White as a trend?

Most mornings, I read blogs before I get around to posting on mine.  Today’s post was inspired by two of my favorite fashion reads, those fab BonBon Rose Girls, and Sal of Already Pretty

In case you didn’t click over, the BBRGs made me feel I might not be as style-lacking as I thought.  I ordered a simple little white part-eyelet-part-lace sheath from Coldwater Creek a few weeks ago.   I am now reciting “I will not buy the Calvin Klein eyelet dress” the BBRGs featured, because honestly, I do not need two white dresses!

And no, me and my pasty pale self will not strut about in that sheath without a shock of bold color somewhere near my fair face.  I promise!!

Speaking of pasty pale, that brings me to Sal’s post.  You really should click over and read that.  I’m always shocked that women can be so unkind to each other, but given that some of the women who love me best have also told me I need some color – meaning go tan yourself, not freshen up your lipstick – I shouldn’t be left flat-footed.  We dye our hair, and some of my friends do spray-tan, but I’ve just embraced my pale skin – unlike the grey hairs.


Me - second from left, literally GLOWING in my paleness, with my also winter-pale friends

As a teen and into my 20s, I did TRY to tan.  One summer, I was able to spend an hour or two most days at the pool, and I did turn my own, odd shade of orange.  In the meantime, I’ve grown to appreciate my blue-pink natural skin tone, and I’m trying to make up to it for the years of abuse.  Hats, sunglasses and sunblock are my friends.  I don’t think I even own a swimsuit that fits, and while the inlaws have a pool, I couldn’t tell you the last time I was in it.  (Count in YEARS – seriously.)

I keep hearing that we’re more skin-cancer aware, but I also keep hearing that I need some color.   Where do you fall on the sun worship vs. skin cancer scared scale?

And is white part of your summer wardrobe?

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15 comments on “White as a trend?

  1. gMarie says:

    You know my summer wardrobe is riddled with white tees and colorful print skirts, right? So that’s where I fall.

    As for adding more color – when I had more ‘colors done’ for my 40th birthday – she pulled colors from your natural skin – particularly in your face. So, wear your eye color, you hair color, your natural blush and the color of your lips on you body. It will bring attention to your face (where we want it) and make you glow. Honestly. Find a pretty lipstick that makes you feel good and tell your friends to go jump in a lake.

    You look fabulous and pretty in every photo I see lately. Embrace it. g

  2. Nichole says:

    I tend to stay as far away from white as I can. Between being clumsy and having 4 dogs, white and I just don’t mix well.

    I embrace my white skin and do not tan – there’s far too many cases of skin cancer to get me to ever visit a tanning both or lay out. I usually end up with somewhat of a farmer’s tan from being out at the race track all summer (with SPF on my arms). Spray tan would be okay, but I don’t see the sense in spending the $ for normal use. I’ve done at home stuff before to add a light layer of color to my legs…

  3. Mary says:

    I have basically stayed out of the sun since my late 20s. Since I am now old and I still have pretty good skin, I think I made the right choice. Especially compared to my daughter’s SIL who we call Aunt Leather…so much so, I can’t remember her real name. Me, bad.

    Not much white in my wardrobe.

  4. Ahem. Natural skin color and likelihood of burning HAVE to be taken into account before one decides on how much sun to take! I’m somewhat “tan” before I ever go into the sun, so I don’t need much of it to darken up…and have less risk of develping problems as a result. I’d advise you, and any other seriously ‘white’ folks to be very, very careful about getting sun/tanned. You look fab….why try to be something you’re not meant to be? BTW, love your white dress!

  5. AlisonHyde says:

    I love that white dress!

    I have never gotten a tan in my life. And as I commented on Sal’s post, I absolutely cannot risk being in the sun for my lupus–and yet, life happens, you can’t entirely avoid it, and walking across a parking lot to me is the equivalent of a day’s exposure on the beach. People start complimenting me on having a little color now, saying I look so much better, so much healthier!

    When what it really means is I’m dealing with a flare because of a reaction to the unwanted UV exposure, and my eyes and heart or some other organ are most likely under attack–I’m just not telling them.

  6. Marjie says:

    I was at least 7 or 8 years old when I realized the sun was NOT my friend. I think the vinegar poured over the sunburn did it for me; I just am not that fond of smelling like a salad. I do wear white. I made 3 white dresses last summer, and still must have at least 6 yards of that eyelet left, so there are possibilities of more….and a lot of my dresses are white based floral prints. I gravitate toward light colors, and I don’t care what others think of that. In summer, especially, I don’t need the heat that dark colors seem to attract, and I always fear that bright colors make me look washed out. That’s not to say I don’t have any brights or darks – I do – but lights are my favorites.

    As for hair, well, my dear Grammy, whom you’ve heard evoked plenty of times, always said, “A lady never goes grey. She goes blond.” It works for me.

  7. Bubblesknits says:

    I use the gradual self tanning lotion when I remember to. Otherwise I just embrace it. I get some color on me during the summer months when the neighborhood pool is open, but I’ve already had pre-cancerous moles removed once, so I lather the sunscreen on like it’s going out of style. ; )

  8. Sue says:

    I guess I’m the exception. I lived at the beach, just a block from the ocean. I owned thirty some swim suits, mostly bikinis and I spent every weekend on a boat. I had a glorious tan. Now I don’t try to tan, but my running in and out all day with the dogs gives me a little color. I do wear a hat and sunscreen and I no longer bake myself. I like the look of a tan, but I’d never do the booth thing and I can adjust to whatever my natural color is.

    As for wearing white… you must be kidding! I saw a white dress I loved recently, but with ten dogs! I don’t expect to ever be able to wear white again.

  9. Amy says:

    Speaking as someone who used to wear nothing but black, I am really trying to expand my wardrobe coloring as I get older. I LOVE wearing white in the summer, and may have to make some cute skirts to wear with my tees.

  10. The only white you will see me wear is my skintone, much like yours, and my hair streaks, I don’t do white clothes at all ever, even socks!!!

  11. Barbara S. says:

    I do have a couple of white t-shirts and dress shirts, though they tend to get orange fluff on them, especially the (left) shoulders while hanging in the closet. Then they get black and brown hairs on them as soon as I put them on. White pants or a dress? Nope, don’t have those, but I have been vaguely tempted and then come to my senses.
    Tan? Me? I remember having a slight tan when I was a kid and had swimming lessons for most of the summer, but never on purpose. Currently my shoulders are bright pink from the hour I spent on the deck yesterday. I was so excited to see sunshine and have it above 45F without wind that I forgot to grab the sunscreen (I did have my coffee and knitting!). The sunscreen has moved back to its spot by the door to the deck and I need to check the date on the stuff in the car. I have always given my kids grief about using sunscreen and not burning because of long term damage. As for self-tanning stuff, it turns my hands funny colors way before it does any where else, and due to my dry skin, would end up all blotchy and weird anyway.
    As for the gray hairs, I am pretty sure you know I embrace them wholeheartedly!

  12. Jessica says:

    Oh, i despise hearing “you need a tan”. I am a redhead, i do not get tan, i burn. i do get a little color by the time Sept. rolls around, and because of all those teen years spent TRYING to tan, i also get to endure yearly skin cancer screenings. I am totally ok with my pale skin now. I honestly do not think twice about it.

  13. Kathy says:

    I like white wear.
    My olive complexion takes an easy tan but the sun is dangerous these days so sun screen is now my best friend 🙂

  14. Louise says:

    The only white I wear is in tee shirts and as far as tanning goes, I guess I fall under the “farmer’s tan” category.

    I detest sun screen. I just can’t stand the feeling of it on my skin. I do however like that white dress and with a splash of color, I’m sure you will look quite fashionable:)

    Thanks for sharing, Chan…

  15. monnibo says:

    I love white dresses and skirts but have a hard time keeping them clean. It’s like food/coffee JUMP at it, and not to mention grass stains or dirt when you go for a picnic or whatever.

    As for the tanning/skin question…. I am pale pale pale. I go in the sun and end up looking like a lobster. I wear 45 SPF most days during the summer as well as spending most of the time in the shade. When I was a lifeguard, I literally lived under the pool umbrella and reapplied sunscreen 3 times a day. I managed to get a little healthy colour when you looked at my bra strap lines, but you wouldn’t have been able to tell otherwise. I’d rather not get skin cancer than tan.

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