Woof for Walls

I’m half-heartedly working on redecorating the living room at The Woods.  We desperately need a new rug, a new TV and its friends holder of some such (the jury is still out on what precise type of furniture “we” want), but I also want to add some fun wall art.  I think I’ve found at least one piece…

Right colors, a slightly rough-coated Jack Russell, and those of you who know me in person know I love little more than to have my bare feet in the sand or grass!

There’s no basset for sale at present, but I saw a few that reminded me of some of you…

For not-blogging-now Jess and her fur-boys.  I like those colors a lot and the quote also speaks to me.    It doesn’t take a big splash to make ripples that work their way out to touch the world.

For the PWDs…  I don’t believe those PWDs, especially Fudge, believe much in waiting, period.  That’s but one reason Sue dubbed Sis an honorary PWD!   (Be sure to scroll through all the pages, Sue.  There was a second PWD piece as well.)

And in honor of Cory and his pack… he and Chelsea are Westies, but their mom has also had a few Scotties she loved well.  Be sure to pop over to the fur-girls’ blog, where Gretchen has wished our little friend (and his mom) well!

 All images are borrowed from the Etsy shop in question.  I learned of said artist in The Blond Duck’s post today.  Like Queen Bitty, Sissy’s big ol’ nose is a little out of joint that there is no graphic representation of her breed.  I might have to custom-order something, with a positive, powerful quote, because goodness knows, that crazy DIVA has done a fabulous job of keeping the joy in my life even when a mere human would have been drowning in her own stress and sorrow.

Let me know if you order something!  I’m curious like that…

10 comments on “Woof for Walls

  1. gMarie says:

    OH.MY.Goodness! Those are lovely. I love them all – but where are the hounds? Any of them? Will have to check them out – but now, time to get ready for work. g

  2. Humph. My baby dears are not likely to be mentioned, being mixed breeds and all…but come on…a Yorkie for Sasha? Glad your room re-do at least has one art piece comeing…realized this weekend I must have new sofa for living room…My big boys broke springs in there…

  3. Sue says:

    Those are great. The Portie one you show is perfect, since my dogs don’t much like to wait. I also the like mixed breed one that says “Together we can do so much”.

    They’ll also make terrific gifts for dog loving friends. Thanks for sharing.

  4. StarSpry says:

    Those are great prints! Very fun 🙂

  5. AlisonH says:

    Great fun! I don’t think a poster will scare my squirrels enough, though. They think bark is for trees.

  6. Jessica says:

    Oh Chan, i LOVE that!! The minute i clicked on your blog and saw the JRT one, and prior to scrolling down and seeing the Pointer i was thinking to myself “Ohhhh, i wonder if there is a Pointer one???” I think i may need to add to my Vizsla-centric art collection. Which reminds me….i need to look and see if there are any JRT or Basset (or bloodhound, Lab, GR and Beagle!) related ones of the WWII-era propaganda-ish styled V posters i have!

  7. Bubblesknits says:

    Cute prints! Micro should have one that says, “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”. If you know what I mean. Hem.

  8. Nichole says:

    Very cute prints!

  9. we settled for a book case to place the new television on, It holds all of my knitting books, both fiction and non and a goodly stack of magazines. It has 3 drawers that as of right now hold nothing but that will indeed change. My walls of course have Tom art on them except for a little wall near my desk I have 2 of Cass Long’s screen prints about knitting and a small quilt that Martina (ann Marie;s sister made me) An eclectic mix but for us it all works!!! If I had dogs I would like those prints too!

  10. Blond Duck says:

    Aww, thanks for the shout out! I love Gretchen’s art–I can’t wait to get some more of it! If only there was a Chihuahua print!

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