Erin go Bark!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 

Happy dogs on thursday, little friday and thankful thursday too.

March 2011 028

This is my new favorite photo of the fur-girls…  Sis is such a card!  Yes, she ran around the yard with that tiara and bandana on.

March 2011 016Wee lass Gretchen O’Greer composed a cute little blessing poem over on their blog.  Clever girl, that one.  I suppose it makes up for her lack of interest in actually looking at the camera when I’m trying to take a picture, and for her intense disinterest in wearing anything on her head.  Sigh.  Maybe I can find her a cute green dress?

Thankful Thursday?  Well, I’m thankful for my Irish heritage.  I’m thankful that the color for the day is green, a color I wear well (and sport daily in my eyes).  I’m thankful for my own redheaded lasses and the joy they bring to our lives.  I’m also thankful for each ou, and I thank you for sharing your own shopping/clothes pitfalls yesterday.  I had a feeling some of that post would resonate with some of you, but as one of you put it, I seemed to touch a nerve.

March 2011 019

Sis wanted you to see her scarf!

I also thank you for broadening my horizons.  We’ll continue the style discussion soon!   Maybe one of these days, my own sense of style will be as clearly defined as my fur-girls’.

Seriously.  Sissy doesn’t like sweaters, but loves stuff on her head and around her neck.   Conversely, Gretchen won’t tolerate anything on her head or feet, but loves a pretty dress, beads, etc.  We should all be so keenly aware of what works for us!

15 comments on “Erin go Bark!

  1. gMarie says:

    Lovely list and great photos. And yes, wouldn’t it be lovely to so ‘in the know’ as your beautiful girls?

    Happy St. Patricks day to you and yours. g

  2. Nichole says:

    Love the pics of the girls… Sis sure does rock the tiara! 🙂 Happy St Patrick’s Day!

  3. Sue says:

    Sis was born to wear a crown and she knows it. Have a fun day.

  4. Love the diva’s

    Just reread the comments for yesterday–as I said then great discussion

    Happy St, Patrick’s Day!!!!

  5. Karen says:

    I couldn’t wait to see the girls in their St. Patrick’s Day bling. My co-workers are enjoying their pics too. Funny how they just pose for their pics. Divas to the hilt!!

  6. How lovely your little gals are in green! Green Misty is green most every day…with jealousy! Knit night + St Pats Day makes me thankful for Thursday!

  7. Mary says:

    The Diva looks like she finished off her Guiness a tad early and the Wee One looks as if she is asking, “Where’s mine?” Love the photo.

    Happy St Paddy’s Day! Thankful for much today, as you well know. Counting the hours till touchdown.

  8. Bubblesknits says:

    Yup…that’s a great picture. LOL

  9. Marjie says:

    That is a simply adorable picture! Happy St. Patty’s Day to all of you. I wish you could come enjoy green cake with us!

  10. Louise says:

    Oh Channon, please thank the girls for “my new favorite pose.” They have no idea the glimmer they brought to this broken smile (I’ve been at the dentist for two days, yes two…) Absolutely adorable. I do believe they could do wonders for my sense of style.

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day to your entire family!!!

  11. Kathy says:

    ROTFLOL… a loss of words here 😀
    Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

  12. Terrie says:

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I love the pictures of Sissy and Gretchen! They’re great models…even when not looking into the camera 🙂

  13. GREAT pics of the girls! So funny.

    Happy St. Pat’s!!

  14. Susan says:

    The ladies are looking very lovely wearing the green!!!

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