No, not really, but as I anticipated, our weekend plans didn’t pan out.  Friday night we had dinner with friends, but Saturday, we missed the Horton pig roast because the Knight didn’t feel well. 

I had hoped to get to the Vera store, but I didn’t really leave the house until I went to the funeral home last night.   Y’all are going to laugh at me after my great raving over Mocha Rouge, but I think I want the Carry It All Wristlet in Make Me Blush.  Those of you with Vera items know that each “color” looks different on every item, just based on size, trim, etc. 

The interior of the same wristlet in Mocha Rouge is DARK, and I can’t stand a dark interior on a wallet for some reason.   Besides, this one is on sale…

Interior in Make Me Blush

I still see something(s) Mocha Rouge coming home with me, but for now, I think that’s the one.

How was your weekend?  I did have dinner with a friend who was also at the funeral home the same time I was.   It was great to catch up!

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20 comments on “Hermit?

  1. gMarie says:

    That looks like a fabulous layout for a wallet. The print looks fabulous in that little style too.

    My weekend was very, very low key. 🙂 g

  2. Bonnie says:

    I love that wallet. I’m getting ready to order one and can’t decide which print I want. I’m leaning toward the red/black Deco Daisy or the Black/yellow baroque. I REALLY like plum petals but the other two are a little more neutral and would go with more things.

  3. kathy b says:

    Make my blush is beautiful. I can see the allure for sure.

    You know I had a great weekend OFF!!! yippee. Storms today. I finished the crocheted cowl this weekend. Started some little shorty socks…

  4. Kristin says:

    That’s a pretty pattern too!

  5. Mary says:

    Does it fit your smartphone? The one V wristlet I got a couple of years ago is too small to handle one. Not even my then-small phone, and yet it seems the dimensions are the same as the old one. Maybe I am just reading them incorrectly. Would be nice to find an all-in-one that isn’t too bulky.

    Spent the weekend buying water system replacements: new well tank, water softener and water heater. Now being installed by plumber guy. ‘Xspensive weekend.

  6. Nancy says:

    I bought this wallet a month ago. I like the interior because behind the card slots is an area for full-sized bills. My camera OR phone fit in the outside pocket, but it is a tight fit. I use this as my casino purse. Now, if I could only find some luck to help me fill the wallet.

  7. Sue says:

    I like that pattern, too. I need something larger for all the junk I lug around. With the dogs, I like something to cross the body and leave my hands free. The best thing though is to load up Rob’s pockets and not carry anything. That doesn’t work as well as it used to. He’s caught on.

  8. Marjie says:

    What a nice little wristlet. Hope your Knight’s feeling better.

  9. Mr. Puffy says:

    How I loved reading about your tea!!!! It sounds so enjoyable ~ and Rosanne must have been thrilled with the turnout and those were great prizes/gifts she gave out (typical of Rosanne, no?). My favorite tea excursion is going to the Biltmore in Montecito. Definitely posh and ~ they know how to “do” tea 🙂

    Great pictures of the 4th celebration – LOL

  10. Terrie says:

    That’s a really cute wristlet 🙂 I hope The Knight is feeling better!

  11. I agree…size matters in Vera patterns. Some things I would only buy in a small item, others only in a big item. Can’t wait to hear about the wristlet from an actual user…Home at last.

  12. Barbara says:

    Hope the Knight is feeling better, Chan!
    I think the design, pattern and colors on the wristlet are are super.

  13. Nichole says:

    I like that wristlet… fun and summery!

  14. I really like that! 🙂 That would be a great wallet for me.

  15. Caryn says:

    I’m so excited I found your blog!
    I love what I’ve read so far!
    Starting Thursday (*The 14th-16th) the Chimney Corner at Barracks road is supposed to be having a nice sidewalk sale including retired Vera patterns discounted!

    I plan to go because I too want the wristlet, because yesterday I found out it fits my blackberry perfectly!
    I’ve also been looking at the planner, but not sure I want to spend $18 on it!


  16. Julie says:

    That is a cute wristlet. I had an older version and loved it until it wore down and my phone would slide out. Now they put the strap across it, which is a good idea. I usually buy things only if I really need them, not to get them. So I will wait to think of which tote I could use the most in Mocha. Maybe Metro.

  17. Blond Duck says:

    Your addiction to bags cracks me up.

  18. Kathy says:

    Cute wristlet. Out of curiousity is it ok to ask how many bags you own? LOL

    • chanknits says:

      Ask away…. I have no idea. I give most of them away when they don’t work out. Seen anything you like? 😉


      Sent from my iPhone

  19. Bubblesknits says:

    I think I’ve got one of those wristlets. It’s a yellow and hot pink version….not sure the actual colorway name. 🙂

    We were at the funeral home tonight. My best friend’s grandfather passed away a couple days ago. /sigh/ He was a very sweet man and he and Nana were married for close to 60 years. Nana seems to be holding up, though. It just breaks my heart.

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