Blue Stink Bug

I had to have this yarn.  I mean, what a name!!

August 2010 001

Blue Stink Bug.  Dontcha’ love it?!  Not a clue what I’m going to do with it, other than try to keep this cashmere blend off Gretchen’s radar…

August 2010 003

That’s Skacel’s special Ovarian Cancer Sock Kit.  I’m not sure where all it is available, but that link will take you to The Loopy Ewe, where they are also donating THEIR proceeds from the sale of this kit to research.  I need to cast on for this soon and decide whether I want another kit or not.  The first pair will be going to an ovarian cancer survivor…  (The link also takes you to a better photo of the kit.)

DSC01221What’s ahead for your weekend?  I’ve already mentioned my plans…  Really, I just want an afternoon nap.  I do know what I’m wearing tonight (gotta’ love a little black dress or three; one is always at the ready!), and I have a gift for the shower.  I do need to hit PetsMart or someplace and nab a cute PANK dress and whatever else jumps out at me.

Happy Friday!

17 comments on “Blue Stink Bug

  1. Nichole says:

    Love that yarn… and yes, love the name! Great kit and kudos to Loopy Ewe!
    Have fun this weekend… tonight the man’s gig, Sunday we’ll be checking out the racing series he wnats to move into… which leaves tomorrow for my lazy day.

  2. AlisonH says:

    I LOVE that blue! And the name is a crack-up, although, I think those are East Coast bugs only. (I could very well be wrong, but I’ve never heard of them out here. Sure did growing up there, though.)

  3. gMarie says:

    Hmmm – stink bugs? Sounds gross – color is pretty though. When are you getting to get VB on your radar again? I want an up close and personal review of Haddon Woods’ Bag!

    And you know – Little Miss Thang doesn’t really need a new dress! g

  4. Sue says:

    Every girl needs a new dress now and then. I guess “pank” is her “little black”.

    Don’t envy you about the shower. I hate those things and avoid them whenever possible.

  5. Robin in VA says:

    I have PLENTY of stink bugs around here but none are THAT PURDY!! Love that yarn!!

  6. Walden says:

    Happy Friday back to you! 🙂 Love the idea of the kit. If I get this new job I’ve applied for, I will definitely get one!

  7. Mary says:

    Beautiful blue color yarn. As for weekend plans…how about collapse into a state of exhaustion? I am more than three-quarters there already.

  8. Marjie says:

    “Blue Stink Bug” is almost as unappetizing a name as G’s “Blech”. Do you think they make these names up to be opposite to how pretty they are?

  9. Anita says:

    I wasn’t sure if I was gonna click on this post or not with that kind of title! LOL I’m glad it was just pretty yarn. 🙂

  10. Darcy says:

    I love the skein of blue yarn it is so pretty the name made me giggle always enjoy your posts:)Hugs Darcy

  11. Have fun tonight! (and this weekend)

  12. Julie says:

    I’d buy the blue if I did not just snag some Be Sweet for a baby hat.

  13. Gosh that Blue Stink Bug yarn is gorgeous. I am not as excited about the name either 🙂

  14. Terrie says:

    Beautiful colors for both of those yarns! I love that the Loopy Ewe is donating their proceeds as well 🙂

    I hope you’re having a good weekend. Tomorrow we’re going to a birthday party which should be fun!

  15. Sandy says:

    Well, if you need help keeping the cashmere out of Gretchen’s little paws, I’m volunteering myself!

    Having a quiet weekend here. I worked yesterday morning, as usual, and spent much of the afternoon doing fibery things…plying and spindling while talking to Mom on the phone. Last night was a pot of tea and a book. Today…well, I’m not sure. We just did a batch of fridge pickles (zuchinni, carrots and green beans) and have pizza dough rising. Its hot, hot, hot again, so nothing too strenuous for me.

  16. Bubblesknits says:

    Gorgeous yarn. I love her colorway names (and colorways). Beautiful stuff. 🙂

    Our weekend has *flown* by. Friday was spent driving all over the central part of the state to look at dental offices (more specifically, the floor plans and design). Saturday was Grandaddy’s 90th birthday party at the nursing home. Nursing homes are such depressing places and I left there wanting to cry from all the memories it caused to surface about my grandfather.

    ::sigh:: I’m ready for Monday.

  17. Kathy says:

    Love the yarn color and name :). Not so fond of the namesake though. We’re bombarded with the things.

    A little black dress is always perfect.

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