Skirting the issue?


Kathy's favorite DIVA photo, just because... October 2008

Before *I* blog, do be sure to check out Sissy’s post.  She’s most concerned that I’ll fail to notify everyone properly when it’s time to vote for her – and for Gretchen – in Mango Minster.   (For those not inclined to click all over the place but willing to vote, please mark your calendars – Feb. 7th for Sis, the 11th for Gg, and that Mango link should get you where you need to be.)  Of course, I’ll be blogging accordingly, despite Sissy’s crazy fears.  And yeah, tell your friends, co-workers, etc.  We’re hoping the sympathy vote will at least carry our DIVA into the winner’s circle.  The category ain’t called named SHAMELESS DIVAS for nuthin’.

Now.  *MY* issue for the day, because there is a remote chance Sissy’s inner diva might have been cultivated and drawn out by someone else in her household… 

Lands End Wrap Dress

Skirts/dresses.  Back in the day, when I wore a navy, too much polyester uniform to work, I wore a LOT of skirts on my days off.  Then, I came to work for the inlaws, where anything nicer than not-designer jeans is likely to get ruined as I dig for fittings and schlep bags of filter minerals for customers.   I started to get a clue when I became aware that I “dressed up” to meet girlfriends for dinner, meetings, etc., but when I began pondering which of my friends could most likely write a “winning” nomination for me for What Not to Wear, I started looking harder at my closet.

I know several of my friends, both in blogland and locally, wear skirts almost exclusively.  Their reasons differ, but sadly, I won’t ever be in that club, because of work.  What I want to know is how skirts and dresses fit into your wardrobe.

Coldwater Creek denim skirt

Personally, I’m liking skirts the most right now, because of the rather odd way the weight is falling off.  Right now, I’m almost three full sizes smaller on the bottom than the top though, so to say that it’s hard to get a dress that fits just right is an understatement.

Do you know how/why you feel the way you do about skirts and dresses?  I grew up with two great aunts who wore dresses, exclusively.   Skirts have been pretty routine for me all of my life, and frankly, wearing them makes me feel more feminine.   I’ll always love my jeans and capris, but skirted things have a firm place in my closet too.


16 comments on “Skirting the issue?

  1. gMarie says:

    Well I’m one of the blogland friends who wears skirts almost exclusively. I do wear jeans for walking the dogs and yoga pants for – well everything else.

    I love how flirty and fun a skirt is. It can be dressed up or down and amazingly when in very hot weather – you have built in air conditioning. I’ve been known to toss on a shorter, straighter skirt and keds to go see the Grand Canyon – I feel good, I look nice, I’m not sloppy in shorts and a tee – even though I’ve only added a tee to my skirt. It just feels good.

    When the girls were little – I wore dresses almost exclusively to work. Little thought involved in getting up, dressed and out of the house. But I love separates – I can add a whole lot of fun in a skirt (think print, color, whathaveyou).

    Off to check on the sweet girls. g

  2. AlisonH says:

    Skirts. I always liked them anyway, and post-op, I have to go up three sizes to get into jeans vs skirts and no thank you!

  3. Sue says:

    I used to wear skirts a lot when I was working and quite a bit during free time, too. If you refer to yesterday’s post about Central New York winters, you’ll understand why skirts were mostly a non-winter form of dress.

    Now, with a pack of bearded fur kids, I wear pants, mostly jeans, almost all the time. Getting a wet beard in your bare lap is an experience you don’t want repeated.

  4. km says:

    I grew up going to a private school. We didn’t have uniforms, but we were required to wear skirts. It wasn’t until my junior year that the school adopted a friday/pants day. I didn’t wear too many skirts in college or right after getting married. I did still like to dress up though. When I was wearing a knee brace, I couldn’t fit it under pants and over pants wasn’t supportive enough. I started wearing skirts all the time. Around that time I figured that skirts looked better on me than shorts, but were just as cool in the summer. So, for me…in the heat you’re likely to see me in an A-line skirt and a t-shirt.

  5. I want to like skirts and dresses, but I haven’t felt comfortable in them for such a long time! Maybe when the weight starts dropping again, I’ll be more inclined in that direction. Thanks for a thought provoking post!

  6. Nichole says:

    I’m with KnittingItOut… same here. I used to wear skirts alot way back when I worked at the museum… next to never now.

  7. Marjie says:

    I wear dresses to be lazy. Yes, lazy! Let’s face it, it’s a one piece outfit, no waistband binding, and you can still look feminine and pretty. I love skirts because you can change the appearance by varying the rest of the outfit. Floral skirts look different based on the color of the top (almost always a tee of some sort), and can even be toned down with a somber colored jacket. A basic black skirt can be cheered up with a bright top, which can be hidden by a black jacket.

    Finally, my mother used to always make me wear pants or shorts when I was a kid, and I was really leggy and bony, so my pants were always waaaaayyyyy too short. (Even now, my legs are 2″ longer than my 5’5″ daughter’s legs, and you know I’m about the same height as you.) I swore I’d never wear pants again after 7th grade, and basically, I haven’t.

    Finally, my dearly beloved swears that even overweight women look better in dresses, because at least they have legs, and those are prettier to look at than pants. Chauvanist? Yes. But at least he’s honest.

  8. Kathy says:

    I love dresses and skirts! They are more feminine. I work in the oil industry, almost exclusively with men, so I wear them as a reminder that I’m a woman. I bought a couple great dresses at Ann Taylor Loft a few weeks ago. But due to the way the clothing industry works, they are spring dresses. Something to look forward to!

  9. kathy b says:

    Fat Hungarian genes make for thunder thighs and piano leg calves. Need I say more? Skirts must be way long. And i do love long skirts. Dresses must be long too. I have a dress from years ago that wore so beautifully . Seems they dont make them like they used to. UH oh I sound fifty now!

  10. i was not allowed to wear pants to school until my senior year, so skirts and dresses were a main stay–more skirts because of the changability then dresses but there were not many of either, I was the only oldest child in the world who wore hand me downs from my mother’s friends.

    I am home all day and we don’t go out dress up often, I do have a few (5) peasant skirts I enjoy, and I did have some denim dresses that now that I lost weight I wish I still had, The skirts are good now because I am not ready to buy a bunch of pants since I am still loosing. Great topic Chan!

  11. Ruth says:

    Long time skirt lover here. Pants and I don’t get along too well, due a smaller waist and larger hips. Dresses, I like, but have your problem, only in reverse: Top will be huge if lower half fits. I’m also in with everyone else re the fun, the coolness, and the ability to change the look just by changing the top you wear with the skirt, or the accessories….

  12. Barbara says:

    I rarely wear a skirt in the winter (even though I live in Florida). To weddings or a funeral, yes. And the odd cocktail party. Summer is a different matter. I wear skirts more than half the time. Glad you are still losing….
    Re your previous post: for some odd reason, I’ve found pecan pies in Savannah to be the best ones I’ve ever had. I do love low country food.
    Off to see what the girls are saying…..

  13. Jessica says:

    skirts for sure for me. I do not like how dresses fit on me. That wrap dress you have pictured is lovely, and i WISH i could wear it, but my shoulders are a tad big for it.
    I do have some dresses, but i always wear a jacket or sweater over them, so all you see is the skirt. i golf in a skirt, too! well, skort.

  14. Mary says:

    Let’s just say I virtually never wear anything but pants (other than MOB/MOG events). Pants were banned for girls when I was in high school. Heck, our skirts had to touch the floor when we knelt down (they checked).

    OTH – My mother was a Brit who drove an ambulance during the Blitz in London, but refused to wear pants (which were required) even to dig people from bombed out homes. She had all her uniforms precision-tailored. The only time in my life I saw her in pants was when we went skiing in Germany. She got us on skis, stood up in her own, fell down and broke her wrist. It was Christmas Day 1962. Never wore a pair a pants ever again in the rest of her 90 year life.

  15. Louise says:

    Uh oh…I can’t remember the last time I wore either a skirt or a dress. Let me think…Oh yes, I wore a dress to my son’s wedding five years ago.

    I LOVE my jeans, each and every one of them. Capris have become a favorite only lately but I’ll drag them out in the Spring. I’m not much of a fashion type person. I’m a perfect candidate for What Not to Wear I suppose. But, that’s just fine by me!!!

    Voting day duly noted:)

  16. Bubblesknits says:

    Hrm…I used to love wearing skirts and dresses when I was thinner, but now that I’ve gained weight, I have a hard time finding skirts that hit at the right length. Either they’re too long and make me look larger than I am or they’re too short for me to feel comfortable in. Dresses seem to work better for me than skirts in that department.

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