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June 2010 009Hello, hello!   I don’t know that I’m REALLY a guest blogger, since I used to blog here before Mama gave us our own blog.  (And don’t miss the two posts there…  Happy birthday, Fred.)

Anyway, Mama saw a great post on Sal’s blog and just KNEW I was the lady for the job.   You see, I was BORN a lady.  ‘Tis true.  It sounds so uppity when I type it, but…  Sissy was born uninhibited, and I was born demure.  Even when I’m being sassy, it’s sweet, cute and… well… ladylike.

Sal struggles with identifying with the word LADY, although anyone scanning through her blog can see she’s all woman and plenty feminine, in a not-fussy way.  Mama uses the world “ladies” a lot, especially in emails to a bunch of her gal-pals, but I’ll have her weigh in at the end of this post!

I’m a girlie-girl.  I was born that way, just as Sissy was born brash and bold.  There’s no right or wrong here, but while Sissy’s newest nickname is THE QUEEN, no one has ever called her a lady.  It’s a matter of deportment, which is my way of saying I suspect Miss Sal is selling herself short.  I bet she conducts herself properly when she needs to, whereas Sissy struggles to even pretend she has manners more often than not!

No, it doesn’t have  a thing to do with me being named Lady Gretchen.  Mama used Lady in my name as a title, not an adjective.  

DSCN2410What does “being a lady” mean to you?  Pinkies out, china tea up balanced easily on one knee?  I think not; I don’t have pinkies and spoiled as I am, Mama won’t let me use her china.   I can wrestle and romp with Sissy, “fight” with Dadaw, but there’s just something in my mannerisms that make me come off lady-like even when I’m playing tough.  See the photo?  *I* am not the one with my legs all agape, showing my stomach to the world.  No one taught me to think that way, just as no one trained Sis to flop around…



Lady Gg looking demure in a PANK frock

Mama here.  She’s right, as usual.   I’m somewhere between the two fur-girls.   I definitely was a tomboy growing up, but I’ve always liked a pretty dress, and I can curtsy like a pro.   I’ve never thought myself an icon of ladylikeness, but at the same time, I distinctly remember how shocked a friend some 12 years younger was the first time I swore in her presence.  I’m trying to recall the words she used to explain why I’d shocked her, but that makes me wonder if she would call me a lady?

For me, a lady is a woman with class.  I don’t mistake class for status or financial worth!   Some of the classiest LADIES I know live quite humbly, and I’m not about to try to guess whether it is driven by necessity or not.  A lady doesn’t thrive on making others feel inadequate.  A lady is truly the perfect hostess… not by society’s standards, but rather, guests are always comfortable and relaxed.   A lady is also the ideal guest…  In short, a lady has good manners and a pleasant disposition, even when she doesn’t feel like it!


Makin' Gramma laugh!

Gretchen is a great example, even if she is furry and walks on four feet.  She’s kind, sensitive, goes out of her way to make everyone in her presence comfortable and happy, and yet she definitely has her own sense of what is right and proper.  Decorum is another word that comes to mind in pursuit of a working definition of what makes a lady.

So, Gretchen and I both want to know.  Do you consider yourself a lady?  Who in your life epitomizes being a lady?

10 comments on “Guest Blogger!

  1. Nichole says:

    AMEN to this “For me, a lady is a woman with class. I don’t mistake class for status or financial worth!”

    I love it… and yes, that makes us ladies. 🙂

    Great post girls… uh, I mean ladies.

  2. Amy says:

    What makes a ‘lady’? Good question, indeed. I think it more the personality than the outward appearance.

    – A lady always says please and thank you.
    – A lady always sends thank you notes (be it online or snail mail.)
    – A lady is always kind to strangers
    – A lady knows when to be proper and when to let her hair down, and is never afraid to do either.
    – A lady knows how to change a tire and check her oil.

    Just a few notes from my childhood there, and what I’ve picked up from the women in my life. 🙂

  3. Marjie says:

    My grandmother was the ultimate lady. She was beautiful, charming, gracious, nasty when needed, could dress for any occasion, and knew the rules of life. I try to emulate her, always being feminine, but able to get around any corner of the world when needed. And, yes, my skirts can be considered “too short”, but it pleases my dearly beloved, and that’s very important to a lady’s happiness, because it makes a gentleman of him.

  4. Lady is harder to say what it IS than what it isn’t! A lady isn’t richer, or higher class than other women. She isn’t always soft-spoken or dressed ‘just so’. It’s not about the things she does or doesn’t do…not really. A lady is a lady based on how she behaves…with kindness, with respect for others, with sincerity rather than ‘just for show’. It’s really about how what is INSIDE of her comes out! I always think of YOU as a lady…and yes, I mean Chan. 🙂

  5. gMarie says:

    First – would you stop with random posts at a strange time?

    I think everyone is right. Love the definations. And ScrabbleQueen is right – you definately fit all of them. g

  6. It always feels so odd to be called lady, I’m not sure how much of a lady I feel like I am…but others seem to disagree.

  7. I know what a lady isn’t and i am related to at least 4 of them in one way or another! What I hate is when generation after generation imitate one another. I know my mother tried hard to be a lady–like every one of us she had some un lady like moments but I think she did a pretty good job1

  8. Kathy says:

    hmmm…enjoyed this post. My great grandmothers, grandmothers and mom were/are ladies when duty called. Me? mmmm….I know how to act like a lady but not so sure others would call me lady.
    Love the pics as always 🙂

  9. Anita says:

    Love the photos! Sissymonster is still a lady even if she is brash. 🙂 Kind of like me. LOL

  10. Bubblesknits says:

    I guess I would say I don’t consider myself a lady. I feel like it has something to do with my tomboy ways. I’d much rather schlep around in the mud with the guys than serve tea and cakes. Well…unless the cakes were chocolate. ; ) However, going off your description, it sounds like I’m doing okay.

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