Knit Next?

photoThe end is in sight for my pink project, so it’s time to ponder what will hop on the needles next.  I’m not sure the color is quite accurate… it’s one of those hues that looks so very different in different lighting, but since August is pink month in Project Spectrum, I’m calling this pink.  (This is a photo from VERY early into the project.  Just hold your horses and a finished object report will follow soon enough.)

September’s color is yellow, and that just isn’t likely to happen here.  I don’t have yellow in my stash, and while I’ve worn a bit of it this summer, it’s not my most flattering color and I’m not inclined to knit with it.  So, since purple didn’t make the list this time, I think since I’ve finished up with PANK, I’m going to grab some purple, you know… in Sissy’s honor.

DSCN2057This is a merino-silk blend, with just a touch of silk.  I’m thinking it wants to be this jumper, and two friends who knit and sew say that if I have it lined, then it should wear well.  I’ve never knitted a skirt, so part of me thinks I should try that first… what say you?  After my mojo problems earlier this year, part of me thinks I need to just let Mojo have what Mojo wants.

October 2010 009The other option is this great laceweight Waterfalls by Creatively Dyed.  There’s 1300 yds. there, so it could be one of the little cardigans I have in my favorites and queue on Ravelry. 

I’ll still have my purdy blue project to work on at the firehouse and in the car, and there’s still at least one more work in progress (or hibernating, depending on how you view these things) I want to finish up this year!

Are you knitting any big projects?  Have you knitted a skirt or dress?


15 comments on “Knit Next?

  1. SusanB-knits says:

    I’m not a big fan of yellow either but yellow socks are ok. Just sayin’

    I have not knit a skirt. Sounds like a big undertaking. My big project for the year is my cable sweater (which hasn’t seen light in two (or is it three?) months). In my defense, I’ve been working on a test knit shawl (and yes, that is another big undertaking).

    Speaking of purple, I’m starting yet another pair of purple socks, lol!

  2. gMarie says:

    I think you have to knit what moves you. I think the jumper is adorable and you would get far more wear than a knit skirt, but that’s just me.

    Can’t wait to see the big pink monster – I bet it’s lovely. And the little blue thing. g

  3. Nancy says:

    Yellow? I don’t think so.

    The jumper is cute and will look great in yarn you have selected.

    I have never knit a garment for myself — too much area to cover at the present time, maybe after I’ve shed some pounds. ;oD

  4. AlisonHyde says:

    I once knitted my mom a Kaffe Fassett sweater and then, on a knitting machine I briefly owned, made her a plain gray knit skirt to match. She’s worn the sweater forever since. The skirt, not so much; they tend not to hold their shape well unless you make it tight as a sock, and even then.

  5. Sue says:

    I knit several dresses when I was working. I don’t have pictures, but I do still have the patterns. I’ll see if I can locate them and show you. I don’t know that I’d start a dress now, I don’t think I have enough patience anymore.

    If you like it and you feel like knitting that much of a project, go for it. Why not?

    I don’t usually wear yellow either, but it’s green that’s missing from my stash.

  6. Kathy says:

    That’s a great-looking jumper. If you are feeling it, go for it!

    I guess I did my yellow project (Live Oak shawl) a month early, but I’m not a part of project spectrum so that’s ok.

    And yeah, attempting to do a Featherweight Cardigan as my last Camp Loopy project. Wish me luck. Might be impossible to do in a month!

  7. Mary says:

    My British upbringing got in the way of your jumper…meaning, in UK a jumper is a pullover sweater so I was surprised when I saw a jumper–US version. Go figure. I will say that I have never seen a knitted object (skirt, dress, etc) which must hold up to a lot of bum sitting rebound in the manner in which one would like. Just saying.

  8. Marjie says:

    Purple’s a good color for you. Let your mojo decide what you want, or else it might just quit on you. And I say that nearly finished object is pink – salmon pink!

  9. I have two big projects going and some medium ones, I have a sweater Ecuador which must be finished by sept 9th and the Camp Loopy 800 yd project the Dilosh shawl, I am also doing Reclamation by Stepahnie Japel, socks and monsters. I have never knitted a skirt although back in the day I owned a couple of sweater dresses.

  10. Carolyn says:

    I really like the jumper and the color you’ve chosen. I have never knit a skirt before. I have been working through 11 Shawls of 2011, I’m on my seventh shawl. I’ve done a few smaller projects but have been looking at cardigans. Very nice post.

  11. Ruth says:

    Thumbs up on the purple jumper! I think you can get through that big of a project if it’s what is of interest to you…Right now, I don’t have anything big OTN….but another baby blanket is coming, if not two more…

  12. Kathy says:

    Yellow is a color that is limited around here too. That purple is gorgeous.
    Can’t give any insight on a skirt although I’ve thought about knitting the Noro skirt for the youngest daughter.
    Big projects???? bwahahaha…5 afghans? I think they quality as BIG 😉

  13. Amy says:

    I think that we should venture to a yarn store in September in search of yellow yarn! I’ve been long overdue for a trip to Cville anyway. I’ll check my calender and see what is going on!

    Those purple yarns are beautiful!

  14. Bubblesknits says:

    I just started the Zoe Cardi and I’m really enjoying it. Knitting with Berroco Comfort DK in “True Red”. 🙂

  15. Nichole says:

    Those are some purdy purple skeins! I just got a hank of handyed/handspun thick ‘n thin wool in a beautiful eggplant shade that came from Dublin on the inlaws trip… now to figure out what to make!

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