Come on in…

… look at me!  I left the Dog House door open.   Slip on in and I’ll show you around. 

I missed the entrance and the big, comfy chairs right at the front door, but there are directions on the shop website, so you’ll find it with ease.

Jessi would be proud.  I forgot a camera, but I did remember that I have a camera in my phone.   I even taught myself how to upload directly to Flickr!  (You just need to go to your profile and tell it to generate an upload by email address.)

Anyway, on the right as soon as you walk in is the spinning fiber.   I’m not going to list vendors in the “group” shots, but if you go to the shop site linked above, most companies are listed by name.

Photo actually of table as you walk in, but...

In front of the windows is the pottery.  

To the right of the pottery is the spindle table.  Are you getting that they really are Dog House Yarns & More?  That’s the best selection of spindles I’ve ever seen outside of a fiber festival.

When you walk in the door, if you make it past the fiber, there’s a fun table in front.   Those bowls are hand-done with all kinds of cute, funky, fun local phrases! 

View of bookshelf to the left of the counter

There is plenty to see.  

Kathy‘s bags are sprinkled around the store.

Just a couple of Anita's marker sets featured in the display case

Anita‘s markers live in the display case.

Seacoast yarn lives on the back wall, under the some knitting totes.

The laceweight yarn is to the left of the bags.  It’s one of the best offerings of laceweight I’ve seen.  There’s even more in the shelves next to this wall display.

I’m really serious… if you’re going, let me know.  It isn’t exactly right around the corner, but I can trek up with some notice, and my favorite restaurant is in the same town.

Photo courtesy of Get Your Knits In VA

Dog House Yarns & More is also participating in the third annual Get Your Knits program.  It’s a fun way to see some of the other yarn shops in Virgina, from the beach to the Blue Ridge Mountains and beyond!  This year’s “passport” is the Knit Kit in a pretty turquoise blue…

I suppose you’re wondering what I brought home.   I did get a Knit Kit, of course, and I didn’t snap a photo, but I wanted to try the Hiya Hiya 9″ bamboo circs, so I got a #6 to try for the decreases at the top of hats.

While I am trying HARD not to buy sock yarn in particular, I couldn’t resist the Seacoast colors, and after much fondling and sighing, the Bee Balm came to live with in my yarn library.

I also snagged some of the Abstract Fiber in a silk BFL blend…

and some Corridale in a hue that I’m sure will surprise some of you.  I had to laugh at myself when I decided that THAT was the batt I wanted to buy…

So there you have it!  What’s up for your weekend?  If you’re in the USA, are you off on Monday?  Are you doing anything special for the 4th?  We have a few options, but haven’t made plans yet…

17 comments on “Come on in…

  1. gMarie says:

    What a lovely little shop. Thanks for the tour! I enjoyed. Loved seeing Kathy’s bags around. I need another – hmmmm. g

  2. Sue says:

    Oh, I wish I lived in the area. I could spend a whole day in there. It looks wonderful.

  3. Tobi says:

    What a great shop!

  4. AlisonH says:

    Wow. I wanna go. And that Seacoast picture? The green in the bottom right? Do you know how hard it is to find just the right greens? Okay, that does it–I need my trip East this year!

  5. Nichole says:

    Looks like a fun shop….. so many things to oohhh and ahhh about!

  6. Sigh. I wish we could have gone to this shop while I was “over there”. Looks like you had waaay too much fun.

  7. Bubblesknits says:

    Dang, I wish I lived closer! That looks like a fabulous shop! Love your purchases, too. 🙂

  8. Mary says:

    Shop looks wonderful. Love the tea set! Will let you know when I can make it over the two rivers (and a 100+ miles) so we can meet up for a visit. Probably not before August, but that gives you time to save up for the next round.

    No firm plans for the weekend except working on the &^%$ proposal. May go to one cookout Sunday afternoon.

  9. Dawn says:

    What a beautiful shop! Loved all the pics and your goodies!

  10. Anita says:

    WOW! I can’t wait to see The Dog House for myself! We must plan an afternoon around visiting the shop while I’m there. 🙂

    I love the goodies you brought home with you. And you’re right, I can’t believe that was the batt YOU chose! LOL

  11. Amy Darsie says:

    Wow … I know where I want to go one weekend. Dog House Yarns seems wonderful!

  12. Barbara says:

    Those yarns look fabulous, Chan. What a lovely shop. I’m crazy about the bowl in the 4th photo.

  13. Walden says:

    Thanks for the tour! Look very nice. I love the colors in the Corriedale you picked up, that should turn out a lovely green!

  14. Marjie says:

    What a pretty little shop!

    I went on a Hudson River cruise yesterday, and it was wonderful. Today I’m lazing about, and tomorrow we do our Independence Day BBQ – indoors, of course – burgers, franks, sausage, watermelon. The basics. And marshmallows. The branch that fell out of my crabapple tree will receive its comeuppance for blocking my garage door!

  15. Kathy says:

    OH my gosh! I LOVE IT!! Fiber? Spindles? Yarn? It’s just heavenly. Thanks for the tour and I hope I can get there soon…

  16. Louise says:

    I want to go there! Okay so I don’t knit but I can browse can’t I? It sort of looks like a candy shop for knitters, so yummy.

    Thanks for sharing, Chan. Just in case I don’t make it here tomorrow, Happy 4th to you and yours, be safe:) Will the girls be frightened by the noise?

  17. Dianne says:

    What a wonderful shop! I wish I lived closer!!!

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