Round Two

Christmas 2008, Ann gifted me some hand-dyed yarn.  It is soft, beautiful… and languished in my stash.


Until yesterday.  Jessi’s latest Cotty sock made me itchy to cast on again.  I don’t know that I blogged about it, but I was really enjoying the Cotty pattern earlier this summer, until I found I couldn’t slip the sock over my heel.  Hem.  Luckily, I grabbed this yarn, the RIGHT sized needles (they were the problem before), and dropped them, along with the pattern, into a project bag almost as soon as I got home yesterday afternoon.

Then, I sat down to finish my sweater.  Then, the power went out.  Sweater will indeed be finished tonight, so maybe the FO report can happen on Monday.  In the meantime, I am off to buy Irishgirlieknits’ Sweet Baby Kate.   I have three pairs of baby socks to whip out in the next week or so… maybe.

What’s on your weekend agenda?


14 comments on “Round Two

  1. Anita says:

    That is some pretty yarn….

    Hrump, I’m working tomorrow like usual. 😦 Other than that I need to start packing!!!! I’ll be at your house by Thursday night!! Woohoo!

  2. gMarie says:

    My weekend – sewing educational event. Then catch up housework. more yoga practice. maybe some sewing. Hopefully no running to home improvements stores for ‘stuff.’ (but I have a feeling JB is going to want to spend time on Sunday looking at flooring – send a little prayer up that they’re closed, k?) g

  3. gMarie says:

    Dang! that is pretty, pretty handdyed yarn. Love it! I need to start some cottys soon too! Maybe with my September brown bag yarn I pulled? g

  4. AlisonH says:

    Now I want to go knit socks. Stop it, stop it!

  5. Pretty, pretty yarn for Cotty’s (or another if needed) and the Sweet Baby socks…looking forward to seeing yours. Saturday plan: Yarn Crawl with the girls!

  6. Nichole says:

    Pretty yarn!!! NASCAR is on my agenda this weekend, but unfortunately we wont’ be doing the usual tailgating on Sunday so that may put a crimp into my knitting plans…

  7. Blond Duck says:

    Ben’s taking me dancing for my birthday!

  8. Mr. Puffy says:

    What gorgeous colors that yarn is! It will make a stunning pair of socks 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing your sweater! Have a great weekend.

  9. Mary says:

    Camping in. Lancaster County, PA with the dogs..who normally go to their own camp (aka-kennel). Discovered that is the best $150 we pay for three days of doggy care. They are driving me crazy! So much for a relaxing wkend. Brought some yarn, but not sure I will get to knit. Good luck with yours.

  10. changing the curtains and knitting, the only 2 plans I have!!! Enjoy your weekend!

  11. Walden says:

    The yarn colors are lovely!

  12. Barbara says:

    I really do like your yarn colors, Chan. But what’s going on with all the power outages??

  13. Bubblesknits says:

    That yarn is going to make some beautiful socks. 😀

  14. AllyB says:

    this yarn is beautiful!

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