How Oil You?

One of the new adventures in my life (thanks, Sissy!) involves asking every eatery what kind of oil they use to fry their french fries in, and do they use the same grease to fry meats? 

I have no idea how my friends with children with food allergies ever let their kiddos dine anywhere BUT at home.   And just so you know, Chick Fil A uses peanut oil.  Great for Sissy, but not for the folks with peanut allergies!

Applebees uses vegetable oil.  Hmmm…  Is that safe for a dog with corn allergies?  I haven’t figured that out yet. 

Sticks, a local kabob “chain”, uses canola oil.

We don’t fry much at home.  I have several different kinds of oil to suit baking and such, but EVOO – extra virgin olive oil – is what I reach for the most.  What do you use?  Why?  Is it a matter of taste?  Health?  I know different oils have different frying temperatures, so fill me in on what’s in your pantry and why.

Weekend plans?!  My weekend has already started, as far as I’m concerned.  The girls are at work with me, and Ann and lunch (from Sticks) will be arriving any minute now.  

Tonight is all about finding my house again.  When both human residents are on the run all week, things spiral out of control.  Frankly, I was delighted to find one pair of crop pants, TWO pairs of shorts and a skort still clean!  I didn’t realize I had options at this point.

The rest of the weekend is about relaxing.  Unless I’m sadly mistaken, we don’t have a single plan.  That means I can hang out with Endora (my name for the Wii, because telling my Gmail chat buddies that I’m off to Wii just sounds rude), spin, re-start my Cotty sock on my new ChiaoGoo Red Stainless circular (thank you Dog House Yarns & More for that very special delivery – no, they aren’t offering mail order yet, but that’s what very long-time friends are for!), let Gretchen in and out, etc.

What’s on your weekend agenda?


19 comments on “How Oil You?

  1. Marjie says:

    I use canola oil or soy oil for baking, frying, everything because it has no flavor whatsoever, so the food tastes like itself. If I want the flavor, then I go to your favorite, the EVOO. But trust me, I buy canola or soy in the 35 pound container, and I burn through a lot of it – and I don’t even deep fry! (As an added bonus, canola & soy don’t seem to pop up on people’s allergy lists – but I have no food allergies save mine for peppers in this household! How lucky am I?)

  2. Kristyn says:

    I usually use vegetable oil to fry because it has a high smoke point and is tasteless. Having a child with food allergies is very scary. Luckily his dairy allergy is very mild so if he gets some dairy it won’t kill him but his peanut allergy is pretty sever. We went to a place called 5 Guys Burgers and Fries and didn’t realize they used peanut oil until we ordered. Clark LOVES fries so my DH and I has to eat them on the sly.

  3. gMarie says:

    I really only have EVOO in the pantry. I don’t fry at home and rarely bake (as you know) – so I only cook with oil. Of course now they say EVOO isn’t good for cooking – whatevah.

    We have company coming for dinner tomorrow – I had to call to check. Other than that – we’ll lay low. g

  4. AlisonH says:

    EVOO, and we have a large bottle of extra light olive oil for when we don’t want the olive taste. We don’t fry here, but oil does get used. Happy Friday!

  5. nancyr says:

    Oh, I wish they had online ordering for those red needles(chiaogoo). Finally found someone that had them over on the west coast. Waiting.
    Use canola oil blend-not much frying of food.

  6. laceylee says:

    I have started mostly using coconut oil. From what I have heard it has the highest flash point, meaning that it has to reach a hirer temperature for the good fats in it to turn bad. Now I had a friend tell me this so i don’t know if that is factual, but she is my greenest, health conscience friend. And no it doesn’t have a real coconutty taste. As a matter of fact now that I have been using it for some time I don’t think it has much of a taste. I use it for everything, seasoning cast iron skillets, frying, baking, hair conditioner, it is even a great eye make up remover. I highly recommend it.

    I think tomorrow we are grocery shopping. That is the excitement for our weekend.

  7. I use mostly EVOO and coconut oil to cook with. I don’t really fry anything….I still have a bottle of “vegetable ” oil lingering in the cupboard, but it really isn’t getting used at all. Glad to hear your weekend is “planless” and hope it stays that way!

  8. Kathy says:

    I use olive oil for meal dishes and veggie oil for baking. We do very little frying here anymore although I get requests from the peanut gallery….lol

    Poor Sissy. She didn’t ask for any of this stuff.

    Weekend plans: recuping from Friday’s excursion, knitting/spinning and maybe a little scrapbooking in between the laundry and cleaning. Have a relaxing and enjoyable weekend 🙂

  9. Louise says:

    I oil fine, how oil you? Vegetable oil for me when frying which is rarely these days. We happened upon a new griddle and it runs without oil. So cool…I always have olive oil in the house although, not only EVO. I’ve been playing with flavored oils these days. Haven’t found a favorite, yet…

    Wishing you a quiet, relaxing weekend, Chan. I’m contemplating another auction. It depends…

  10. Weekends are great. This one is especially great because we get to get away for the first time in ages. Miss Gracie is with us and the kitties have a friend staying with them.

  11. Barbara says:

    I do love the photos of the girls in the previous post! So cute.

    I have a great nephew who has celiac sprue. His mom belongs to organizations that keeps tabs on restaurants, fast food or otherwise, and who makes what with what ingredients. I remember there was a french fry he could eat and one he couldn’t…all having to do with what they fry them in. The problem was (and still is, she tells me) these companies change their products.
    So it’s a problem you have to really stay on top of. He’s in college now and knows how to handle things himself. But my sister sure learned how to cook gluten free when they visited.
    Have a lovely free weekend, Chan!

  12. Walden says:

    I use to use EVOO for everything just because of the health benefits and the oil has a lighter taste to it, at least it seems that way to me. However, I’ve made quite a few Asian recipes over this year and Sesame oil was called for a lot. Love the extra taste dimension that Sesame oil gives and I have been reaching for it instead of the EVOO.

  13. Jessica says:

    I use EVOO pretty religiously. If i am making risotto, or chicken piccata (sp?) i throw a pat of butter in there with it. I have veg oil, but it tends to go rancid in my pantry i use it so seldom.
    if i am making asian, i use sesame oil quite a bit, along with the evoo.

  14. Bubblesknits says:

    Dr. Tooth typically uses EVOO to cook with. Except for deep frying turkeys…that requires peanut oil. 🙂

    We had a hectic weekend, but this week seems to be a bit more spread out. Maybe I’ll catch a nap somewhere.

  15. anniebananie says:

    I forgot to tell you that I had a lovely lunch and can’t wait to hang with you and the fur girls again. Tell G that I hope she enjoyed the fries, and to thank her for me as she kept me from eating them!

    As for the weekend – nope, didn’t make it to Dog House Yarns. Had a fairly quiet Saturday with the kids, and worked a good part of Sunday.

    Oh, and we use EVOO. Except when we make doughnuts – then it’s Crisco out of a can. And lots of it!

  16. grace says:

    I am so surprised at the amount of people in the world who don’t research oils, I have soy allergies, so I too ask, We mainly use EVOO for baking I use corn oil but even that is now made with genetically modified corn and isn’t as pure as it used to be and if I can substitute butter I will, and peanut oil if we are deep frying, which is rare.

    What an interesting question

  17. Anita says:

    I have EVOO for cooking, & vegetable oil for frying. Thank goodness we don’t have any food alergies.

    My weekend sucked. I slept most of yesterday, my only damn day off. Poo.

  18. Blond Duck says:

    Being a frying queen, I use peanut oil, veg oil, canola oil and olive oil (EVOO).

  19. Nichole says:

    My weekend started on Wednesday evening and went straight thru to last night… go, go, go… a concert, honey’s gig, a Comedy show/casino trip to meet his college roommates, a race day (not so great)…. OY, I need a day off now!

    EVOO here…. but we don’t fry in oil at home either… saute maybe.

    I saw those red needles at the Knit & Crochet show … at a discount yarn vendor’s booth of all places. Are they new? Looking forward to your review!

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