Virtual Shopping

One of the beauties of virtual – online – shopping is I find it harder to make impulse purchases.  By the time I have to click to order, click to check out, confirm or add my address, payment, etc., I lose interest sometimes.  I thought I’d share some of the things I’m having trouble resisting today.

The Road Dogs have a great feature they call artsy fartsy friday, and while I’ve yet to purchase anything, I nearly do just about every single week.  Today’s post sent me to ArtsyDog and seriously?!  This pillow NEEDS to be on my sofa.  Seriously.  I’ve added coral/orange as our accent color in our brown/tan/denim living room…

Y’all saw my dress lust earlier this week, but I really can’t let this Lilly P frock go.  Can’t I wear it three seasons, spring through early fall, huh, huh?  Now, as is, and in the spring and fall with cardies, shawls, etc.?  (If you can’t see, there’s a cute little ruffle on the front too.  The link above will take you to a nice, big picture you can zoom in on and everything.)

And these shoes…  I don’t really like “slides” but these actually are thongs.  Yeah, I have a coral problem this season… what of it?!  (Anyone own Tignanello shoes?  See, I’m sometimes a 6.5, sometimes a 7, and I never know with a new to me brand…)

Last, but HARDLY least is Penn.  


Mugsy and HIS ball

No, seriously… that’s NOT a photo of Mugsy.  It’s a darling little about one year old Jack Russell boy who needs a home ASAP.  He’s deaf, can’t be in a home with young children, and a few of you already know he’s been tugging at my heart since I learned of him.   He is TRULY a special needs dog, but if YOU need him, just click over and make it happen.  (And let me know so I can be jealous and relieved.)  I feel he should be with us, but so far, the Knight won’t do more than glance at the photo.  (I try to converse about him daily.  I have Penn’s page open on whatever computer I’m on, at home or work…)

I want to go to Christiansburg this weekend, but I’m not about to bring home another dog without the Knight’s blessing.  What’s on your agenda?

17 comments on “Virtual Shopping

  1. kathy b says:

    you must get the pillow, I LOVE The shoes and Penn is adorable. I already have a deaf cat…..and am hopelessly in love with Beatles the poor doer kitten of our litter…..
    Someone great will get Penn. Im sure of it. Let us know .

  2. gMarie says:

    It’s easier to get forgiveness than permission. You have been given lots of good suggestions and I believe if you were able to do a meet & greet – with the Knight would be ideal, but even without – you would know instantly how Penn would fit into your life.

    There is a dog howling outside – it’s not bugging my dogs – but my dogs get blamed for it. And I can guarantee you it’s not them. They are – all 3 – snoring soundly right now.

    As for the pillow and dress – order them already! Yes, Yes you can wear the dress 3 seasons and honestly – maybe 4 depending on how you style it. I could almost see it with a Turtle neck under it – the front left open a bit, tights and boots. Almost. I’d have to see it on to see if it really works. As you told me – it’s our job to boost the economy now since we’re able without being financially irresponsible 😉

    Oh – and I keep meaning to email you a link to a sewing blog – i know – about can you pull off the maxi dress. The answer is yes, however, it needs to be a slim, fitted dress that highlights your bust. I’ll send the link. g

  3. Mary says:

    Go for the dress. You will look great in it and a cute cardi will warm it up for a couple of extra seasons. Penn is a darling and I know he is tearing you up in his present situation. The only thing I can say as far as the Knight is concerned: well, “do unto others.: Meaning? How would you feel if he did something similar without talking it over with you first? Now the fact that he is stone-walling you on the subject isn’t great…but he is the Knight; communication on tough issues is not easy for him, I suspect. Keep us informed. Sending good thoughts Penn’s way…as well as to you.

  4. Yes dress and pillow!! This artsy object is a MUST for your home….I’m not touching the Mugsy look-alike with a ten foot pole…I’d like the Knight to like me if we ever meet….weekend? Hosting a family of 5 tomorrow night for an over-nighter…three girls!! Whatever will my boy-friendly house do?

  5. Karen says:

    I can think of no better place for Penn than with you and Mark. He will be just like Scott….love him to pieces!

  6. Amy says:

    I hope that the little guy finds a home! He’s adorable!

  7. Nichole says:

    Oh I think Penn is destined for the Woods….. and would make a wonderful fit in your pack! 😉

    Love those slides, but even more LOVE that pillow… yes, you MUST get it… and Penn…… 😉

  8. AlisonHyde says:

    6.5 EE. Birkenstocks for me.

  9. Sue says:

    Yes to both the pillow and the dress. I can’t believe you’re suddenly so into orange and coral. Good for you!

    I’d bet cash that if you could get the other half to meet Penn, he’d be coming home with you. That’s why he won’t look at him. These tough men with marshmallow insides. That’s how Morgan wound up here with us. Rob was still saying our dog limit was three, even when he was holding Morgan (number 4).

  10. Kathy says:

    I think you need that pillow. Seriously. Buy it. You probably need the pup too, but that’s a big commitment and unless your husband isn’t in agreement, well, maybe not.

  11. Marjie says:

    The pillow is adorable, and so is the dress. You really do need it. You have the shawls to make it work from March through October. How much more versatile can it be?

    As for Penn, well, he’s a doll, and I’m sure he’d enjoy the girls immensely. Your Knight might very well capitulate, if you can get him to sit down for a little while….

    As for my weekend, I’m wrapping a suit for a mouse….details on today’s post.

  12. Kristin says:

    Awwwwww, I hope that cutie finds a home stat!

  13. Bubblesknits says:

    Maybe if you could get him to express why he’s not engaging in any discussion on the matter??? Most of the time, I find out that Dr. Tooth is worried about something that really isn’t even an issue. However, sometimes, I find out that he has a valid concern. Try explaining to him that his refusing to engage in discussion is just causing frustration and hurt feelings on your part and that you would feel a lot better if the two of you could sit down and talk about the pros and cons.

    (Easier said than done, I know. lol)

  14. Terrie says:

    I love that pillow! The dress is really pretty, too. Looks very easy to dress up with a shawl or cardigan.

    Penn is adorable! And yes, Mugsy was the first thing I though when I saw the photo. I like Bubblesknits’ suggestion for talking to the Knight. I’m sure Oenn will find a great home soon…maybe even yours 🙂

  15. Sandy says:

    So….have you discussed it yet? The dog is adorable, but the entire family has to be on board before you add to it. Maybe you all just need to meet.

  16. Blond Duck says:

    Ben’s always worried I’m going to bring another dog home.

  17. Kathy says:

    That pillow is very cute.

    And so is that little mister. What an adorable little boy and you already know where I stand on this issue ;).

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