Digital Dogs

Happy Dogs on Thursday, little friday and Thankful Thursday!  Don’t miss the post on the girls’ blog about doggy sign language.

IMAG0003Why on earth am I sharing that mess of a photo with you?  Because it sums up my week. 

Monday:  Turned in my beloved, 2 yr. old, antiquated Nextel Blackberry.  A few hours later, a Sprint HTC something ‘Droid based showed up.  Touchscreen, lots of apps already in place, life seemed good.

Tuesday:  Discovered new friend STILL won’t fit in a standard smart phone case.  The Nextel Blackberry was too thick – due to that direct connect bit – and this thing is too tall, probably by a good 1/2″.

Wednesday:  Demoted new friend to “business partner” status.  The sucker NEEDS charging every 20 hours or so, and that’s with no real usage other than continued set-up.  Filed to dissolve our partnership when I had to – literally – put said device in the window to get even that pathetic, pixilated mess to transfer from the 8 megapixel camera within to Flickr.

Thursday:  Is it Friday yet?  Our cell phone contract man (aka: The Knight, Chief, Chief Knight, etc.) is meeting with Verizon tomorrow.  This time, we’re requiring a demo phone and smart phone overnight to test the signal.  Did I mention that we can’t even use the cells at our desks?  Or that Uncle can’t even get out in roam from his home, all of 15 minutes from the shop?

But I am thankful that I’m griping about cell service and sad signals that inhibit my ability to preserve doggy cuteness and to blog.  Some people very dear to me are wondering if Washington can get it together so that they still have a paycheck coming on Monday morning. 

Did you realize that our military deployed in war zones won’t be paid for their work if they can’t resolve this budget situation?  I don’t want to make this a political discussion, and I sure hope I’m over-simplifying this, but it’s very upsetting. 

So, isn’t it a blessing to be knotted up over the unexpected craptastic coverage we have with Sprint phones, vs. the Sprint-Nextel stuff we’ve used for years?   Or over the ever-so-stressful (HA!) search for the perfect handbag?  Hem. 

Distract me with the wows in your life, please.

20 comments on “Digital Dogs

  1. Sue says:

    Boy, we sure do get dependent on these electronic gadgets quickly, don’t we?

    My afternoon should be fun. After NJ and I practice our homework, I’ll sit on the floor in the office and sort thru knitting patterns. I have new plastic boxes with lids for them to live in and I’ll refresh my memory and get reacquainted with some old favorites that I haven’t thought about in a while.

  2. Nichole says:

    I’ve had Verizon for as many years as I can remember… still happy with them! Good luck…

    And my, the babies sure did get pixelated!

  3. Mary says:

    How about the fact that I have to go buy a new refrigerator tonight since our crappy electrical power service dips and dives so much, it killed the not so old refrigerator? Am I the top loser or what? $1200+ to replace it.

  4. Mary says:

    Oh, you asked for wows, not woes. Sorry.

  5. AlisonH says:

    I got handed some expensive yarn and told “you’ll know what to do with it” and did. After some delays, it is finally coming to be for, by mutual consent with the shop owner who gifted me, a mutual friend. I can’t wait to finish and give it to her!

  6. gMarie says:

    I got nothin’! how about
    ~Wow! Am I busy at work
    ~Wow! does this running like a chicken make me exhausted and lump at the end of the day
    ~Wow! I have a 3 day weekend.
    ~Wow! Jaymie scheduled our vacation in May already.
    ~Wow! Excited to go to San Fran in 12 months – planning already.

    enough? g

  7. You just have to read my blog to see my woes, though they aren’t nearly as serious as most to me they are just overwhelming, I should really be paying bills right now but who wants to look at the pile or the checkbook, tomorrow is another day!!! Hope you resolve your phone issues!!!

  8. Jessica says:

    thanks Chan…seriously love you way too much! sniff sniff…rough day. And yes…Fred is all over me right now!

  9. Marjie says:

    Verizon works well for us. Even in our house with the 18″ thick masonry walls.

    Woes? Tree ruining courtyard wall, Beloved whining about the trees I’ve had cut, working on finding a fountain (tough one, that), Patrick needing rescuing from himself in Arizona….the usual.

  10. kathy b says:

    The foster cat momma just sat on my lap. laid down
    and the kittens nursed
    ON MY LAP!!!!!! All i did was be there….
    im amazed
    Im overwhelmed
    im overjoyed

  11. km says:

    I almost had a woe for you too, but I read Mary’s comment.

    I found peach roses and one yellow one in my yard today. They’re making me smile. I put them in a vase on my table. It’s a gray day outside…and the flowers inside are as good as sunshine.

    I decided my wardrobe needed something new so I CO for a Liesl last night. I’m on row 14. I hope I can finish this quick.

  12. Margaret B says:

    We’ve been better with Verizon than Sprint. And love our Droids.

    Also, I walked by the Mole Hole Downtown today, and saw a display for these:
    So, your handbag can have outfits too!

  13. Bubblesknits says:

    I know what you mean. We have iffy coverage out here at times. Other times, when the cloud coverage is just right and the planets are in alignment, we get a great signal. lol

    As for the political stuff, all I can say is GRRRRR. I loathe politicians. If they could all get their heads out of their butts…./grumble/.

  14. Took my airman to our Sprint store today to A. get him a new phone B. transfer said phone to his OWN plan. It took some sleight of hand to accomplish all that was needed, but was mostly quickly and efficiently handled. Sprint has worked well for us lo these many years…Today is also Baby Boy’s (Daniel) 20th b-day…is that a WOW or a WOE or just Woah!?

  15. Terrie says:

    What a bummer about your new phone! I hope everything can get straightened out soon.

    The military/political issue is very upsetting! After being deployed in war zones, they certainly don’t need the added concern of not getting paid 😦

  16. Stupid cell phones, not so smart after all! Nemo keeps bringing me pieces of a corrugated box and expects me to toss them so he can retrieve them. This could go on for hours. Moments ago he dropped on into my tea. Needless to say, I will be making a cup to go since I need to leave for work soon.

  17. Katie says:

    Are you cell phone woes in any way related to not being in an urban centre? We have the same issues. Rogers doesn’t cover much of the province and Telus and Bell have different “issues”… You should see my antique work BB. It still has a roller wheel, but much like an old bag phone, it just won’t die.

    I must admit to missing the US budget woes. Since our government fell before our budget passed, we are operating on special warrants – government speak for temporary allocations. Surely to goodness something similar must be in place? I mean – REALLY!

  18. Anita says:

    It’s still a cute photo of the girls snuggling. 🙂

    Hopefully it was just that type of cell phone. I don’t know why, but some have better pick up of signals than others. I hope you find one that works when it should! Very frustrating.

    And I won’t comment on what I think about our troops not getting paid! I’m just glad to see on the news tonight that they finally settled something. Stupid government.

  19. Kristin says:

    My iPhone goes through battery juice like crazy too…but I still love her! : )

  20. Louise says:

    My cell phone is ancient and I LOVE it!!!

    Still need a WOW? Katie’s Ornamental Lilies arrived. WOW!!!

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