Carder to Cloth

The concept of sheep to shawl is part of what drew me to spinning.  Today’s “finished object” is exciting for me because while I don’t think you have to worry about me starting AT the sheep with an unprocessed fleece, I did enjoy creating a batt far more than I should admit.
June 2010 020Back at our spin-in, I had my first drum carder experience.   I made a purdy mostly mohair batt, and knew it was small and precious and would just have to sit and wait for the right little project.

Sorry I don’t have a photo of the yarn itself.  It was roughly sport weight once it fluffed up.  It was navajo plied, which for the non-spinners means it was three strands thick, with about 80 yards.

I don’t want to say too much about the project because it’s supposed to be a bit of a surprise for a Ravelry friend who needs some friendly gestures, but teal is one of her favorite colors, so as soon as I remembered this batt was sitting on a bobbin waiting to be wound into a skein…
August 2010 001

Project:  Special square

Pattern:  Citizen Kane by our own Grace!  She designed it as a cloth pattern, but while my photo above isn’t strongly blocked, it does make a pretty pattern that is easy to block to 8 x8 or whatever dimensions your group is using.  Good thing it’s an easy pattern, because we lost internet and I’d never bothered to print the PDF file… 

Yarn:  See above.

Needles:  I did use US #5 straights to get the lightly blocked 8 inch x 8 inch square I needed.  You could use #9s and get a very lacy 10-inch square… and no, you don’t need to ask how I know.

Verdict:  I’ll be doing this project again very soon, in cotton.  I like a dishcloth with some texture.

So!  What’s up for your weekend?  I don’t know what we’ll end up doing, but Dog House Yarns & More is  having its first sale…


13 comments on “Carder to Cloth

  1. grace says:

    I love it when I see someone use one of patterns, thanks for making my day and for making such a pretty square.

    Our weekend is too busy for me I much prefer the nothing weekends, I can’t even bring knitting tomorrow except for the car ride, don’t ask its just to bizarre to explain and probably one of the few times I would come off as callous and I don’t like that about me!!

  2. gMarie says:

    Very nice indeed! Love the whole process. It looks stunning. g

  3. Sue says:

    I was so looking forward to seeing you shear the sheep.

  4. Marjie says:

    Soooo…next summer we can’t all see you shearing the sheep. Pity. How about dying the fleece? That is a pretty color, and a nice square. Hope your friend enjoys it as much as I enjoy my present from you!

  5. Heh….so,sheep to cloth square? Not bad, at all. Lovely color…nice lacy pattern. I’ve been too lazy to knit my cotton cloths from patterns lately;Maybe I should try this one!

  6. Natalie says:

    Wow…great job on the carding and spinning and knitting! 🙂 very pretty!

  7. Anita says:

    Your square turned out really pretty! I still need to post a photo of mine… I’m so behind on my blogging about stuff. Oh well.

    I’ll make you some more batts if you send me that fiber! 😛

    Hope you have a great weekend!!

  8. Bubblesknits says:

    Gorgeous! I love the shine it seems to have. 🙂

    Have fun at the sale!

  9. Sandy says:

    Beautiful! I love the colour.

    I’m spinning from my first batt right now (the Abbybatt) and am amazed. Don’t know what I need to know, I’m sure, but I’m just going where it takes me. Cheaper than therapy. 🙂

  10. Nancy says:

    I am so impressed with your handspun, and then knitting it. Beautiful

  11. Kathy says:

    Very pretty batts and lovely special square. Did you get to the sale?

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