Just Another Manic Monday

I’m totally feeling The Bangles today.  The phone hasn’t stopped ringing, we’re short a service crew today, etc. 

What made me think of that blast from my past?  Well, bangles… of course!

Those fab BonBon Rose Girls are having a giveaway.  I’m not sure I can wait to see if I win; I think I need one NOW, and then I need to ask Alex and Ani to design a “charm” for me… but that part’s a secret.

I’m a bracelet fanatic.  I have … more charm bracelets than I care to admit, in every “format” I’ve ever seen for charm bracelets, in multiple metals.  However, while I’ve always admired bangles (and cuffs, but this post isn’t about them), me and my tiny wrists can’t wear ’em.  While I have a fairly large frame, for some reason, I have wee wrists and “youth” hands.  This I know, because when I was trying to pretend I was a golfer, I had to wear medium or medium-large youth gloves.  This adjustable design makes me swoon. 

Anyhoo, don’t blame me when you order a collection of your own.  Just tell me what charms you get, gold or silver (or some of each?)…

My weekend was good.   More good food and better company, but at places I’ve already raved about.  The Knight and all but four students survived the CRAZY Saturday night training fire with all the heat, so what’s not to love?

How was your weekend?

16 comments on “Just Another Manic Monday

  1. Kathy says:

    Love those Alex & Ani bracelets! I ran across their store when I was in Boston this spring. I got one with a St. Christopher charm. I have to wear it (and all bracelets) on my left wrist so they don’t interfere with moving my mouse.

  2. Kathy says:

    Love those bangles.
    Glad the Knight survived the heat.

  3. Nichole says:

    Oooh… going to check ’em out now because I too have a weakness for braceletes… probably silver though since most of my jewelry is in the white gold color now.

    And oh yea… I wish it were Sunday… cuz that’s my FUN day!

  4. Marjie says:

    It’s like 25 degrees cooler here today than Wednesday through Saturday were. Barely cracked 70 today. Woot! Pretty bracelets.

    And were there additions we need to hear about?

  5. Sue says:

    I love bracelets. I couldn’t wear them when I worked in an office. They got in the way and got caught on things. Once I didn’t have to go out to work I started collecting them and have lots. Now I have to be careful because the dogs try to grab them. I have tiny hands too, so bangles aren’t the best choice for me, though I have a few. Mostly I love charms and the movement and sound they make.

  6. Amy says:

    I’ve never been a fan of charm bracelets. Bangles and beaded ones, sure, but I’m not a fan of dangles on my wrists.

    We had a good weekend, trying to stay out of the heat! John canned, I sewed. It was good.

  7. gMarie says:

    Not nearly productive enough and I’m so tired of it honestly. but otherwise it was good.

    Love that bangle and the charms – I’m a silver girl. Can’t wait to hear about the secret charm. g

  8. kathy b says:

    Very cool bangles…love the link Chan!!!

    The workend was brutal. Eyelids felt like lead at 0400. Dont know how I got through it. Got trained on the way home for a full 10 minutes….Oh I how I hate a stinking train when my bed is a few blocks away…….
    Better after a good rest. Ahhh to sleep perchance to dream tonight at the normal hours!

  9. Kristyn says:

    I have baby wrists too. They are the only skinny part of my body 🙂

  10. Anita says:

    I’ve got little wrists too. Love that bracelet, great idea. 🙂

    Any new news?

  11. Mr. Puffy says:

    I enjoy bracelets and wear a variety but by far my favorite is a gold charm bracelet that my Mother has been adding to for years. She has bought me charms from her visits to England, Greece, and “finds” from local thrift shops. They have diamonds, sapphires and rubies and (to my eye) it now looks like something you would find in a pirates treasure chest!

  12. Not a fan of bangles! I have opposite problem that you do…I have huge hands…and usually cannot get a fixed ring over the hand and onto the wrist….sigh. Adjustable is a great idea. Love the Manic Monday (singing it now) theme. Hope your week’s weather is much better than previous week’s.

  13. AlisonHyde says:

    You are bringing back good memories here: my grandmother had a gold charm bracelet with a charm for each of her grandchildren with their name and birthday inscribed. She eventually had 29, and I don’t remember her hefting them around on her wrist in her older age–but I remember the bracelet. I think the charms got divided up between the mothers of her grandchildren when she passed.

  14. Barbara says:

    Those are adorable bracelets. The boat and starfish are standouts! My daughter has been collecting charms since she was a kid and had them all linked together for a necklace, but done so she could disconnect them and still wear various ones as bracelets.

  15. Blond Duck says:

    I had in-laws all weekend! It was a blast!

  16. Blond Duck says:

    My MIL is actually like a surrogate mom…

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