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OBX - instant bliss

I’ve been quite taken with the word bliss since I think 7th or 9th grade.  (Bec?  You reading today?  You remember?)  See, I lived in another podunk town then, and we had the same English teacher both years.  He came from a well-heeled family in Texas, and his middle name was Bliss, and why he shared that with us is beyond me, but that kind of personal connection is what made me love poetry, specifically Tennyson, Frost and Langston Hughes.

Yes, I digress, or as a local, non-bloggy friend put it, “I love your stream of consciousness emails, but can you help me connect…”  Hem.  It’s who I am.  I don’t think he was the teacher that taught me that what I do is actually a style with a name… I think that came my senior year with that former nun, married to a former monk who really taught me more about me and writing than everyone else before or since combined.  (Again, why do I know that and perhaps more importantly, why do I remember these things so many – VERY MANY – years later?)

Now that we’ve digressed all over the place, this post isn’t about my ‘tween and teen English teachers, although that would be a great topic.  I could go on for DAYS about them.  I really wanted to tell you that in the midst of this crazy week with more meetings than one human should have to attend in a month, much less all in the span of 6 days, I had just about the most perfect evening.


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See, I think perhaps I moan and groan and gripe too much here, so you need to know that I do have a pretty cushy life.  I mean, The Help is on the big screen and while times have changed, being President Elect in the local Junior League was a choice, and it has far more rewards than tribulations.  Being married to a fire chief pales to having a husband deployed, at war.  (Not to get political on you, but we are at war and good men are dying.  Please don’t forget that.) 


What a girl wants...

No, I don’t have my dream job.  I’m not a vice president at a big bank wearing killer boss suits and high heels, nor am I hanging out at home writing and giving Sissy belly rubs on demand, with Gretchen in my lap to ward off writer’s block.  But still…  I have a very good life, and yesterday afternoon was the cherry on top.

(Yeah, those of you who know me best know I hate that cherry on top and when I don’t remember to ask them to hold the cherry, it’s going to get snatched off and deposited on a saucer somewhere…  but the metaphor is well-understood, so humor me!)

What did I do?  Well, when we walked to our vehicles, MJ and I both remarked on how perfect the weather was.  Sure, summer warm, but none of the sauna-like humidity we usually have about now, and the temperature was perhaps 10 degrees below what I normally expect in mid-August.  So, when I got home, I immediately changed into walking attire, harnessed up the pair and away we went for a good hour’s walk in our little slice of  rural America.


The sweetest melon...

We got home, cooled down, and then the Knight took me out to dinner.  The meal itself was barely passable, but the Knight shared his better entree with me, and then we went home and Gretchen and I went to the study to upload “our” proposed bylaws and policy changes for the League.  After that, the dogs did a swap…  Sissy dropped her melon head in my lap while Gretchen curled up on the Knight.  Not exciting, not even romantic, but just about perfect in my book.

Oh – and we made the girls new dog tags at PetsMart, because the information had rubbed off of Gretchen’s and Sissy’s was looking rather worse for wear too.  Perhaps the best part of the whole evening was when I was passing through – I did three loads of laundry on my blissful high – and saw the Knight looking at doggy medical alert tags for Sis.  We fully intend to keep her safe and secure at all times, but stuff happens, and we want her back ASAP if it happens again.

What does bliss look like for you?


14 comments on “Bit of Bliss

  1. kathy b says:

    not so different for me Channon! I love a night at home on the porch. with storms coming. though.

    I love guacamole and chips and wine for dinner….

    The cats around me and Fireman and my kids lazing around

  2. SusanB-knits says:

    Beautiful post!
    Bliss… a state of happiness… I think I’m in that state most days 🙂
    Yep, knitting makes me happy so therefore knitting is bliss!!

  3. Karen says:

    Early morning or dusk, sitting on an oceanfront dune deck somewhere on the Outer Banks. Feet up on the railing, light Southwest breeze blowing and a good cup of coffee in hand in the morning or a good cocktail at dusk. Scott and the canine crew to keep me company. Now that’s the best!!!! I could live out my days just like that…

  4. AlisonHyde says:

    Beautiful! Gratitude and contentment: we should all choose to feel so lucky.

    I’ve been trying, via the FB page of my high school, to remember the name of the English teacher I had for one semester, who was only there for one year, who taught me just about everything I ever truly learned about writing well. I want to be able to thank her.

  5. Blond Duck says:

    The Queen and Bear don’t wear collars…I’m thinking about having them microchipped.

  6. Mary says:

    Well, Ms. “Faulkner,” that was some post. I am still trying to wrap my head around it.:)

    Best English teacher: Mrs Purcell, Jr Year. Tough. Demanding. Brilliant. And, q1uite by accident, I saw her at a church service some 30 years after graduation. Walked up to her, introduced myself and told her she was The Best Teacher, Ever. She was bowled over. That was a blissful moment.

  7. Mary says:

    See previous post: quite. I do know how to spell quite, just can’t type.

  8. Sue says:

    After dogs are fed, we all troop up to the living room. Rob picks up a Kindle to either read or play a game, I stretch out in front of the TV with either my knitting or cross stitch in my lap. Morgan is curled next to Rob, Samba is next to me and all the others are stretched out, usually on their backs with legs in the air. Everyone remains that way till it’s yogurt time.

    Morgan used to wear a Medic Alert tag, but it didn’t wear well. Now she has a deeply engraved, not stamped ID tag, with her medical info on the back. It says Sulfa Allergy contact my vet and gives his phone number.

  9. Kathy says:

    Lovely post 🙂 and I love that melon pic ;).

    Bliss for me….hmmmm…a snowy winter evening of the hubby and I relaxing in the living room. Dogs asleep in various place, cats resting (getting prepared for their nightly romp). Me knitting/reading and the husband either on the computer or snoring ;). That’s bliss to me.

  10. Marjie says:

    It’s a lot like your bliss. No drama, no great excitement, just the people I love wandering around my house with my giant canine companion. Everyone else can keep their tours of Europe or wherever. Oh, and I hate cherries, too. But they’re great for a metaphor.

  11. gMarie says:

    Your evening sounds just about perfect. I agree – it doesn’t get much better than that.

    I’m considering getting new ID tags for the dogs to put on a clippy – one for each dog containing rabies, ID and licenses – just in case. They can hang with their walking collars.

    figured out I was the bone-head with my lace. Couldn’t see the symbol to read it right. UGH. g

  12. Nancy says:

    Bliss is. . .

    driving on the open road without anyone lagging in front of me and no one pushing me from behind.

    a day without any obligations – a day to stay home, in my PJs if I wish.

    finding a great book and having the time to just sit down and read it without stopping.

  13. Biss is…different at different moments. I look forward to our trip to the coast next weekend (finally!) but bliss can be found at home, too, with dogs and hubs and kids and knitting, or…not! Bliss is peace of mind, which is a rather precious commodity, however you achieve it!

  14. Bubblesknits says:

    Yup. That would be my definition of bliss as well. Curled up with the hubster and hanging out at home. : )

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