Ready to Go Green

Loved getting to know more about all of you yesterday.  Body image issues are almost uniquely feminine, aren’t they? 

Okay.  My bracket’s ready.  I’ve known what I’m wearing for St. Paddy’s Day for weeks now.  I still need more cute photos with the fur-girls for Thursday, but really, I’m ready already!  Bring on SPRING!

I KNOW spring is right around the corner, because Vera sent me an email yesterday with the next new colors.   It said sneak peek, but it’s on a website/blog, so I’m sharing with you anyway!  All photos are courtesy of Inside Stitch.

Watercolor.  Meh.  Too muted for me, maybe?  I’m sure some of you will love the dash of purple.  I do like the idea that the grey background is like a walk down a gravel road, but that’s all I can say for it.  It’s odd…  I like each of the colors individually, except maybe the citron-ish yellow, but the combination does absolutely nothing for me.

Viva la Vera.    Cute print.  I think I’d like it better as a tablecloth though.  It does make me want to have a margarita, with extra lime. 

Hem.  So no, this one isn’t likely to come home with me either, but it’s cheerful, and on a dreary day like today, that’s a good thing. 

English Meadow.  It might surprise a few of you to know this is my runner up.   Yeah, there’s a healthy shot of yellow in there, but this yellow says buttercups and happiness.  Adding refreshing blues and greens never hurts either.   This one makes me want crisp, white cropped pants and a pretty green tunic.  Add bare feet on the sand and I can almost feel the sunshine on my face.  (But my feet are still cold.  Concrete floors stink like that.)

Deco Daisy!  Voted most likely to come home with me.  I just love red, white and black all year ’round.   Add a little houndstooth and daisies and I’m a happy girl.  Has ANYONE seen that awesome red linen sheath of mine?!  Maxis are back, and I want to wear that, something slick, sassy and black on my feet and head out for lunch on a patio with a big ol’ umbrella…

What say you?  I have some ideas as to who will love what, but talk to me!

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15 comments on “Ready to Go Green

  1. Katie says:

    i’m with you on the daisy print. the others say in order:
    grandma b (paternal grandmother)
    grandma g (maternal grandmother)
    i may be middle aged, but i’m not ready for “grandma” yet! (had a browse around the vera bags in bangor over the weekend, but couldn’t decide…)

  2. Nichole says:

    I got the HUGE Vera catalog in the mail a few weeks ago and have been oohhing and ahhing since. I love all the fabrics… each has a different purpose… however, I. DO. NOT. NEED. MORE. BAGS.

  3. bubblesknits says:

    You probably guessed it, but I like the Watercolor. 😉 It’s the purples, greys, and blues that cinch it for me.

  4. Mary says:

    I’m with you…red. However, I think I would have liked just a tad smaller print. Will have to wait to see the pattern in other shapes before making a final decision. The others don’t do much for me.

  5. StarSpry says:

    I also like English Meadow and Deco Daisy the best out of those colors. Yay for Spring 🙂

  6. Barbara S. says:

    Hmmm, if I had just looked at the pictures without your opinions, I would have pegged the red, white, and black as being your number one favorite and the blue, green, and yellow as your second. No, not just because of the order you put them in either!
    I like the simplicity of the Deco Daisy too, the English Meadow is nice, but I think meadows have more color variation. The Viva is a great explosion of color, especially when the world outside my door is still mostly white. I wold love it for place-mats and napkins and maybe even an apron. Despite all the Vera you have shown me over the years and ones I have really loved, I still haven’t brought any home to live with me.

  7. i admit it I HATE college basketball—-normally it would be entirely outside my scope but the fact that it pre-empts Y & R for not one but two days in a row bites!!!! Imagine a sporting event being not aired for a soap special! that would be justice

    I love Deco Daisy too—but no new bags until I get some more back strength unless its a tiny one!

  8. Sue says:

    You probably already guessed. I like the red and black best and the Viva brights second. No dull pastels around here. Bring on heavy doses of color.

  9. Marjie says:

    I like the watercolor pattern, followed by English meadow. No surprise there, right? You know I’m not much of a red wearing (or toting) girl. It’s nice when cheery surprises show up in your (e) mailbox.

  10. Amy says:

    I’m torn between “English Meadow” and “Deco Daisy”. But you know me and my love for black and red.

  11. gMarie says:

    i’m sure this won’t surprise you a bit – but deco daisy it is! love the daisies and the houndstooth. and yes – it would be fab with a maxi dress and big black sun hat! do it! i want to see the photos. g

  12. English Meadow and Viva for me! Though, honestly, sometimes seeing in person will make me change my mind. Maybe that little red, white, and black number would appeal…Oh, and glad someone has their ducks in a row this week: mine are all swimming like crazy again…dang rain!

  13. Blond Duck says:

    English meadow and vera!

  14. Hmm. I actually know a lot of men with body image issues…but then I work in a field where I’d encounter people with these issues 😉

    I like the watercolor print, but would more likely get the second one because it’s so fabulous. The red one is really different. I also do not need more bags.

  15. Julie says:

    Well, I have not even picked up anything in Folkloric yet. But English Meadow then Deco Daisy. So glad they came out with a good red!

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