Paper’s back

August 2010 004

My reading onslaught continues.  It would seem Sis thinks Maggie Sefton‘s the way to go next.  I know I enjoy Laura Childs and her characters, so it will be great to read the first of that series, since I’ve already read the second.

August 2010 005

You would think this would have been the book Sis went for, eh? It’s available at Dog House Yarns & More.  I can’t wait to sit down and really read through it; it has recipes for humans and then in the last section, it has pet treat recipes.

August 2010 007

… and MORE.  There are at least two cookbooks in the store, a great line of jewelry, roving, etc.

August 2010 001

But it is a yarn store, so aside from my gifts and goodies, the YARN did call out to me.  I think I touched just about every yarn in there.  That’s the problem with being locked in a yarn store when it’s closed.   I can’t just sit there…  I have to get to know it all!

In the end, I couldn’t get past the Hazel Knits colors.  I wanted them all, but this Aurora Borealis really spoke to me with its soft green and vivid blue.  I’m pretty sure it is destined to be a sweet little shawlette, but who knows!?

Why yes, you do see a wee paw up there in the corner.   There’s no cashmere in the base, so I guess she was just trying to get in the picture…

So, that’s how I spent my Sunday.  We also lunched at Lucio’s, and aside from a strange crostini appetizer that was really a salad with four slices of toasted bread and some roasted red peppers on top, the meal was outstanding.  I’d definitely get the eggplant parmesan sandwich again, and the tiramisu is some of the best I’ve eaten.  Please don’t confuse this spot on Main Street in an old home with Lugi’s, in a strip mall!  (I haven’t eaten at Lugi’s, but the names and locations are similar enough…)  Thanks Rosanne!!!

19 comments on “Paper’s back

  1. gMarie says:

    Oh – Hazel Knits? I’ve lusted after that and nobody local carries it – how I wish R had an online store ::sigh::

    Love that necklace and I think I’ve read the knitting book – does it take place in Minnesota? Or somewhere cold?

    Sounds like a good weekend was had – although I really, really wanted a review on that bag. I’m now lusting after – and I don’t really ‘do’ blue!! g

  2. Marjie says:

    That yarn is very pretty! So you ate eggplant voluntarily, eh? Maybe I just don’t know how to cook it. But it’s much more fun to hide it in someone’s purse than to cook it, anyway.

  3. AlisonH says:

    That looks like a dream of a yarn store! Enjoy!

  4. Mary says:

    I’ve read a couple of Sefton’s book with a Colorado knitting store/group at the center of the action. Decent light reading. Think you will enjoy it and there are other books that follow with some of the same characters.

  5. Kristin says:

    Now I’m craving Italian!

  6. Sue says:

    Good food, lots of books and a whole store full of yarn. Sounds like a wonderful weekend to me.

  7. Barbara says:

    Love that name….”Bone Appetit”!

  8. Dianne says:

    Eggplant parm is my favorite thing in all the world!!! One of these days I am going to drive down there and we’ll have lunch and go yarn shopping!

    P.S. No photo is complete without a doggie nose or foot in it!

  9. Yeah for paper!! I still find it the easiest thing to read from…Love the little bitty paw in the yarn pic..

  10. Nichole says:

    Wonderful finds… sounds like a great day! 🙂

  11. grace says:

    I adore eggplant and Tom grew a plant this year, so far we have had 3 nice eggplants from it.

    The yarn is beautiful I have read all but the last Maggie Sefton, its here ready to go, just haven’t wanted to not knit long enough to read!!!!!

  12. Sue says:

    Love the name of that cookbook…it rocks.

  13. Bubblesknits says:

    Is she carrying the Nicholas & Felice line in her store? I LOVE their stuff! 🙂

  14. jen says:

    the heart necklace is really beautiful

    i also was drawn to some hazel knits recently myself, never saw the stuff before but holy moly is her color and base beautiful

  15. monnibo says:

    The necklace is gorgeous!

  16. km says:

    That looks like some fun reading. My weekend was spent planning for the 1st day of school and unpacking from vacation. Not very glamorous. I love that Hazel knits color. I am trying to CO for a new little cardi. I need to take photos of my Knitterly purchases.

  17. Anita says:

    I’ve read Maggie Sefton, I thought they were good. And you will love the doggie character. 🙂 They were quick, easy reads.

    Pretty yarn & necklace! I would love to get locked in a yarn shop!! he he

  18. StarSpry says:

    That “Bone” Appetit book looks so cute! I really like that piece of Nicholas & Felice jewelry. I bought a couple of their shawl pins on Etsy. I love that color of yarn! A shawlette would be so pretty 🙂

  19. Kathy says:

    Haven’t read any of those books yet.
    Love the yarn. Pretty color.

    I wanna be locked in a yarn store too ;).

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