Queen of the Woods

Happy dogs on thursday, little friday and thankful thursday!   I’ve actually altered my fireworks distraction plan from yesterday’s microwave popcorn fest, but you can read more about that on the girls’ blog.


This is my new favorite photo of the girls.   Sissy definitely is queen of our realm.   I’ve been wondering of late why our crazy, sometimes naughty girl seems to have more fans than our sweetie pie who makes Jack Russells everywhere look like model citizens, and Sissy explained it this morning by reminding me of one of my favorite quotes…

Well-behaved women seldom make history. 

– Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

No, I won’t pretend Sissy really uttered that quote, but I asked her why she was so popular and good little Gg didn’t seem to get as much press, and while we exchanged a glance, that quote popped in my head as plainly as though the words had come from Sissy’s slobber-wet mouth.

It’s true, but that’s also part of why I am so delighted with my ladylike terrier.  She’s no push-over.  She’s secure enough to stand proudly in Sissy’s shadow, and trust me, Gretchen has plenty of JRT pluck. 

Thankful Thursday is a little difficult for me today.   Cancer has been dancing through too many lives of late, and since they aren’t my stories to tell, that’s all I’m saying.  I’m thankful beyond measure for the “simple”, non-malignant diagnoses, but I’m also going to remind each of you to get those screening tests none of us like… mammograms and colonoscopies.  If you haven’t had either, no matter your age, mention them to your doctor on your next visit.  Depending on your family history, it might already be time…

It’s also the right time of year in my hemisphere to remind you to wear sunscreen even if you don’t burn easily, and to report any new moles, bumps or spots to your doctor.  Big ol’ floppy hats are in style this summer, so while I prefer a more structured wide-brimmed number, head to your local Target and snag some sun protection for the price of a light lunch. 


So, I am thankful that protecting my face, shoulders and new hair color are trendy this season.   See the highlights?

I’m also thankful that I have a diverse group of smart readers, so some of you will have some tips on how to care for my first hair color.  (Hint, hint?)  I did snag some color-protecting shampoo and conditioner, and my stylist told me to only use products noted as safe for color-treated hair.

What else?  I’m pretty sure this is a life-long commitment I’ve entered into with COLOR.  My dad’s mom died with jet-black hair, as I recall, and although she died when I was four, she’s been a powerful role model just the same.  (Hem.  No, I don’t intend to age “naturally”.  Even the rude beasty in the Wii Fit game thinks I’m much younger than I am, so I intend to run with it as long as I can.)

What are you thankful for today?

17 comments on “Queen of the Woods

  1. Mary says:

    Thankful a friend came through uterine cancer surgery okay on Tuesday. OTH, she still has to go through another surgery for skin cancer…hoping not melanoma. So you are right on about the sunscreen and hat.

  2. AlisonHyde says:

    I started dyeing my hair in my 30’s when someone asked me if I was the mother of the bride. Seven years later I got tired of it and quit.

    Uh yeah, and at Don’s wife’s memorial service one of her friends asked if I’d met her at the senior center? “I’m in my forties, actually,” I told the lady, so, no. (I only had about twelve hours left of being in my forties but I was determined to get every last minute out of them.)

    Enjoy that coloring!

  3. Barbara S. says:

    Well, this morning I was thankful for Hubband who cleaned my glasses for me when I whined about them being dirty. Oh and he brought me coffee in bed this morning. So pretty much I think it is summed up with “thankful Hubband is home.”

  4. Sue says:

    Wear a hat in the sun to keep those highlights from turning orange. Just another good reason to collect fun hats.

    We’re thankful for the good health of everyone in the household, human and canine and especially thankful that Samba may get her stitches out tomorrow ending the need for the killer cone. We all have bruises from it and it’s being held together with duct tape because of all the cracks she’s put in it.

  5. gMarie says:

    ::funny dogs::wet noses::good books::new friends::virtual friends::inexpensive nice yarn::creativity::weddings::sunny days::vegetable gardens::

    Oh Cancer – How I dread your name.

    and no tips from me – I’m heathen who doesn’t take care of her expensive color investments and says her Grand Dame of a dog looks like a baby seal! 🙂 Happy Little Friday indeed. g

  6. StarSpry says:

    That’s a great picture of the girls! And I love your highlights 🙂

    I need to get more sunscreen. The Target hats you linked to look so fun! I’ll have to check some out in person.

  7. Barbara says:

    I like the streaks, Chan. They look perfectly natural…although you probably didn’t think so at first. 🙂
    Nobody could have more color than I do…..I am dead white under all this. I’ve used two products recently…both expensive, I’m sorry to say. One is Framesi (which I get at my salon) but my favorite is Kerastase which I get via Amazon.

    Six month apts at the dermatologist are a must for me. And probably for most people.

  8. Mr. Puffy says:

    How funny!!! I love how Sissy’s foot is keeping Gretchen from invading her photo shoot – LOL She’s a queen and knows it 🙂

    Your hair looks wonderful!!!! I’ve been highlighting since my 20s. I see you’ve already got the color protection shampoos/conditioners. If you don’t have nice soft water then use bottled water and/or filtered water to wash your hair. I can just look at someone and tell you if they wash their hair in hard water.

  9. Marjie says:

    Remember my grandmother, whom I’ve quoted to you before: “A lady never goes gray. She goes blond.” That seems easier to maintain than jet black, at least to me. I think your highlights look good!

    As for the girls, Sissy’s the attention hound. But we all love little Gretchen, who’s so sweet and quiet, at least by comparison. Plus, with Sissy’s ailments of late, we’ve all been concerned, and she gets more ink. No matter, because they’re both adorable.

  10. kathy b says:

    You look so pretty! almost as pretty as Sissy….maybe with a tiara…

    Im thankful for our new kayaks
    the littlest kitten is thriving
    my dear veterinarian
    a cooling little shower that just passed overhead on a steamy porch eve

  11. Oh so pretty. I had my bout with the coloring thing a few years back but now I have been my natural color for a few years. I am much happier without the additional expense and time it took to get it done…but it was so pretty. Yours is very very lovely.

  12. Nichole says:

    I just got my cut & color yesterday… a little shorter than I had planned, but… LOVE my color! Grab yourself a bottle of Matrix Biolage Daily Leave In Tonic fo add to your color protecting products… just spritz a bit on after towel drying and either air dry or style hair as normal. Swear by it! There are tuns of great products for color treated hair too… some pricey, some not so – the Pantene conditioner for color treated hair is a great standby!

    As for the other part, I have 2 words – Cancer Sucks!

  13. Hmmm…I must be doing something wrong. My hair products aren’t specially for colored hair, nor has my stylist recommeneded such, and my color lasts darn well. Happy highlights to you!

  14. Bubblesknits says:

    Seems there are a lot of health problems cropping up lately for people I know. The man who was my surrogate grandfather is in the hospital and isn’t expected to make it and a childhood friend’s husband has had his second brain surgery for hemorrhaging this week. O.o

    Love the highlights! Other than using color safe shampoos and conditioners, I don’t have any advice on how to keep it maintained for longer. Give Sis & Gg some hugs for me. 🙂

  15. Kathy says:

    Cancer as well as so many other diseases suck!

    Well of course the Diva gets more attention. She’s an attention getter ;). Love the hat.

    Dye: I don’t use special products and yet it seems to last. I didn’t start coloring until I had surgery a few years ago. I actually spend more time pampering my skin than my hair. I like your highlights 🙂

  16. Anita says:

    Love the photo of the Girls! 🙂

    And I love the new highlights! Me? I just use temporary color & don’t worry about protecting it.

    Happy Birthday again!!!!!!!

  17. Louise says:

    LOVE that picture of the girls. I think they have modeling in their blood:) I hope they had fun at the picnic.

    I’m just plain thankful…

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