Kit Knit Contest

Calling all knitters and aspiring knitters…  Knitting it Out is having a contest and wants you to enter!  She wants to know what your favorite kit or pattern is.  I’m curious too, because while I’ve stashed a few kits, I’ve not knitted from one yet.  Be sure to mention that I sent you, please and thank you…


Next up?

I don’t even know about a favorite pattern.  I mean…  I can almost track my knitting “career” by the ruts I’ve gotten into along the way.  First, I did scarves, because I was new and nervous about trying anything too advanced.  Then, I did felted bags, and rather quickly moved into the sock phase.  Then, lace took over.  Shawls, shawlettes, socks, scarves…  LACE.  Now, I’m wondering if I’m entering a sweater phase.  It’s too soon to tell.

Of course, I’d like to hear from the sewers too.  Where should I start?  I’m thinking throw pillows are a good place…  assuming I do more than just talk about sewing.  Feel free to suggest a pattern or ten, but really, it needs to be remedial!

If you’re REALLY paying attention, you’ll notice that I’ve added a “sewing” category now too.  Don’t put too much stock in that.  I have a lot of categories that were short-lived…

11 comments on “Kit Knit Contest

  1. gMarie says:

    Hmmm – favorite kit? Well I do love the kit for the modern quilt wrap – the colors are fabulous and I didn’t have to pick them all out. I’m still half done, but we’discussed that.

    Throw pillows? Easy as pie (and you know I don’t bake!). I’ll walk you through it. g

  2. Sue says:

    Favorite pattern… I have a favorite baby sweater pattern that I fall back on a lot. As for sweaters, I seldom knit the same one twice. I get bored too easily. I’ll have to think about that.

    Throw pillows are easy but you may want more of a challenge. I’ll think that one over, too. I’ve been sewing so long that I don’t even remember what I started with.

  3. Nichole says:

    Three cheers for the sewing category! =)

  4. Mary says:

    My favorite knitting pattern is any that I actually finish – did a sweater by CocoKnits – Katarina. Can’t say I go back to a pattern over and over again.

    Given my sewing adventures (aka how to be frustrated over two days) this weekend, I clearly don’t have a fav sewing pattern…but never try to quickly whip up and lined, fitted jacket out of slippery, fraying, fine brocade. Recipe for hair-pulling. Clearly, I am no Edith Head. Stick with throw pillows–four seams and a zipper, or just use an overlapping fold to slip in a pillow form–then you won’t have to deal with a zipper.

  5. Blond Duck says:

    I couldn’t knit to save my life.

  6. Knittysue says:

    My favorite knitting pattern is the one I’m working on at the time…actually my mega favorite has become socks…something I never thought I’d love to knit..and they go pretty quickly now.
    As for starting sewing projects…pillows are great and placemats are good too…my mega fav. and about the only thing I like to sew now if I sew is quilts…small ones make great placemats and wall hangings.
    Have a great Day.

  7. Walden says:

    In the chaos of things, I am not sure where you should head. 🙂 I would recommend something small and doable. Don’t burn yourself out in the very beginning. I should know, it’s easy to do.

    I headed over and mentioned you at the contest. She seems to have a nice blog so I also added her to my google reader, thanks!

  8. Bubblesknits says:

    I’ll watch the sewing progress. If your machine doesn’t try to take off any fingers, I might dust off mine. 😉

    Thanks for the heads up about the contest.

  9. I went and told Knitting It Out about the knitting pattern issue, now, on to sewing! As with knitting, whatever I’m doing tends to be my favorite…however, I have made a hooded baby blanket and a certain tea cosy pattern over and over and over…for years. So the question is; does that make it MY fav, or everybody else’s?

  10. Thanks for the shout out!

  11. Kathy says:

    Favorite knitting pattern? Depends on the year, the day, the hour… ;). Might be better to ask just what I get finished…LOL

    Sewing: Pillows are a good place to begin. My first sewing project was a doll and doll clothes (but that was when I was eight yrs old). My first official project was an apron when I was 10, then a dress when I was in 4-H. Whatever you decide, enjoy the experience :).

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