Hand-made Steamed Milk?

Another double post day…

The Republic of Tea dropped a tempting recipe in my inbox this week.  


Photo from RoT

Chocolate Candy Cane Tea Latte         


  • 6 oz fresh, filtered water
  • 2 Republic of Tea Double Dark Chocolate Tea Bags
  • 6 oz steamed milk or milk substitute
  • The Republic of Tea Agave Nectar (to taste)
  • 2 candy canes or peppermint sticks


  • Heat fresh, filtered water to a rolling boil.
  • Place each tea bag in a standard sized mug. Pour 3 oz. water in each mug and steep for 5-7 minutes.
  • Remove tea bags, stir in agave nectar. Top with steamed milk and garnish with a candy cane or peppermint stick.

Serves: 2

There are a few problems, easily corrected.  I am mostly a loose tea gal – THAT substitution is easy enough.  I don’t have their Agave Nectar either, but I’m guessing a mild honey or simple syrup would do nicely instead.

But steamed milk?  I do have an espresso machine, but it lives in a box, not even in the kitchen.   While my counter space isn’t too limited, I am a kitchen appliance junkie, so not everything can live in plain sight. 

Google to the rescue!   How to steam milk without an espresso machine.   Has anyone tried this?  (If you didn’t click on the link, the short version is, dump the milk in a container more than double the volume of the milk and SHAKE, then steam in the microwave.) 


... and she wonders why we LOVE peppermints?!

 I’m also thinking peppermint extract is the way to go, because a candy cane sitting out of a mug is an invitation to both of my dogs to lick, slurp, etc., especially since they also LOVE milk!

(Why yes, I am going to go home and drag out the espresso machine and try both methods, unless some of you foodies weigh in first and assure me that the shaken, not stirred method will work just as well.)

20 comments on “Hand-made Steamed Milk?

  1. Bubblesknits says:

    Let me know if that works! I’ve run across several drink recipes that need the same thing, but didn’t know how to do it without a fancy machine.

  2. Sue says:

    My espresso machine in within handy reach, so I don’t know that I’d bother with the other method. I’m still in my hot cider mode. Every evening I take a huge mug and sip my delicious treat.

  3. Susan says:

    How about a peppermint tea bag thrown in to the mix? Peppermint extract can be SO STRONG.

  4. gMarie says:

    Oh that sounds lovely! And peppermint extract can be very, very strong! Let me know if shaken works – I’d go try it, but I didn’t buy milk 🙂 g

  5. Blond Duck says:

    It sounds amazing!

  6. Bridget says:

    You’re gonna have to be the guinea pig tester here – but I do want to know how it turns out!

  7. Alexis says:

    I actually have a milk frother. It’s just a small, battery-powered appliance that you put into a little bit of milk, and it foams it right up. Here’s an example. Did you try doing it on your own? I’m not sure just shaking the milk would have quite the same effect…

  8. Judy says:

    I really liked your idea in the previous post about choosing joy. That is my goal for now as well. Even though I am blessed in so many ways, I have had lots of sorrow this year with friends and family. I want to acknowledge the sorrow and yet still choose to feel joy in my life!

    Happy Thanksgiving!! PS: Are you ever coming back to Richmond? Would love to see you again!

  9. I got the same email…and flushed it, as I DO NOT do chocolate tea! I’m all over a peppermit mocha or hot chocolate, though. I think the stick is enticing, to me, as well as possibly to the grrrls. LOL…come n get it pups!

  10. Barbara says:

    As you know, I LOVE Republic of Tea. This is one I haven’t tried. Looks yummy!

  11. km says:

    At our Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, they serve a Moroccan Mint Tea Latte. It is a chocolate mint. It’s delish! I’d totally try it. You really could use a simple syrup, but I think the honey flavor would be off. You could also try the peppermint torani syrup. Then you’ve got the mint and the sugar (or sugar free). I think at CB&TL they add the chocolate to a mint tea. http://coffeebean.com/Moroccan-Mint-Tea-Bags-P184C62.aspx?Page=1 And I use a tiny whipper to froth the milk I heat in the microwave. I bought 8 last time I was at IKEA because they last about 6mo-1yr. For $2 it was worth it…and I was passing them out to friends. Too bad I’m out right now. I need to get another one. http://www.williams-sonoma.com/products/aerolatte-handheld-milk-frother/?pkey=e%7Cfrother%7C7%7Cbest%7C0%7C1%7C24%7C%7C3&cm_src=PRODUCTSEARCH||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_-NoMerchRules-_- Yes W-S carries for $20 what I bought for $2 at IKEA. Happy Thankgiving to you! And your family!

  12. Marjie says:

    Chocolate tea? Sounds like what I need.

    My guest from Colorado brought me green jasmine tea, which she somehow decided I love (not really) and Tazo Chai, which was good. I’m going back to my cup now, and being thankful that Thor does not think he should have either tea or candy canes!

  13. Mr. Puffy says:

    Gosh that looks tasty! I inquired the other day when my local coffee shop was going to start serving holiday drinks – the clerk looked completely disinterested and I fear they have given the matter no thought.

    Started Drood last night – lovin’ it 🙂

  14. Kristin says:

    YUM! Although, I’m ready to bust out the espresso machine I just bought versus attempting steamed milk the old fashioned way. Yeah…I’m lazy. HA! Hope your holiday was beautiful!

  15. Dianne says:

    That looks sooooo yummy! I could go for a cup right now.

  16. AlisonH says:

    We bought Trader Joe’s new peppermint cocoa mix to try it out a day or two ago. Strong on the peppermint, deep chocolate on the chocolate. Approved!

    Happy holiday sipping!

  17. lacey says:

    Chan I just started using Agave nectar. It was closest to me in the grocery store and I was tired of shopping. I think I like it better. It is not as sweet at honey, more subtle tasting. But I think a honey would work fine too. The recipe sounds delicious. As far as steamed milk goes, I would just heat it up and use the little hand held frother thing, if I still had it.

  18. […] because frankly, it wasn’t worth it.  I tried the shaken not whipped method described below, but we use 2% milk and the dogs wanted in or out or both during the shaking, and I lost […]

  19. Nichole says:

    Sounds delish!
    We got another one of those peppermints in the mail from PD for the Christmas review and I brought it to M’s Mom’s dogs… they loved it…Zorro carried it around all night, well when the 2 year old human wasn’t teething on it…

  20. Kathy says:

    Oh my gosh…that looks and sounds delicious 🙂

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