Green Day!

Happy Earth Day!   We’re quick to admit that we don’t “do green” as well as we could, but we’re working on it.   It helps to have the Blue Ridge Eco Shop close by, with a fellow Leaguer at the helm.

Instead of dwelling on the areas where there is room for improvement, I’m going to share a few “green” things I do pretty well.

  • Bamboo.  It’s a great renewable resource, and I use it in the kitchen, for entertaining, and for knitting.  (Note to the Easter Bunny – I’d love this bamboo compost pail.  Just call BRE…)
  • Re-usable shopping bags.  I have several for the grocery store, but my favorites came from specialty shops.  I even keep one in my handbag, in its own little pouch.
  • When we do get plastic or paper bags from a store, we re-use those too.
  • The dogs eat better than we do.  Sissy’s allergies demand limited ingredient, high-quality foods and treats, so no pesticides or by-products here!
  • They also like Planet Dog toys and treats, which are very earth-friendly.  
  • Compost and recycle.   Right now, my composting is very basic, but I aspire to a better system.  We’re also trying to figure out if we can still recycle plastic beverage bottles after the dogs crush them and preformate them in their current favorite toy.  (Can’t find it online…  I’ll have to confirm name and brand…  I know it’s brand new, coming straight from a trade show to Sissy’s mouth…)

How green are you?  What tips you do have for our pack?


Sissy-bunny, Easter 2010

If you’re celebrating Easter or Passover, we wish you peace and a meaningful moment or two with family and friends.


11 comments on “Green Day!

  1. Nichole says:

    Happy Earth Day! We love reuseable totes as well, and we do reuse any plastic/paper bags that come in the house (with 4 dogs, that’s easy!).

    We’re revisiting a Planet Dog review the girls helped with today… 😉

  2. Sue says:

    We’re trying. We actually did better when we lived in Maryland because we were close to a recycling center. Here they haven’t heard about recycling yet. It’s obvious from the state of our yard that we use no pesticides. i carry a fold up tote in my purse too, but any plastic bags get reused quickly.

    The one thing we’ve tried and are very dissatisfied with are the new light bulbs.

  3. Amy says:

    We try to compost as much as we can, but sadly, we eat a lot of ‘the box’, because of our schedules. When I do cook, I’m a little better about it.

    We always re-use the plastic bags from the store. Though, I’m trying to get in the habit of taking the reusable bags, or requesting paper if I forget.

    My friend, Katrin, is the queen of going green. She amazes me with all that she does, and one day I hope I can be as good for the environment as she is.

    Happy Easter! I’m working, but that’s okay.

  4. Natalie says:

    As you read in my post…we’re working on it but it’s always a work in progress!

    Thanks for the ideas!

  5. gMarie says:

    I’m with Sue on the new lightbulbs, they don’t seem to be very bright and don’t last long and are way, way more expensive.

    We do however – recycle everything recyclable, we compost, we grow some of our own food, I’m starting to buy more free range, no, no, no meat, we turn lights off behind us, and don’t run water while brushing teeth, etc.

    we have a snazzy compost bin in the house that’s stainless steel that we bought at a little shop under the golden gate bridge about 10 years ago – before composting and being green was really ‘in’.

    Happy Good Friday! Hope your day is fabulous. g

  6. AlisonHyde says:

    What a perfect photo! Such a smile!

    We own a Prius. (We won’t mention the second car is a 12-year-old minivan we can’t afford to replace at the moment.)

  7. Mary says:

    Ditto to previous comments on the so-called light bulbs dissatisfaction. 10 years my &$$. As for the rest, we recycle just about everything we can. For us it means taking it to the center as we have no garbage pickup. Living within 1/2 mile of Chesapeake Bay means no pesticides. Daily re-use of the same container for lunch at work. Keep my John Lewis nylon bag in a tiny zip container in my purse for small purchases. Recycle grocery bags, including turning brown paper bags inside out, cutting them and using them to wrap parcels to post. Ruin it all with 100 mile daily commute to work.

  8. We eat organic as much as possible and we don’t buy anything with preservatives or additives, we live in a apartment complex and must re-cycle, and I too knit with bamboo

    We haven’t embraced the resuable shopping bags yet because Tom does the shopping each night, and he wouldn’t sully his work van with the bags in it, too un-macho for him

    I save all of my incoming boxes and pkg, materials and re use them and I give clothes blankets, linens etc to Good will instead of trashing them

    Not much but we try Happy Easter Weekend to the Moores 2 legged and 4 legged also!

  9. Okay, first of all, none of us is going to get a perfect for being Green! I, for one, refuse to stop breathing…so my CO2 will still be fouling the air for a while yet…but, my trees, grass, and bushes seem to love it! 🙂 I use my own bags at stores, I recycle everything (CA) I buy locally grown organics…yada, yada…I love my planet, but NOT more than the people on it!

  10. Louise says:

    I’m getting a lesson in being green “as we speak.” Today we planted 15 trees intwo school yards. (don’t ask:)

    Happy, Happy to you and yours, Channon.

    Sissy looks quite debonaire…priceless actually…

  11. Blond Duck says:

    I hope you had a good Easter!

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