2010 in Review Part 1

Where to start?  Honestly, there weren’t too many personal highlights, so we’ll go straight to my reading, and I’ll get to knitting and spinning in another post.

Photo courtesy of Usborne, book #1

My notes say I read 50 books last year.  They ranged from children’s books, such as the Jack Russell Detective series, books 1-4, to non-fiction.  I didn’t track pages, and thought I might this year, but…  it’s too much like work.  I’m not going to keep a separate spreadsheet.  As much as I like statistics, I need to keep it simple.  I’m considering using Goodreads again or a switch to Shelfari, because I don’t love Facebook’s I’m Reading.  What do you use to track your books?

Cozies were by far the bulk of my reading this year.  You know… those easy-reading little mysteries that don’t get bogged down with sex or skin?  My favorite is definitely the Tea Shop series, even though G and I are both really mad at the main character right now.  I also enjoyed the Crochet Mysteries, but the knitting cozies were hit and miss.  I do want to catch up on the Maggie Sefton series, but since I am committed to only purchasing Nook or Kindle editions, I have to figure out what to download next.

I did several series, actually.  I like to read a series in order…  I think.  I don’t know that I’ve ever read more than three of a series in a row.  I know I had a discussion with a friend just yesterday, and she’s burned out after reading all seven Harry Potter books in a row and thinks she’s off series for a while.  How do you prefer to read a series, assuming there are several (more than three?) books in the series available?

New favorites found in 2010: 

  • Neil Gaiman.  I REALLY like his stuff.  I read Anasi Boys, American Gods and Stardust
  • Mary Dora Russell.  Heavy reading, but ever so compelling and I know I’ll re-read The Sparrow and Children of God.
  • Ken Follett.  Wow, I missed a few buses, eh?  Late to the party, but that means I don’t have to wait for his next release.

Re-read:  Just Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  I was shocked that I liked it this time.  Pre-conceived notions are dangerous things for a reader, aren’t they?  That’s what made the book such a painful read the first time; I had my own ideas on how JKR was going to tie it all up, and it didn’t work that way.  With some distance between us, I was able to accept her ending as presented without bitterness.

I read twelve of those books on the Nook.  I hope that number will be a higher percentage of my yearly total this year, but considering the Nook came to live with me in August, I suppose that’s not bad at all.  Since the Nook came to the Woods, I’ve only purchased a handful of literature – not to be confused with knitting books that have come to live here.  I now have the Kindle app on the iTouch and access to Apple’s iBookstore, so even more books should be available to me electronically in 2011.

I’m pleased with my total.  It’s an average of roughly one book per week, even though some of the books were little, light readings done in a matter of minutes or hours.  I’d like to make it to at least 52 books this year, even if it does mean less knitting… which we’ll discuss soon.

14 comments on “2010 in Review Part 1

  1. Bridget says:

    You were quite the reader this year! I’m glad you are enjoying your Nook. I use Goodreads to track my reading, though I only started using it when friend sent me a link to join. I like it for the most part, though.

  2. I’m literally LOL at the thought of you and Gmarie mad a Theodosia! I can’t quite figure out why, or where you are in the series. I have now read all of those published so far. (as of last night) Looking forward to the next one, which comes out in March. My 2010 total was 54 read. I think I’ll get to that update on the blog this week…as for series…I usually can only handle 2-3 in a row from one series. Then, I need a break; preferrably something quite different.Also, I got my Kindle later in the year…late Sept I think, and have only read 2-3 books on it so far. (but I had lots here already that needed read)

  3. Bubblesknits says:

    Oh wow. You read a ton more than me. I’ve gotten really bad about reading. I spend too much time knitting and watching tv. /looks sheepish/

  4. Sue says:

    I just keep a handwritten list in a notebook. I used to do that, then stopped for several years, but I’d get obsessed when I couldn’t remember an author, so last year I started again.

    I’m reading my first Kindle book now, Fall of Giants by Ken Follett. I think the kindle will keep track of what I’ve read on it. The first evening while reading I kept reaching up to turn the page, so there’s a little learning curve there. It sure is a lot lighter to hold than that heavy book.

  5. gMarie says:

    You’re suppose to track your reading? Who knew!! I always read a series from the start. If it’s been years since I’ve read them and new one comes out – often I’ll re-read. Still mad at Theo – need to find the next book – last paperback.


  6. Amy says:

    I really should do a post like this, and talk about the wonderful books that I read in 2010. I’ve been hooked on historical fiction.

  7. Barbara says:

    Sorry about your uncle, Chan. I’ve never seen a military funeral in person. It must be awesome. Hope you had a peaceful weekend.
    I never seem to catch up with books. I’m always adding and never going back and starting on what I already have! One of the best book blogs I know is Jain at http://foodforthoughtediblebooks.blogspot.com/.
    Her reviews are good and she is the most prolific reader I know!

  8. Jessica says:

    Have you read the Grey Whale Inn mysteries by Karen MacInerny? They are kind of fun. i might have told you about them already…i know i have been recomending them to G for a couple of years!! About a gal who leaves Texas, moves to Maine and opens up a B&B. fun, easy reads.

  9. Kathy says:

    You were prolific!

    I keep track of what I read in the old-fashioned way. I have a Filofax (this year my calendar pages are Kate Spade) and I write the titles and authors of my books on the calendar on the date I finish them. I also write down various, random things that are important to me. It’s fun to look at later and see what the year held for me. I don’t think I could do this as easily with an electronic application.

    As for series, I just read the new book when it comes out. I often scan the previous book because if it’s been two years, I don’t remember all the details.

  10. Kathy says:

    Wow! Impressive reading count. I have no idea how much I read last year.

  11. Nichole says:

    I simply must read more books this year….

  12. Anita says:

    I really hope I get the chance to purchase a Nook this year! I have been reading a little lately. A Nora Roberts series that I haven’t read yet. Kevin got me the 2 I didn’t have for Christmas. 🙂 It’s 4 in the series, I think that is the most I’ve read in a row. other series I’ve read I always read other stuff inbetween. Mainly because I’m waiting on the next one in the series to come out. LOL

  13. Terrie says:

    Although I’m on both Godreafs and Shelfari, I’ve been using Goodreads more regularly. I really enjoy reading a series and I will happily read one after the other until I get through the whole series. I get a bit impatient when I have to wait for the next book to be written & released when I just want to know what happens next to the characters 🙂

  14. Toni Gomez says:

    I am late to the Follet Party…my son just borrow Pillars and World Without End.. read them both in under two weeks..HE is ranting and raving about them.

    Yay….you like Deathly Hallows… I adored it. I was late to the HP train too. I didn’t start reading until book five was released and then ON a whim… caught up to book seven in time to be at Border with my HP scarf for the midnight release.. woo hoo..

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