Five Fashion Mistakes

Before I launch into the fashion mistakes, I wonder if any of you are wearing the contact lenses designed for those of us with astigmatisms?  There seem to be two or three different brands, and I’m just curious…  I gave up on contacts time and time again because I can’t get them in with any success no matter how often I practice.   I’m just wondering if the shape of my eye has anything to do with it, and therefore, the lenses designed for my problem might actually work?

I have to tell you how much I love the links y’all send me.  Even if I don’t do a whole, separate post because of them, I read/watch/take them in.  On the good days – like last Saturday when hair, dress and attitude all collided for a little self-appreciation – you deserve part of the credit.  On the bad days, you help me realize that personal growth never stops.

Katie sent me a link that Yahoo Canada featured the other day.  Five Fashion Mistakes that Age You…  You can watch the video if you like or just read the text version below.   My comments are in green, because it’s springy!


Pencil skirt from Coldwater Creek

A loose-fitting pencil skirt:
The whole point of a pencil skirt is to look polished and slyly sexy. We count it as a wardrobe staple, but not if yours doesn’t fit properly and looks more like a frumpy, boxy table skirt. A quick trip to the tailor can take care of this problem. Make sure the hem sits at (not below) the knee and the skirt fits snugly at the hips. Wear it with a tucked-in shirt to show off your waist.

I think this could be better stated.  As Marjie put it …  Show your knees.  They’re almost always thinner than the thighs, which adds shape and appeal. 


Like I have shoes to MATCH this bag?! (I don't have the bag either, for the record.)

Matching shoes and handbag:
Your grandma probably told you about this “rule” because when she was in her stylistic prime that’s how ladies turned it out. Today, we’d put it in the same category as matching your lipstick to your manicure or wearing coffee-colored pantyhose. DON’T DO IT! The modern view is to create fresh pairings that make people think, “Wow, I never thought that would go together, but it looks fantastic!”

Hem.  I was being “up to date” when I thought I was just lazy.  It’s a pain to transfer bags, and frankly, even with my host of bags, I don’t have enough to match every single pair of shoes I own.   Now a question for you…  does this hold true for dressed up, carrying a tiny bag/clutch too?


Maybe this in navy?


You should be suspicious of anything that’s a set. Twinsets lack imagination and personality and can be put in the same category as “mom jeans” — which means, “I’ve given up on style.” Instead, go with a printed shirt under a cardigan or a striped sweater over a simple, solid tank.

Huh.  Okay… I sure am glad I didn’t buy that red cotton twinset earlier.  Now I’ll buy a great little 3/4 sleeve cardi and a handful of solid tees and tailored shirts… I guess.



Well, this is just contradictory.  The simple fact is, you can always find A chunky heel that’s in style.   See that sandal?  Someone else can tell Frye they’re frumpy.  No, they aren’t low, but they aren’t outdated either.  (And no,  I haven’t bumped my head…  I’m shaking my head over the orange trend this season!)

Oversized, tailored men’s shirt:

Can we get you some Reebok high tops with that? Maybe some leg warmers? Baggy button-downs give the impression that you’re trying to hide your body. Go for a menswear-inspired fabric, if that’s the look you love, but choose a shirt that’s tailored with seams and darts to accentuate the positive.

Um, sometimes some of us NEED to hide our bodies.  I still think there’s nothing cuter than a very pregnant woman in the summer sporting her hubby’s dress shirts with capris.  I also consider the standard white dress shirt the Knight always packs for vacation my back-up beach cover-up.  And I’m sorry…  some of us can’t buy a tailored shirt with enough darts to make it work without a peekaboo gap.   The photo is of an Ellen Tracy “striped boyfriend tunic” from Macy’s, so here’s another “mistake” I challenge.

What say you about these mistakes?  I agree at least in theory with the first three, but I totally disagree with the last two. 

Darn - these ORANGE chunks aren't available in my size!

Chunky heels:
Especially low ones. If you’re wearing these for comfort, that’s no excuse because there are many different types of heels in fashion right now, such as kitten heels, wedges, and platforms. You’re sure to find something that provides stability and style.

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19 comments on “Five Fashion Mistakes

  1. Nichole says:

    I’m right there with you on the tailored shirt issue, as you know… and boy does she look stunning in that “no” above!
    I also thought I was just being lazy by not changing handbags… hmmm. I do tend to toss stuff in my go-to black leather Kate Spade tiny shoulder bag when going on, but mostly because I don’t want to drag along my large every day bag in the evening.

  2. gMarie says:

    Wow! I don’t even know where to start. I’ve been working on the pencil skirt and I think I finally have that part down. Wore the denim skirt to Portland and felt fun, flirty and very feminine. Still not thin enough to tuck my shirt in – unless it’s part of a twin set.

    And sometimes a twin set works. But the red cotton one. You can always break it up and wear the tee or tank with a different cardi. I’m still working away on my floral twinset – the cardi is almost done and it will be fabulous!

    Evening bag – I think it can be anything you want. They tend to usually be the glitz of an outfit – so who cares if they match your shoes? Especially when your dress is long and your shoes don’t show.

    Can’t believe you like those darn orange shoes…..g

  3. Sue says:

    I grew up with rules. My Grandmother had rules for everything. There were certain foods you ate at certain times. No cookies or chips for breakfast. You didn’t wear certain colors together or at certain times of the year. Remember no white after labor day?

    I decided when I was very young that I would make my own rules when I grew up. I wear colors I like when I like. I once wore purple and green together when I visited my Grandmother and she scolded me even though I was 30 years old.

    I can eat cookies or chips for breakfast if I want to and wear whatever makes me feel good, so goodbye fashion dictators, we’re grown women and we’ll make our own decisions. So there!

  4. Kathy says:

    Oh, I love pencil skirts! As a woman with no waist, the kind of skirts that flare out from the waist just make me look thick. Pencil skirts are great!

    I’m going to agree with the advice on the matching purse/shoes and the twinsets. I do not like matchy-matchy anything! This extends to furniture too. I don’t have a matching bedroom set, but instead pieces that coordinate together. In my opinion it keeps things so much more interesting.

  5. Mary says:

    Anytime someone tells me not to do something, it is usually enough to make me do it. You would think with as many decades as I have under my (non-existent) belt that I would be over that type of behavior, but no. The fact is that 98% of my shoes are black. So, what? I can’t carry a black bag? Give me a break. 98% of my bags are black (luggage included). Got news for the makes-you-look old prophets: some of us have grey hair, a few (too many) wrinkles and less than svelte bodies. I think folks know we’re not spring chickens and it isn’t because our shoes and bags match. 🙂

  6. Go Mary! I don’t have a fashion friendly body or budget or inclination…so phhsstt on their ‘Rules’. Even the article admits that rules change, right? Buy the twinset you like. Wear it together or speperatly and enjoy. Can’t wait to show you the dress I bought yesterday…oh, and the cute little jacket to go over it.

  7. Jessica says:

    love love love my Acuvue Advance! I have a slight astigmatism, and i have no issues with these contacts. I rarely wear my glasses, just at night, and on random days. i love my glasses, but i always smack them on something because i do not wear them enough. The dogs knock them off, too! And before i even remember that “hey, i was going to wear my glasses today”, i have put in my contacts out of habit immdediately after showering.

  8. Jessica says:

    i’m shaking my head that you don’t like orange! LOL! Love orange! orangey coral especially! :o)

  9. Katie says:

    you’re so funny! although i will agree that some of the rules are a little over the top…! i found the chunky heel “rule” kind of funny. while some of the platforms out there are very sexy, some of them manage “chunky” allover. others just manage “stripper”… good grief!

  10. georgi says:

    I love my twinsets and will wear them as long as I can find them. 🙂 It makes life very easy when I grab a twinset in the morning and only have to pick out pants to match and I am ready for work.

  11. AlisonH says:

    What one person says they think a piece of clothing does for them (or doesn’t) really applies only to that person. If you look good in it, and you like it, go for it!

  12. Marjie says:

    My daughter has worn soft toric lenses, and they work fine. I’ll try to hunt down a package and see what brand they were.

    Wear whatever shoes suit your fancy, but my dearly beloved’s astute observation is that an ankle strap cuts the line of your leg off and makes it look stumpy. He’s a lifelong admirer of the ladies, so I trust what he says.

    I love matching camis and coverups (note my sewing this winter), but sometimes a little contrast is a good thing, too. Why stick with just one or the other?

    And I nver wear button down the front shirts that are supposed to fit me, because of the gap issues, unless they’re unbottoned and tied at the waist with a tee or cami underneath. There are never enough darts to make those work!

    I think there are just too many rules. If we went back to basics – dress up for church, fancy office or whatever, dress down for picnics and whatnot – then maybe everyone’s lives would be easier.

  13. Ouch according to this I am a huge fashion faux pas—i love mens style shirts because I can hide in them, I have to learn to stop hiding! I try to match my bag to my coat, but now that winter is trying to be over I don’t know what I will match it too—and I don’t do heels but if I did they would be chunky for stability issues. Oh bother, this dressing business is hardwork as I sit here, in Flannel pj bottoms in a hidious print and a fleece hoodie but no one can see me, no web cam!!! WW is in person, and since I have so much to loose and haven’t been yo yoing at all everyone is cool so far about the bigger losses!

  14. StarSpry says:

    I saw this video the other day. I need to find some nice tops to wear under the cardigans I have.

    Have you seen this shirt? It’s supposed to eliminate the “peekaboo gap”. I’m not sure if it works well or not, but it sounds good!

  15. Mr. Puffy says:

    ah oh. I violate #2-#3 LOL But that doesn’t surprise you probably. If I’m wearing black shoes it just looks wrong to wear another color purse, to my eye. While I violate #3 I am getting more experimentive in that regard and appreciate the ideas on ways to jazz the look up!

  16. Kathy says:

    Can’t help you on the contact issue. I’m not allowed to wear them :(.

    About the no-no’s. I happen to like the tailor shirt. Looks stunning and yes there are quite a few times I want to hide my body.

    Bags: I go with an all around black/brown bag so it matches both ‘colors’ of my 2 pair shoe wardrobe…

  17. Jessica says:

    my answer (i am chatty on this topic, no?) to the bag issue is a gunmetal metallic purse! Hubs bought me one for valentines day, and it goes with EVERYTHING. it is my new basic.
    Already Pretty did an awesome blog on chunky heels, and showed how they can be very sexy. They all had no less than a 3″ heel, and they seriously did look amazing!! So amazing, that this heels free gal is going to be getting some, pronto!
    i love marjie’s advice from her hubby on shoes!

  18. km says:

    Loved reading all the comments here since I’m a day late to the party.

    My knees are sort of chubby. Always have been (even at 120# & 5’6″). I look best in an A-line skirt that hits just above the knee. I’m cool with that though. I do sometimes tuck in my top, but then I’ll usually have a cardi or jacket to go with the outfit. It’s good to know what fits you well…then have fun with it!

  19. Bubblesknits says:

    Wow…I’m just a walking fashion disaster. LOL

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