Doghouse Retreat

Assuming I make it through this wet, cold, dreary day, tomorrow is Dog House Yarns & More‘s first retreat.   I’m looking forward to reconnecting with some friends I haven’t seen in a while and to getting to put faces with some names – and Ravelry IDs. 

Don’t let the weather dissuade you.  If it’s chilly and damp, they’ll have a fire in the fireplace, and I think the grey stuff is supposed to move on before the day is done, so you’ll still get some pretty spring mountain views. 


MJ spring 2009

If you’re attending, let me know and be sure to find me.  I’ll be wearing my blue capelet and black pants.  Yes you smarties, I’ll have a top of some sort on under the capelet too, but I don’t know which one.  It sure looks nice with MJ’s white knit shown here, and I’m thinking long sleeves will be the way to go…

Sunday, I’ll be staring down the taxes for once and for all.  Sigh. 

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to print my handouts for tomorrow and check out some links y’all so kindly sent me for my bag quest…

What’s on your agenda?

17 comments on “Doghouse Retreat

  1. Mary says:

    Weekend agenda: Off-loading one entire nearly dead refrigerator/freezer (cleaning in, under and behind-ick) and preparing for one piece relic of stove/microwave to be removed as well. Luckily SIL is electrician so he is coming over to prepare for new arrivals (higher amp needed 30 to 40). May end up having to redo chunk of kitchen (not sure I painted behind the one piece behemoth) and since the wall color is pumpkin…it will be noticed if it is missing. Not a fun weekend. Hope retreat goes well.

  2. Cathy Tyree says:

    Sounds like fun and I wish I could… I am presenting at the RCK meeting on Saturday… : )

  3. AlisonH says:

    We’re back to sweater-and-capelet weather too. Brrr. Good luck on those taxes!

  4. Kristyn says:

    Going to a knitting retreat held by one of my friends tomorrow. Ans I am hoping that the rain predicted for Sunday holds off because it is supposed to be 75 degrees here!

  5. gMarie says:

    My weekend is very low key – I’m hoping. Although I haven’t done much yet – other than work out. Planning to round up the dogs and get some sewing done. Mail a package to a friend who needs cheering.

    Big pot of soup in the crockpot for poker dinner. And attempting to learn to download from NetFlix through the Wii. I’ve done the taxes, now I need to prod the other half to review them so we can mail them. g

  6. km says:

    Frogging the Liesl today. I should have read more reviews. It runs a bit small…or really just exact. I’m 38 at the fullest part of my bust…and I’ll be knitting a 38 for this. Usually a 38 pattern is too big. But, since I’m rewinding my yarn, I’m also leaving out the little purl ridge. I really think a Liesl would look good on you…so bump it up on your queue.

  7. Sue says:

    Some yard work may be called for and of course school homework. I started a new cross stitch last night and it’s calling to me. I wouldn’t mind a nice rainy day to work on it.

    I need to do some reorganizing in the office. Why can’t that room stay in order?

  8. Nichole says:

    Have fun at the retreat!

  9. Marjie says:

    A knitting retreat sounds like fun! Cass is coming home this weekend, to do a nursing school project, using her 2 little brothers as test dummies. Maybe some sewing, maybe just some pies and relaxing. We’ll see.

    And don’t talk to me about taxes, either. I like Al the accountant, except in April! Then he’s a pain in the arse!

  10. Katie says:

    Taxes? Blech! We have until the 30th to file ours, but I just got last years’ reassessment. I owe a couple of hundred bucks. It could always be worse…

    Envious of the retreat, but then I’m looking forward to a deck day tomorrow and the boiling of the sap. Fresh maple syrup – here we come!

  11. Taxes were done here in early Feb. Money has been quietly resting up in the bank nearly since…even the two boys we still have some responisibility for have filed…ahh….Weekend plans? Really? Bed hunting for the guest room before next week’s wedding guests arrive..ack..phhttt.

  12. Anita says:

    I wish I could come join you!!! Tell Rosanne I said hello. 🙂
    I can’t believe you guys are ready for long sleeves again, it was 77 here today & only supposed to get hotter. Sheesh

  13. Barbara says:

    I’ve never seen a capelet before. That is so cute! And looks nice and cozy too.
    Can’t believe your weather, either. Ours has been overly warm. Luckily the humidity isn’t summer level yet…the only saving grace.
    Hope you have fun Sat.

    Then you can face your taxes on Sunday! 🙂

  14. Kathy says:

    Sounds like fun. Enjoy!
    A bridal shower is on my weekend list as well as cleaning and of course a little knitting.

  15. Mr. Puffy says:

    What an incredibly fortunate chance to get away and enjoy yourself!!!! Looking forward to hearing all about it ~

    I’ve an injury to my finger so it’s hunt and peck typing and no knitting :((( On the bright side I’m getting out and shopping and seeing movies a bit more!

  16. Blond Duck says:

    I hope you had a good weekend!

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