seat kinda gal…mmm…depends. I’d probably say more like the fly-by-the seat. Wait. No. I think I’m probably both…oh forget it…you get the picture. I can’t make decisions…LOL

  17. Re: Techno terms.

    You got it right: downloaded from the camera. Uploaded to Flickr/WordPress/etc.

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