Slow Down…

you move too fast…   Everyone hum along! 

My focus for this year has been choosing joy.   It’s been a real struggle a few times, but I’m determined to have more joy in my life, so I’ve made the choice to forgive people who can’t even admit they’ve wronged me, and I find joy in almost everything I do, somehow.

For the holiday season, that means reprioritizing for me.  Since my teens, I’ve been grumbling about the true meaning of Christmas getting lost in the gifts and shopping, so the time has come to put my time where my heart is.  Luckily, a few friends are of similar minds, and gMarie even designed a little badge and created a campaign

Slowing the Season Pledge

Please join us in our effort to reduce stress, reduce our carbon footprint, really slow down and enjoy the holiday season this year and in years to come. Exchanging gifts isn’t a big part of holiday preparations. For me and my family, the holidays are not about how much you spend, how much you give or receive, but spending time with loved ones making memories.

In an effort to achieve this goal – I plan to do the following to the best of my ability:
~exchange gifts only with my immediate family;
~give handmade gifts with meaning;
~give supplies to make a something that the recipient would enjoy;
~participate in free, local holiday events;
~buy from local artists whenever possible; and
~try to create one new family tradition.

We’re just reclaiming the PEACE and JOY of the season.

If you care to join us in slowing the season – feel free to use my badge (or create your own) and add the pledge to your blog. Between now and Christmas share little ways you are reclaiming the Peace and Joy of the Season with you family.

Along with this pledge, I encourage you to participate in Small Business Saturday. I have many friends who own or are employed by small businesses, and that 86% of every dollar spent is vital to the local economy.

Amy also blogged about a Shop Hand-made pledge, and while I fully intend to stick to the pledge above, one exception I’ll be making is books. I believe strongly that books are powerful gifts… they educate, inspire, remind us to dream, etc.


One of last year's Christmas sweaters...

It’s not that I don’t love giving and receiving; I truly do.  But for me, the next few weeks had become a series of to-do lists, and I haven’t been able to enjoy the celebrations, much less feel the peace and love of the season for a very long time.  So, this year I’m baking more and shopping less.   I’ll spend more time at home dressing Gretchen in her collection of frocks and sweaters and less time at the post office or the shipping store.

Today is also the day I begin to listen to Christmas music.  What’s your favorite song, CD? 

Oh – and it is Friday, so how ’bout those weekend plans?  I’m going to do a little shopping LOCALLY, then ship a few things on Monday. 

13 comments on “Slow Down…

  1. gMarie says:

    Lovely post – thank you.

    Friday – puzzle building. Watching ‘What Not to Wear’. Going to buy paint for the basement (we picked a color and it’s almost identical). Visiting with friends. Sewing. g

  2. Anita says:

    Lovely post & a really good idea!

    I plan on doing as little “work” as possible this weekend & enjoy my crafting. 🙂

  3. AlisonH says:

    Enjoying time with the youngest home while we’ve got him. He’s a gem.

  4. Bubblesknits says:

    Fabulous idea. Will definitely steal a badge and place it on my blog. 🙂

    We’ll be watching the Iron Bowl this afternoon. Maybe decorating for Christmas tomorrow. Other than that, just relaxing before hubster has to go back to work. 🙂

  5. Sue says:

    Actually, since I start working on the next Christmas as soon as the current one is over, the last month isn’t usually all that hectic. I love finding perfect gifts for folks all thru the year and stashing them in my “off limits” closet in the guest room. I haven’t done much baking the last few years, either because I was sick or had young pups running around, but this year I’m in full baking mode and we’re all enjoying it.

  6. O Holy Night—or Chestnuts Roasting on An Open fire, I started wednesday with it streaming through the computer

    Immediate family—as in sisters brothers, nieces, etc if so I may join you on that one

  7. Hm…How can I pick a fav Christmas song or album? I love so many different styles of music. Some of my favs are Christmas In The Mood,(album by Glenn Miller) White Christmas (album by Bing Crosby) and Good News (album by Kathy Mattea)
    Weekend plans include enjoying Daniel while he’s here and spending some time with a friend.

  8. Cathy says:

    I like the pledge and will add it to my blog soon, too. Yesterday, we discussed with our immediate families choosing to spend less money this holiday season and all were in agreement – if that is not a wonder already, I don’t know what is! Let’s hope they’re not just being cheap (says H2B)!

  9. Julie says:

    My favorite CD for Christmas is Christmas is Jesus by Bryan Duncan. I love his rendition of “O Come To My Heart” and “What Child Is This” especially. Also like Third Day’s Christmas Offerings. Love their “Born In Bethlehem”. And Nat King Cole~The Christmas Song. LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!! Tomorrow I will also shop local for a bit of yarn and spend the rest of the day with Husband because after all these years and retirement and day after day of one another we still love to be together.

  10. Amy says:

    My favorite Christmas CD is “A Motown Christmas”. I love it and have worn out two copies over the years.

    That said, I just can’t find myself getting into the holiday spirit until December 1st. I plan on cleaning the house this weekend and maybe looking for new seasonal decorating ideas.

  11. Nichole says:

    GREAT post! As you can see, my weekend was moving so fast, I’m just now catching up on blog posts.

    Love the idea…. esp the more joy in the life part and trying to forgive those who’ve wronged us…. I need to try that.

  12. Kathy says:

    Love this post and I’m snagging the badge. I will try my hardest to find absolute joy this Christmas (if it kills me….lol)
    Love the frocks :).
    Favorite Christmas CD? There are so many but I have a few favorite songs, Handel’s Messiah and White Christmas (by Bing of course)

  13. […] wondering how in the world to make all of that work with Chan and Gmarie’s “Slowing the Season” campaign. I mean, we don’t do too much for any one of these events, but the cumulative effect […]

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