Summer bags wrap-up

As is so often the case, I’ve tried out quite a few bags in the last few months.  Now that I’ve lived with them for a while, I thought I’d report back.


(Not my pattern, but pretty!)

The Spartina won the “constant companion” spot.  Whoda’ thunkit’?!  It’s the smallest of the batch, and yet, it perfectly holds my trusty iPhone, lip stuff, all the shouldn’t be without ’em cards, cash and a few coins, with room left over to stow my car fob when necessary.

I had to make one lifestyle modification for this to work, and the Knight gets a HUGE assist.  We switched from carrying all those key cards for all those stores to an iPhone app called Key Ring.  I’m sure it annoys some cashiers, because sometimes the bar codes scan, and sometimes, they have to key in my number manually.  Sorry, but I suppose the same could happen with their corporate-issued cards, right?

July 2011 001Winner of the tried & true category is the Seacoast Baby tote.  Sadly, it’s very summery, so it’s been retired already and I haven’t found its perfect replacement yet.  I could have another made by the same crafter, but honestly, I haven’t had time to track her down and see if that really is an option.

Not a single modification was required for this successful union.  It happily stored my Spartina wristlet and the larger runner up below, along with my sunglasses, Sissy’s emergency kit, and a few other odds and ends!

Mine is tan...

First runner up is definitely the Tignanello wallet.  It would have been a bulky winner if I hadn’t been given the Spartina, which did the same thing, only in a wristlet rather than as a very awkward crossbody. 

I love the pebble leather, but my iPhone didn’t fit into that pocket you see without a fight, and the snap wouldn’t always stay snapped.  The big drawback was that it is really an accordian style wallet in a zip-around suit, with a really ugly, stiff, unadjustable but removable long strap.  However, if you always need a checkbook with you, I still heartily recommend this item…

I sincerely thank Ruth, Grace, Nichole and gMarie for their thoughtful gifts.   I am no longer a big bag lady, and my back thanks you for that!

Of course, I want to know what you’re carrying for fall too…

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8 comments on “Summer bags wrap-up

  1. Sue says:

    Since it still feels like summer here, I haven’t made any changes, but I hope this weekend to size up the bag stash and pick out something to change into. I’m trying to list the activities I’ll be getting into and what bag will do the best job. I think I should train the dogs to wear a backpack and carry their own supplies. That would give me ore options.

  2. Marjie says:

    Well, I’m glad you solved your bag issues for one season. Having conquered that demon once, I know you can do it again!

  3. It’s definately still summer here!! (upeer 90’s all week) so I cannot even begin to think of other bags yet.

  4. gMarie says:

    Love the little replay – are you getting another little wristlett wallet? And I sent you a link to the new bag I just bought, I can’t wait for it to show up. g

  5. Barbara says:

    I’m about to change bags…summer to winter. I’m not buying any new ones this year. I’m not too hard on my bags and for once, I’m glad I bought quality because they really last! An extravagance at first, but well worth it. It’s been years since I bought a new bag.

  6. Bubblesknits says:

    I’ve just about given up on finding a small phone-wallet that will hold my phone in it’s otter box case. When it’s necessary, I take it off and slip my phone down the pocket of my Vera version of those and hope to heck I don’t drop it. lol

  7. […] am re-thinking my wallet strategy.  I’m very fond of my Tignanello wallet, but it’s not really a wallet on a string, nor is it a functional crossbody.   The BB […]

  8. […] bigger than what I really need, so I am pondering a switch back to one of my little wristlets.  (Link to post that features both the Tig wallet and […]

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