Gap, Baby

Ann Taylor - nice look, no lycra

… not to be confused with Baby Gap…  I don’t need a baby shower gift right now! 

Some of you already know what I mean – that gap that pops up between the two buttons at the fullest part of your chest on a blouse that buttons up the front.   I mentioned it last week, and Star Spry sent me a link to a fab shirt designed to very literally battle the buldge.  Looks great, but talk about sticker shock!

While petting my wallet and murmuring about just wearing knit shirts for the rest of my life, the new to me blog Wardrobe Oxygen took on this very topic today.   If you have such issues, please click over and then report back.  Do any of you have brands that work? 

Look ma, no pin!

And talk to me about safety pins.  This is going to make you laugh and cause you to wonder if I should ever leave the house in other than easy to wear knits, but I am pin-challenged.  Rarely do I do more good than harm, not to the garment, but to the overall look.  The Knight snickered on Thursday – true wrap dress – that surely, showing a little skin would look better than that pucker.  Hem.

Have you tried Sal’s friend, double-sided fashion tape?  Would that be less challenging for me?

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15 comments on “Gap, Baby

  1. Mary says:

    I own a number of button up shirts, but usually wear them over a tank or shell and leave them open. Eddie Bauer oxford shirts(in Petite) sometimes fit and sometimes don’t. My problem isn’t just the button, but the shoulders (by my elbows) and the sleeve length (past my fingertips), too. Even with petites I sometimes have to roll up the cuff at least once. As for d-s tape, I tried it on one outfit (though not a button-gap) and wasn’t that thrilled with the result.

  2. Umm, I’m a little on the less endowed side so I’ve never had that gap. I usually wear my button downs the same way Mary does…my problem with the buttons comes closer to my belly. I imagine that will change as I change my relationship with food.

  3. AlisonH says:

    My daughters, like their father’s mother, have gaposis and tell me I could never understand…

  4. gMarie says:

    or snaps? the biggest issue with button front shirts is that there isn’t a button at the apex because everyone’s apex is different. To avoid the gap – you need something there – button, snap, pin, tape – something. You can do this. Add snaps! 🙂 g

  5. Nichole says:

    Holy sticker shock batman… but those shirts DO looke purty!
    I’ve used the pins before… one trick is to get the TINY safety pins. You need patience to get it “just right.”

  6. Katie says:

    sticker shock? let’s work this through… a really good blouse is priceless. at $68, what would each wearing cost you? i know that i often keep my shirts for 3 – 5 years. if you wear something, say 3 times a month, that is 36 wearings per year, or 108 wearings over the life of the shirt. your cost per wearing is less than a dollar. besides – it’s an anne taylor shirt! (so i’m a little brand conscious…)

    as for the gap – i didn’t understand 2 cups sizes and 1 band size ago before i had kids… now – i’ll keep on trying on shirts until i find one that works. here in canada, i LOVE the marks work warehouse (mww)no iron shirts. they come in a variety of styles and cuts – something for everyone. and while it goes back to a previous post (i’m just getting caught up), mww is a favourite place to shop. their name implicates only part of their selection. yes, you can get carthartt there, but you can also get office attire. : )

  7. Kathy says:

    That’s definitely not a problem I have.

    Got to check out Ann Taylor tonight. I’m going shopping and I have coupons there!

  8. Marjie says:

    I was watching that new show last night about the neurosurgeon turned ME, and the murderer turned out to be a lady wearing a button down the front shirt, and while it must have been designed with shirring along the front placket, she still suffered some gap. And obviously TV actresses are a lot skinnier than the rest of us….so I am not convinced that the gap problem is solvable. Was the Knight cheering for or against the wrap dress? Seems like he would appreciate a little more skin…

  9. Jessica says:

    Oh, that GAP…hate that gap! That gap keeps me out of button front blouses!
    i have never tried the tape, but i thought about it while reading her blog the other day. i just never thought it would work that well. i think i need to get some, because i am definitely safety pin challenged! stabbings usually are a part of safety pinnings in my closet. safety pins are not so safe.

  10. StarSpry says:

    I like Katie’s breakdown of the cost of a shirt 🙂 I often have trouble justifying a purchase because I think it’s too expensive. However, I do usually wear dress clothes for several years, so Katie made it easier for me to see that the clothes are worth it 🙂

  11. Mr. Puffy says:

    Not an issue for my less that copious bosom. I’ll confess to using a safety pin to make a skirt waste ban smaller…. and I vouch that it does pucker – but I’m sure no one noticed – LOL

  12. I went to each of your links…and suffered sticker shock right along with you! I’d go for tape before pin, myself, if this this were a problem for me. Which, it isn’t because my problem is different. Naturally. Smaller bust, wider hips…I wind up in knits, too. I’d love a button down top that wasn’t too small at the bottom or too big at the top!

  13. Louise says:

    I’m not sure about this but I think the last time I was in a Gap store was with my grandkids:)

    Tee shirts and button down flannels for me.

  14. Bubblesknits says:

    My girls must not be big enough for that particular problem. 😉 However, I’d go with G’s idea…a snap or hook and eye closure might work nicely. 🙂

  15. I usually go the safety pin route because I leave it in, can get it over my head and even wash with them on. Once I get it right, there is no way in HELL I’m taking that bad boy out.

    However, I would be curious to hear how double-sided tape works out. I’d also be tempted to just sew a little bit closed instead of the safety pin because that would be more invisible than a hook & eye or snap closure.

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