The Barbeque Exchange

The Knight and I are both big fans of barbeque.  We’ve both been hearing that we really needed to try the place in Gordonsville.  He and his assistant finally got there last week, and he liked it so well we went to The Barbeque Exchange Friday night too.

We both got the pulled pork with two sides.  The pork was tender and tasty.  The Knight added the Hog Fire sauce, but I went with the Carolina sauce.  Yum.  He got macaroni salad, baked beans and cornbread.  I got macaroni salad, a brocoli salad I don’t see on the menu but everyone we’ve talked to seems to think it’s a regular item, and when I couldn’t decide between the cornbread and the pumpkin muffin, the gal behind the counter gave me both!

It’s rare that I do a photo-less post, but you need to wander out of your way to try the Barbeque Exchange.  I also have it on good authority that I need to try their bacon brownie.  (Say what?!) 

And if you’re a local, I do require more pumpkin muffin and brocoli salad if you’re coming this way.  It’s all good, but those two items are remarkably so.

See the corn? Ahhhh...

The Knight describes the cornbread as corn-poundcake.  It is THICK, sweet and not too dry.  How do you like your cornbread?  Personally, I like it a little gritty with real corn included, but I want it sweet enough and moist enough that I don’t reach for the butter…

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16 comments on “The Barbeque Exchange

  1. i like more of a moist corn bread—I love Paula deens Corn Pudding casserole, which is basically creamed corn, reg corn, corn muffin mix and a few other ingredients—haven’t had it in forever!


  2. Nichole says:

    YUM… sounds delish! We had a tun of wonderful food at the Stone Zoo fundraiser on Saturday night (it’s a food “sampling” event basically – but some vendors were pretty much given out full plates).

  3. Sue says:

    I’ve never been fond of cornbread, but Monty absolutely loved it. It was one of the few foods he’d eat and the only one he ever stole. He actually stole a whole pan that was cooling and ate it all by himself. I used to make it every week just for him.

  4. gMarie says:

    I’m so not a fan – brocolli salad sounds good. Could you make it at home?

    Personally – I almost love reading the comments as much as the posts. Sue’s brought a tear….


  5. Karen says:

    Mark told us about this place on Saturday when he was over. There is nothing Scott and I like more than BBQ especially if they have a good Carolina sauce. I trust they have good cole slaw to go with it. The cornbread looks perfect to me…HUM-O. We will definitely have to try this place….

  6. km says:

    Yum-O! I hear that bacon brownies are THE thing. Last weekend we rode our bikes down to the BACONMANIA truck. (I packed a salad.) We didn’t have dessert, but everyone was talking bout the brownies. And M swears that the bacon wrapped PB&J was the best thing. Are food trucks big in VA? They’re all over the place here.

    Grace is right. That PD recipe is fantastic. We’re a Marie Callendar’s corn bread with honey butter kind of family usually. I need to find a recipe that doesn’t have wheat so I can have corn bread again.

    It’s Monday…and I’ve been home alone for 2 days! Can you believe it?! My family doesn’t return until Tuesday PM. I’m getting so much done…but still 4 days is hardly enough for me to catch up.

  7. Barbara S. says:

    Can you describe the Broccoli Salad? There is one that a couple of the delis in town sell and I have come up with my own version that is pretty close. I am just curious to know what this one is like; you know me, always wondering about the cooking thing.
    Have I ever mentioned that I was close to 20 years old before I had cornbread with sugar in it? It was a a restaurant and I was rather shocked when I took my first bite. I can handle it now, but still not cornbread in my book. Cornbread and corncake are two different things you know.

  8. LOL..your question caught me off-guard. Us poor West Coasters tend to think corn bread is well….cornbread! I don’t like mine too sweet, or too dry, but other than that I’m just a purist; keep your “extra” ingredients to yourself!

  9. kathy b says:

    Oh yeah baby…must have the GRIT in my cornbread and my cornmeal pancakes……
    bacon brownies/ Well I never….

  10. AlisonHyde says:

    Most recipes call for a cup cornmeal and a cup flour, 50/50 even. I like mine 75/25 or even 100/0 in favor of the corn, with a lot more butter than my Betty Crocker says, a little more crumbly but a lot less dry. And best of all, use blue cornmeal.

  11. Marjie says:

    I’ve never put actual corn in my cornbread, but I love it with a good proportion of cornmeal – at least 2/3. We wandered all the way to Gordonsville last fall, driving past where my beloved lived while in college, too bad you didn’t know about the great BBQ then, or we could have eaten there!

  12. Bubblesknits says:

    Mmm….sounds like the Knight and I like our cornbread the same. : ) I love a good bbq joint. Especially if they have good dessert to finish things off. (Remember…I’m all about satisfying the sweet tooth. lol)

  13. Kathy says:

    Sounds delish. The cornbread sounds yummy. I want the grit of the cornmeal with a tad of sweet then slathered in butter and honey.

  14. Mary says:

    Read this post to DH as we drove home from camping yesterday. He said he couldn’t imagine eating any cornbread except that which comes from a box. Didn’t like to think of actually eating a piece of corn in the bread. After smacking him in the head (gently, he was driving 65 mph and we were towing a 33 ft trailer), Just couldn’t believe he would rather eat ANTYTHING from a box especially something like cornbread.

    Now the Carolina BBQ…that he wants from scratch.

  15. Jessica says:

    I like my cornbread with peppers in it, and then covered in honey….a bit of hot and sweet! Jason makes them that way whenever he makes chili.

    Love Carolina BBQ sauce! Of all the places we have lived, and all the BBQ we have had, Carolina did it best :o)

  16. Barbara says:

    Love the whole corn in the cornbread, Chan. This place looks like a winner.

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