Whistling in the Wind

Life’s be-bopping along, and I swear when Gretchen asks out at 4am, I have ideas for clever posts, but by the time I get a chance to compose something, my mind is busy with the 14 emails I need to answer but haven’t, customer angst (theirs… not mine AS a customer), etc.

Vera’s new fabrics come out on July 7th, which was Daddy’s birthday.  Gretchen and I are very optimistic that the pattern shown on the left will be as pleasing in person as the chocolate, PANK, pink and white are on all the screens we’ve viewed it on.  So far, nothing in the past year or so has tempted me to actually purchase myself any Vera. 

For your entertainment, I do have to rant about those knee socks.  I LOATHE knee socks.  I’m not built for them, for starters.  Even when I am slim and lean, my calves are short and strong, which is to say that knee socks are too long and they cut of the circulation at wherever the highest point ends up falling.

I also owe you a Project Spectrum, month of my historically favorite color (green) update, but alas, there’s more knitting to do on the truly green project and blocking too…  I do realize tomorrow is the last day of the month, and it is with both a heavy sigh and a lot of pride I accept that I’m not going to finish the main green project on time… unless I knit to the wire (midnight) tomorrow night.  I’m close, so VERY close, but see, I have a date tonight with two fur-girls who believe the universe conspired against them yesterday, what with storms from the very second I pulled in the drive until after dark…


Green project on July 8, 2009

Are you confused about the pride?  Oh.  See…  Main green project was started over two years ago, and I can’t understand why I put it down no fewer than two times.  The yarn is stunning.  The pattern is well-written and made for this yarn – not literally, but they are very well-met.  So, I’m delighted that this ancient project is going to see completion!  (And trust me…  yarn AND pattern are so much more than that tepid photo shows!)


Focus on the "pine" green in there!! It's in there!!

So, I’m looking ahead to July and the color blue.  Yeah, I cheated and knitted blue and green in June, because I was “homesick” for OBX (I’d be cute and say “seasick” but that’s got a separate connotation that is totally inaccurate…).  I can’t wait to block it and be able to wear it, but life keeps getting in the way.  If only I had a weekend with an extra day…

Oh!  Wait!  I do, don’t I? 


Same show, 2009

That also means more knitting time, because I probably won’t do fireworks this year.  See, they upset Gretchen Greer.  She’s smart enough to realize there are no guns going off in the sky, it’s not thunder and yet there’s lightning…  She isn’t to the “freak out” stage yet, and I learned quite by accident last month that microwave popcorn distracts her.

(Yeah.  We live on the edge of a resort that sets of fireworks for weddings, parties, and I think just because it’s been a few weeks since they last set some off…) 

So I seriously plan on popping bag after bag of popcorn Monday night.  I’m lucky that I have an in with the local fire company, so I’ll get a call when the fireworks professionals move into position, and the first bag will go in before the first “boom”.  Here’s the problem though… 

Wait.  There’s an atta’ girl in it for anyone who already knows the answer.  Be honest…


Sissy-ZsaZsa - No pictures and no popcorn!

That’s right.  Sissy-moo can’t eat popcorn.  So what pray tell shall I do with 27 bowls of microwave popcorn Monday night?  Have the firefighters come pick it all up before they return to the station? 

And seriously… how many bags will it take to outlast the fireworks show?  I don’t recall how long the show is, and since I usually pop the mini-bags, I don’t even know how long a regular bag would take in our microwave.  I should have bought a BIG BOX of it at Sam’s Club last night, huh?

Hmmm… somehow, I got distracted from pondering my July-blue knitting project.  I already have yarn and pattern waiting… and yes, you have to wait too.  It’s not July yet!

9 comments on “Whistling in the Wind

  1. Nichole says:

    Oh isn’t that funny that microwave popcorn distracts her… I might have to try that! As far as what to do with it all? Well, if you get the no-butter, no-salt, I hear it works well for packing material… 😉

    LOVE that Vera print – must go check it out… not that I need another bag……

  2. Marjie says:

    Wouldn’t turning on a recording of a symphony orchestra with booming drums and brass and whatnot lull Gretchen into quiet? Otherwise, you will have to deliver the popcorn to the Fire House!

  3. Barbara S. says:

    I have to admit, as soon as i read, “Popcorn” my brain was doing the, “Wait! What about poor Sissy and her nose?” I am still wondering how you are going to stave her off with all that yummy smell going on.
    I was making Kettle Puff Corn last night and thinking that maybe I can’t mail any to your house anymore.

  4. gMarie says:

    I seriously chuckled through the end of that post. I knew Sissy couldn’t eat it – I also know she loves it!! Yes, send some off with the firefighters. A large bag takes just under 5 minutes depending….

    Don’t open all of them and take them to work sharing with everyone you know for the next week until it’s so stale not even Sissy would eat it.

    And I think knee socks and short skirts just look trashy. I’m sorry – while the girl is cute and bag cuter, the outfit leaves a bit to desired. g

  5. Kathy says:

    I like that fabric bag and hope it suits you and GG.

    By the way, the wee yorkie terrier/maltese that resides here does not like fireworks or guns. She sits curled on my lap and just shakes so there will be no fireworks here either. Funny but Gypsy could care less about the popping sound of popcorn yet jumps at a loud bang.

    Popcorn: Mr. B and Gypsy Jo love popcorn. The sit in front of the microwave and wait while it pops.
    Suggestion: you could string the popcorn for Christmas. Store it in the freezer when finished ;).

  6. Barbara says:

    The project looks complete to me….not the blocking….but the rest. Went to look at the enlarged photo. It’s really pretty, Chan.

    What kind of VB bag is that? Looks like an over-sized hat box. I’m not familiar with it. As for knee socks, I’ve never worn them. Although I do wear knee hi hose with slacks. And yes, it often cuts off circulation. There seems to be a fine line between elastic able to hold up socks and yet not stop blood supply. 🙂 Bet they dither over it all the time. Nothing worse than saggy knee hi’s.

    Love popcorn too. Though I can see why the noise bothers GG.

  7. Susan says:

    You could start stringing it for the Christmas tree!! But then how do you keep the mice away until December……

  8. Blond Duck says:

    I was always a tights girl.

  9. Bubblesknits says:

    It figures the new colors are coming out right after I bought a new bag. Meh…that’s okay. I’m really enjoying my new purple/greenish one. Maybe when it gets nice and cold I’ll be ready for another one. 😉

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