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Mistletoe Market was fabulous again this year.   Best of all, I had time to chat with a few vendors and friends.  I’m so glad Ann could join me, and I hope schedules will be different next year and more of my local pals can meet me at the Market too! 

Yes, I’m already anticipating next year’s event, in part because some of the vendors are as well!  You know you’re doing something right when vendors are talking about coming back next year before the event is over.  

I actually did a little Christmas shopping Saturday, but only Ann will notice what I left out, and I’m sure she won’t tell you if I flash your gift…

November 2010 012

Some are obvious.  We both bought personalized ornaments at the very first booth we visited.  I confess…  Auntie Ann found these and basically demanded them for the fur-princesses.   The year is on the back of each crown.

November 2010 011Next, I scored another ornament that long-time readers might think is for Sissy too.  Not really…  I’ve always liked starfish, but this is just a painted, ceramic version.  It’s from the Chesapeake Bay Christmas Company.  I actually snagged a few gifts too. 

Sorry I don’t have names and/or links for all the shops.  It’s very simple; if they made it easy for me to find their name/website after I got home, you get them.  If not… 

November 2010 014Such is the case for whomever sold me the Evan & Earth candle.  I have DRY skin.  DRY.   Ann and I shared a look of trepidation when the woman asked to spoon some warm, melty soy candle wax onto our hands, insisting it was a moisturizer.   I love soy – soybeans are a big crop in these parts, so I always feel I’m supporting local agriculture when I buy/use soy products – and I’m pretty sure I “squeed” out loud when the warm, rich, fragrant wax hit the back of my hand.   It was lovely, and I need to figure out where the candle shall live at home so that it is safe and handy for daily treatments!

November 2010 018

His ‘n hers bags of candy.  He loves cashews and white chocolate, and I love dark chocolate and almonds.  Win-win!  Red Rocker Candy is a great little local business that I’m going to have to support more often.  While I like cashews, I don’t like white chocolate much at all, so imagine my surprise when I truly enjoyed the sample of BOTH candies! 

November 2010 016

Last, but hardly least is a friend’s new business.  You’d never guess that Eure Notes is a new enterprise!  Those are but a few of the note card packs I brought home.  I know I’m not too biased, because Ann snagged a few cards, and while we were gabbing with my talented friend, more customers made purchases too.  She has a great eye for specialty papers and the embellishments are just perfect.  I know who to call – or go sit with! – next time I want to make cards but feel uninspired.

Do you have friends – or etsy vendors or other small crafter-type businesses – who inspire you?

13 comments on “Marketed

  1. looks like some great purchases were made. I miss boutiques like that around here!!! I used to sell quilts (I made) and herbal products and arrangements we grew all through Oct Nov and the beginning of Dec. It was great shopping money!

  2. gMarie says:

    I buy the dogs personalized ornaments every year. This year I have to buy an angel 😦

    I love the girls crowns! love them.

    and that stationary – stunning! I think I’m going to buy a fancy pants return addy stamp. I’ll have to send you the link. g

  3. Wonderful shopping effort! I see my pressie there, altho I think you mistakenly said it was for you…And yes. My friend Bonnie is an awesome “crafter”. The quotes are because of our debate of the proper term; I say she is an artist, but she insits it isn’t so. I’ll feature some of her works someday…when I remember to bring my camera to her shop.

  4. AlisonH says:

    Here, hold a candle for me while I… Yeah, I’d have been trepidatory too! (How’s that for a word.)

  5. Marjie says:

    I buy one silver plated dated ornament every year, and that’s all. Your crowns are very appropriate; Ann did a good job lobbying for them. I love your note cards; nice ones are so hard to find.

    There’s an Artisan’s Market going on here this weekend; I hope the girls will be back in time to go with me (I just won’t go alone).

  6. Sue says:

    We buy ornaments when we travel and each year we choose one special one to buy together. I do buy them for the dogs whenever I see a pretty one.

    Looks like you had a good time and came home with some terrific loot.

  7. Kathy says:

    The ornaments are perfect ;).

    Glad you had fun shopping and found some pretty things. Gotta admit I could almost taste the cashew toffee in white chocolate….LOL
    Enjoy your goodies.

  8. anniebananie says:

    I had a wonderful time, and thank you for inviting me! I really loved the crown ornaments, and they suit the fur girls perfectly.

    I love the note cards, and think that they are going to be my “go to” hostess gift. She uses such beautiful papers and her combinations are striking!

  9. Nichole says:

    Love all the purchases, but most especially the girls’ crowns – perfect!
    I got to venture to Tiny Island Beach Glass and do some hometown shopping for the holidays (and me-day) yesterday…… 😉

  10. Anita says:

    What awesome goodies you came home with! I lourves the ornaments, they are perfect for the girls! 🙂

  11. Bubblesknits says:

    I just emailed the owner of the Evan & Earth candles, hoping that I can get 2 shipped to Alabama before Christmas. Those would make amazing gifts for my Mom and MIL. 😀 Thank you for doing a bit of my Christmas shopping for me. lol

  12. […] back at Mistletoe Market, I discovered Usborne’s Jack Russell Dog Detective Series.   I ordered the first four, and […]

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