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I had a great girlfriends dinner last night with two of my best gals.   I was wearing my gold flats, and somehow, that launched us into a discussion on what WE use as neutrals in our shoes and wardrobes.

We have very different body types – hourglass here, one fit, petite pear, and one long and lean – and remarkably different styles, but we all agreed that neutrals are basically wardrobe staples that work with lots of things in one’s closet.

We all agreed that this season, metallic shoes are neutrals, office-friendly, and not limited to festive/dressy events.  Then, we began to share personal preferences.  A says teal is a neutral for her wardrobe.  D says she loves greys and is currently mad for plum.   For summer, we all reach for shades of pink to round out most any outfit – hot PANK to make a statement, pale pink to let some other part of an ensemble do the talking.

A and I both do have a lot of browns in our wardrobes.  I’m not loving black at all these days, except as a foundation piece for something else.  I try not to wear too much white, because it isn’t the most flattering for my coloring.  What about you?  Is there a color you’re really into this season? 

My thoughts always turn to red and green about now, and I tend to favor gold over silver, even though I wear both in my jewelry!  Do the seasons and/or holidays impact your color preferences?

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10 comments on “Neutral to You

  1. Marjie says:

    Now I need metallic shoes, since they’re the new neutral! I love dark colors for neutrals, mostly black and gray, but I have a couple of very deep purplish maroon (almost black) skirts that look splendid with pinks. I’m not wild about white either; I buy a lot more off white. I think that goes back to the days of baby barf; getting yellow stained shoulders on your tops changes your outlook on what you should wear!

  2. Nichole says:

    Great topic! I tend to always find myself leaning towards plums and greens. I do have a lot of brown, grey and black in my wardrobe as staple items. White is pretty much always OUT for me… between looking badly on me and 4 dogs, it’s just NOT appropriate … ever!

  3. gMarie says:

    I have previously shared with you my color theory. However, I’m really wanting a pair of grey ballet flats and maybe some grey boots. I have one pair of black heels, otherwise I go to brown.

    I love pink and will wear it all year, but brown is really my go to nuetral. g

  4. AlisonH says:

    My shoes are boring–wouldn’t want them to distract from the lace on my shoulders… (heh)

    (6.5EE doesn’t leave much room for stylishness. Picture a pointy toe at the end of that snowshoe-with-toes.)

  5. km says:

    I have some pewter sandles that I love, and just got a tiny purse to go with them for the wedding we attended. I think blue is a major staples in my wardrobe. I wear a lot of denim and then teal and smokey grey blue too. In fact, that was one of my wedding colors. The girls dresses were the smokey grey blue and the flowers were yellow. ;0)

  6. Sue says:

    When I was younger and blonder I wore a lot of black. Now I like color, reds, purples, clear blues. Also deep plum and rust. One color I don’t favor is green and I’m not sure why. I can’t wear yellow, lime or gold because it makes my skin look yellow.

    For shoes, it’s anything goes. I can only wear flats now because I have a joint in my foot that’s disintegrating and is painful.

    As far as jewelry, I love it all. I have dainty little pieces and big chunky ones. I mix metals and wear it with everything including sweatshirts and tees.

  7. I don’t have any fun-colored shoes…not even for dressy! You might remember what a time I have finding ANY shoes that fit….at all. My neutral is brown. My accents are purple, green, and a “rich” red, not a Christmas red. I’m trying to get more teal into my wardrobe, but it’s slow going. Oh yeah, and for this time of year….I love silver!! Silver bells….silver bells….

  8. Yes For the month of December I wear lots of reds, or metallic embellished clothing. then come January its back to black navy green and brown!!!

  9. Mary says:

    Black is the color of my basic wardrobe…however, I do color with scarves (and I have lots of scarves–silk being my preference). However, I did break down and buy a handkerchief sweater a deep plum color. Since I have semi-silver hair, this color is halfway decent on me. And may I say…virtually every shoe I own is BLACK. Boring.

  10. Anita says:

    Yeah the holidays do tend to change my colors… I go towards dark colors & want to sulk around pouting the whole time. SNOL

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