Picnic Game

Who doesn’t love a picnic?!  Louise at Months of Edible Celebrations is hosting the picnic game, which I must confess, I don’t recall playing as a child.   I do remember seeing other girls sitting in large circles, clapping and reciting and laughing, but I don’t remember participating.  I was probably playing soccer or lacrosse with the boys…

At any rate, what started as me being silly led to this post and our offering for the picnic.  I don’t have a go-to picnic recipe.  I’m known as the baker in my family and with my inlaws, but there’s no one thing I’m routinely asked to bring to our summer gatherings.  So, I joked with Louise that Sissy would want me to bring dog biscuits, and being a fan of my silly mutts, Louise jumped right on it!

Without further delay, here’s my first (to the best of my recollection!) attempt at the picnic game!

I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing:

A:  Apricot Cobbler from Mae

B: Banana Cream Pie from Marjie

C:  Cherries in a Jar from Barbara

D: DIVA Doggy Bites


Of course, when Sissy demands special treats, they must be CUSTOM creations, partly because she has food allergies, but mostly because she is a DIVA and it really is all about her more often than not in our little house in the woods.

Since I’m guessing many of you are visitors not well-versed in my special-needs dog’s world, she is highly allergic to corn and chicken, and corn starch is a popular dog treat ingredient.  She’s also sensitive to pork, beef and basically any animal flesh except rabbit. 

This is where I confess that life got in the way, so last night, I flew by the seat of my pants.  I’m delighted to report that what we created is perfect, according to the DIVA and the wee one.

DIVIA Doggy Bites

2 cups Bisquick

1 cup rolled oats

1/4 cup milk

1/2 cup cottage cheese

1 medium to large ripe banana

1/4 teaspoon peppermint extract

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.  Combine all ingredients in a food processor (or blender).  Mix until smooth.   Spread WET dough evenly on a greased jelly roll pan (I used a Pampered Chef large bar pan).  Bake 20 minutes.  Turn oven off, but leave pan in until the dough is as brown as you desire.

Cool 5 minutes in pan, on a cooling rack, then slice into whatever your dog(s) consider bite-sized pieces.  Remove to rack for continued cooling, then package in air-tight containers or freeze.

photoOf course, they’re DIVA approved.  I couldn’t use her title without her blessing.  And if you must know, they are BITES because the normally gentle gal did jam one tooth into my finger last night while I was trying to take photos, because she felt I was teasing her and she was trying to grab her yum and run!!

Yes, it’s an odd flavor pairing, but they are two of the fur-girls favorites, and they seem to find it an irresistible combination.  I held a treat in my mouth while I took more photos this morning, and it wasn’t vile.  Everything is human grade, so you could eat them if you desired.

photoGretchen likes them too, in case you were wondering.   Look for future versions with pumpkin and pear, peanut butter and more!

Do your dogs like “vegetarian” treats?  If so, what flavors?

Thanks Louise for inviting ALL of us to the picnic.  Gretchen is happy to share HER treats with any of the other dogs present. 

Do you have a go-to, often-requested picnic recipe?  Would you share it with me, even if you’re not playing the picnic game with us?

Oh – and do let us know if you and your dogs try the recipe.  Feedback is always appreciated!

20 comments on “Picnic Game

  1. AlisonHyde says:

    Wow. That would make it tough to be a dog. I have a plethora of squirrels if she ever wants to try that out.

  2. Mary says:

    Okay, I confess. I don’t love a picnic. Curmudgeon that I am…bugs, hot weather, humidity. Ick. Can you tell I live in the Mid-Atlantic? I do have a go-to recipe, but usually it for whatever potluck I am asked to attend.

    My Orzo Salad
    1-lb box Orzo (tiny pasta a little bigger than long-grain rice);
    finely chopped peppers (green, red, orange or yellow, depends on how colorful you want the salad);
    Finely chopped red onion (again, depends on how much onion you like);
    Box of feta cheese, crumbled (I like to use basil/tomato, but plain is fine);
    Salt, pepper, or add other seasonings to taste (chopped fresh basil is good);
    1 bottle, fat-free italian dressing

    Cook pasta, drain and cool. Add peppers, onions, feta to your specs and then pour in 3/4 bottle of dressing. Cool in fridge, or eat immediately. Travels well.
    If it will be in fridge for some time, poor the remainder of the bottle and stir again before serving.

    You can even add other small veggies, like grape tomatoes, chopped fresh carrots, etc, to add more color and variety of flavors.


  3. gMarie says:

    I don’t have a go to recipe. But I’m going to try Mary’s Orzo Salad and your dog treats, especially since they are ‘bar style’ – you know I’m baking challenged. Sorry the dear girl bit you – but really – you should have let go of the treat already!! B-) g

  4. gMarie says:

    Opps – my safety glasses didn’t stay together. g

  5. Barbara says:

    How adorable! And the girls look happy as clams that you made them!

  6. Marjie says:

    It’s wonderful that you’re participating! I have the letter B. Recipe to follow tomorrow! Shoulda been yesterday…sigh

  7. Kathy says:

    Fun post, fun recipe, and fun game (though I’ve never heard of or played Picnic before)!

    This link (http://kat65.blogspot.com/2009/12/dot-dog-cookies.html) has a link to some gingerbread cookies for dogs that were a big hit with my pup.

    I don’t have a specific picnic recipe for you. I took a canning and preserving class at Sur La Table the other day so my contribution to a picnic could be a jar of pickles from the batch I hope to make in the near future.

  8. Sue says:

    We’ll copy your recipe and give it a try next time we buy bananas. I was chatting with Dr B yesterday and he said that he recommends orange fruits and veggies because of the high beta carotene factor. He mentioned carrots, oranges, cantaloupe, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, etc. My dogs eat all the above.

  9. Kathy says:

    We must be on a picnic post ;). Well I’m signing up for the recipes cos Mr. B will try (and eat) anything ;). My girls are a bit more picky but good ole Mr. B loves it all ;).

  10. Nichole says:

    Oh what fun… and the diva doggy bites sound perfect! We’ll be reviewing some doggy ice treats soon that I believe will be Sissy-approved!
    You just reminded me… I need to figure out what I’m going to make for the family BBQ on Monday…

  11. Bubblesknits says:

    Mmm…that Orzo salad sounds delicious! As for me contributing a recipe…well…I’m the wrong half to talk to. Now, I’m sure Dr. Tooth could come up with several. ; )

  12. Well then…I’ve never heard of, nor obviously played The Picnic Game!
    I don’t oft get invited to picnics..but the one thing I get asked to make the most often is scones. Bet you’re sooo surprised! I’ve posted the recipe on the blog before, but will send it via email if you like.
    Also…glad the Diva and Lady GG got treats out of this!

  13. Blond Duck says:

    If the Babies behave, I’ll make these for the 4th!

  14. Jessica says:

    My go to recipe is my Italian pasta toss. it is delish! it was originally based on the Better Homes and garden (the plaid cookbook) recipe, but i have kicked it up quite a bit. That, and a summer vegetable gratin that is amazing, but takes hours to prepare, so i prefer not being asked to bring that one!

    My mom is always, always asked to bring one of her pies. She is famous in the family for them, especially her Lemon pie. It is out of this world. My mom taught me how to make pie, and she was taught by her mom. Both my mom’s and my Grandma’s voices echo in my head every single time i make a pie. Jason gets an apple pie for his birthday every year, and never leaves on a deployment without a few pieces of pie in his ruck.

  15. kathy b says:

    Diva posts rock. …

    My favorite is lemonade pie:

    PRemade GRAHAMcracker crust
    I can sweetened condensed milk
    I can frozen lemonade
    1 small bowl cool whip

    MIx the stuff and pour on the graham crust
    Freeze until very solid at least 24 hours.
    This is so deilsh and cool, but it has a fault” it melts very very fast.
    Cut and serve pronto!

    • chanknits says:

      I can’t reconcile sweetened condensed milk and lemonade. I’m going to have to make this just to satisfy my curiousity!! (I love key lime pie, so… it’s not a stretch… right?)


  16. Love these Diva Doggie Bites. Topper will be at the picnic. Be sure and stop by T is for Tequila Truffles, but not for dogs!!!!


  17. […] is for Apricot CobblerB is for Banana Cream Pie C is for Cherry Bars in a JarD is for Diva Doggie BitesE is for Emeril’s Strawberry LemonadeF is for Fingerling Potato Salad w/ Honey Thyme […]

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