Parade-casual uniform - Station issued golf shirt and jeans

I love dress-dressing.  For more than a decade, I was a uniformed fire fighter.  I had no control over what I wore, beyond the freedom to wear navy or black socks.  Other than unintentionally eliminating navy from my personal wardrobe, I loved it. 

I truly find it stressful to figure out what I’m going to wear.  Skort?  Skirt?  Capris?  And then oh dear… what about a top?  Is a tee too casual for the day’s plans?  Is the right color clean?  Darn… only dark bras are clean, so no light tops…  (Seriously.  This is how it goes in our little cottage in the woods most mornings.)

But a dress?  Love it.  I just grab one, step in, pick a pair of shoes, shove earrings in and I’m done.  If I’m feeling jazzy, I can add accessories, but if not, at least I rather literally have the bases covered.

I know, it’s not always convenient to wear a dress.  Yesterday I had to play the mix and match game, because taking Sissy to the vet is like toting a shedding, slimy, LARGE toddler with you; she wants to be held, so I have to wear something not too light – or any dirty paw prints will show – and not too dark – or too much white hair will show. 

Oh – and speaking of the dogs, Sissy and I met our new vet yesterday.  You can read all about that here

My current favorite

But for the average day, a dress is carefree for me and gets me out the door with less stress.  (And yes, I *DO* change into workout wear at home.  If I’m not walking the dogs, I’ve found that those moisture-wicking fabrics wick slobber too…) 

No, I haven’t gotten caught on a fire scene in a dress yet, but that’s the advantage of being Mrs. Chief.  I can sit in the chiefmobile and knit and ignore the sooty, sloppy mess if I’m not appropriately attired.  I’m also not talking a fussy day dress either; I’m talking something with simple lines in a machine-washable fabric. 

My problem is, I’m in a blue rut.  Every single dress I’ve been drawn to in the last few weeks has been blue.  I already have a great, basic navy dress, the chambray above, and I need to broaden my horizons.  (I also have a white lace and a green cotton dress in my closet, if that helps?)  I’ve also missed the maxi bus.  I like the concept, but haven’t found one I love enough to buy.

Any suggestions?

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17 comments on “Dress-ease

  1. Blond Duck says:

    What about purple?

  2. Mary says:

    Hey I recognize those green trucks! And you mean to say you don’t have a pink dress…or a coral one?

  3. Barbara S. says:

    I just learned about this site and am thinking their stuff looks like easy care for slobber/hair/fur bearing animal owners; comfy looking too.
    How about teal? It is kind of like blue, but not quite. 😉

  4. AlisonHyde says:

    Enjoy the blue. It’s okay to adore one color the most for awhile. (Typed while wearing a blue skirt and blouse that I spent too much time agonizing over this morning–a friend’s coming over I haven’t seen in months, and you know how it goes.) Blue!

  5. Sue says:

    Ha ha, I’m familiar with one of those problems. Yesterday morning I got up and grabbed a white t-shirt, then realized I was heading for the vet’s office with a black dog. I quickly changed into a black shirt and avoided the haired look.

    Buy what appeals at the time. Your color will change eventually.

  6. Kathy says:

    There’s nothing wrong with blue!

    Agree, dresses are very easy this summer. I don’t have to coordinate anything with them but my shoes.

  7. Marjie says:

    Blue’s an in color this season. So, don’t sweat it. As for maxis, well, to quote one of my favorite feminine-appearance experts, “They make everyone look like a fireplug.” (You know the man well enough to hear him saying that, right?) And I don’t think Mrs. Chief should look like an actual fireplug.

    I love dresses, too. Just decide whether sleeveless, short or mid length sleeves are right, and away you go. I’m partial to medium colors, especially in the yellow or tan families, if I have to go somewhere with the slobber-bomber.

  8. gMarie says:

    There is nothing wrong with blue and you know all your accessories match! Plus – it’s a good neutral to base everything else around. I’m a fan of brown and grey – love prints, pick on that has your favorite color in it and go from there.

    I was going to say something else – but poof! they say the mind is the first thing to go…..


  9. gMarie says:

    Oh – I remember – I sent you a link for the perfect maxi dress and it was even on sale. I almost got escorted out of the mall getting that horrible cell phone pick I sent you even! g

  10. Amy says:

    One thing I have found is that I always surprise myself by trying on dresses in styles or colors that I didn’t think would work for me. Like the time I tried on a cute white dress at Wal-Mart (of all places!) I thought that I was too pale to wear that color, but I really surprised myself. So, who knows? Be bold, and you never know what will happen!

  11. Mr. Puffy says:

    I’ve missed the maxi boat too. Every one I’ve seen (in the shops) are made of T-shirt material – NOT a good dress material IMHO. I love the dress and it’s very fresh and pretty in the blue. With Fall coming maybe something in rust?

  12. Sue hansen says:

    Aaah! I can relate to this one! Loved it when I worked at hospital! Scrubs was the fashion and no decisions!! Now….. Stressful some days trying to figure out what to wear!

  13. Bubblesknits says:

    That’s what I like about getting to wear scrubs. It’s a uniform, but I can pick some really kickin’ prints to jazz it up. lol

    As for dresses, I’m a big skirt fan. I really like a-line skirts. Nothing butt-hugging. However, most of the time you’ll find me in shorts/jeans and a t-shirt. I’m lazy. lol

  14. Louise says:

    I can not tell you the last time I wore a dress. I know it must have been at least years!

    They say in the grand color scheme of things that if you crave the color blue, “you’re normal.” I’m going to have to dig out that color personality chart:) I’m not sure how true it is considering I just bought a pair of navy capris, I wasn’t feeling particularly “normal” that day.

    Thanks for sharing, Chan. I’m off to visit the girls:)

  15. Blue is nice. So many shades and options! I just ordered dresses, one in “raspberry” and one in “sage green” for the big event on the 20th. I’m not sure which one I will wear. Both are cotton.

    I’ve grown to love wearing dresses again after a hiatus of maybe 10 years or more!!!

    Problem is in the winter…hose are not my favorite accessory.

  16. Nichole says:

    With my new job and the new company having a dress code, I’ll be rethinking my work day wear soon… not sure about dresses, but I might have to start looking at skirts. We’re only supposed to wear SOLID COLOR tops however, which is very nerve wracking… the majority of my “work tops” are NOT solids.

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