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IMAG0020It was a good food, bad diet weekend.  Not only were there too many tempting carbs and sweets at Graves Mountain Lodge, but the Knight came home with cupcakes to share from the first birthday party we missed.  I’m sure they were even cuter before they rode around the countryside…   The birthday girl’s mama made those all by herself.  I’m impressed!

And my HTC EVO takes great photos in natural light, not so much inside.  Oh well.  Maybe the iPhone will be better?

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Sunday, we had a little League errand to run, so we had lunch at one of our favorite hole in the wall places.  Nellysford is tiny anyway, but it’s very easy to miss the Blue Ridge Pig.   That’s their sign in front of the building, borrowed from their Facebook account.   They’re known for their barbeque, but the Knight craves their turkey-ham-cheese croissant, and all of our employees know that you don’t work ANYWHERE in the area without bringing yours truly a pint of their dill potato salad.  Le sigh.  It’s not a creamy dill sauce either; it’s oil-based, and if I could find a recipe, I’d be hard-pressed to eat anything else for a very long time.   (There is a photo of it on their Facebook page, but it’s tiny and even if we had smell-o-vision, you’d miss the incredible flavor of the dill, potato, onion, celery dish.)

You know, I should submit Strawberry and his shop to Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.  It’s truly a TINY place, but big on quality and taste!

Is there a stand-out “dive” in your world?

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15 comments on “Food Buzz

  1. gMarie says:

    Oh that sign is fabulous. and I love a sammy on a croissant. a dill potato salad with an oil based dressing? Yes please submit them to DD&D.

    I’ll have to think on a dive in my neck of the woods – we used to have a great breakfast place – but they ruined it. g

  2. Katie says:

    When they twinned the TCH a few years back, I meant the death of many of our great diners and dives. Couple that with “improvements” to some of the others, and it is hard to find somewhere special. : (

  3. i wish there was a dive like that around here, Tom and I are such foodies and i would kill for that potato salad. Other then volume it couldn’t be that bad for you –it isn;t loaded with mayo!

    I love DDD and would love to see your place on there!

  4. AlisonH says:

    I laughed at that sign, but my instant second thought was oh you don’t want THAT in an earthquake!

    I’ve been in California too long…

  5. Nichole says:

    Now that’s 2 needs for smell-o-vision today! 🙂

    I love dives… the best places ever! We have a couple of favorites down in Charlotte and a few local spots as well.

  6. Marjie says:

    There was a tiny place next to an old fashioned motel – you know, the ones with a dozen tiny cabin type rooms side by side – where they made fabulous baked goods. I went there for many years on Saturday late morning driving lessons with the big kids; fortunately, there were lots of other people to eat the goodies we snagged. I noticed when I last went to Agway that it’s being renovated now; maybe new folks will reopen it!

  7. Sue says:

    We had some in New York and some in Pennsylvania and even one or two in Maryland, but in Missouri the health inspectors are not the best and one has to be very careful about eating out.

    Also cooks in the Ozarks have never learned about spices and food is way too bland for this East Coast girl.

  8. StarSpry says:

    I love Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives! You should submit their shop…it would be fun to see it on the show 🙂

  9. Amy says:

    I love Murphy’s, in downtown C-Ville. Other than that, there is an amazing dive (well, pub really,) in Coxsackie, NY called ‘The Cask and Rasher’. Love it!

  10. Kathy says:

    The cupcake looks very yummy.
    Dive…..mmmm….Roadkill Cafe comes to mind (and yes that is the name of the place 😉

  11. Don’s Diner is THE place to go around here. On weekends they are busy the whole time they’re open, and not too shabby during the week either. Just your basic home-town diner done well! I usually get breakfast…a loverly “skillet” meal featuring egss scrambled with fresh spinach, shrooms, and cheddar with toast( or biscuit) and tater’s (get the home-style with onions.Oh, and bacon or sausgage…YUM!

  12. Mr. Puffy says:

    I know exactly how you feel about that potato salad ~

    Growing up we had a wonderful hamburger shop and I still crave their hamburgers…. but they have long since closed and I’ve never had as good since 😦

  13. Blond Duck says:

    I’ve never had a dill-based potato salad.

  14. We have some great “hole in the wall” restaurants in Chicago…some of them got so popular that they renovated and were no longer as great. Interesting phenomenon.

    I like the pic of the restaurant’s sign…cute piggy. I also like the idea of dill potato salad.

  15. Bubblesknits says:

    There are too many around here to count. lol We recently found a BBQ “shack” that makes the best burgers I’ve ever put in my mouth. /drool/

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