MJ is big on pressies, also known as sweet little souveniers.  Why yes, I am rather spoiled!

September 2011 010

That’s the new Vera wristlet in Rhythm & Blues.  My iPhone does fit, as you can see.   I do like that I can actually clip that strap AROUND things – like in a grocery cart, into a larger tote, etc. – because that’s one thing I don’t love about the Spartina wristlet; the leather loop is fixed, and while it can be removed, that’s about it!  After I’ve used this wristlet for a while, I’ll compare and contrast and let you know which one wins the long-term use prize.

September 2011 009I love this little hillbilly hound MJ brought back for the Knight.  I’m quite sure this is the kind of boy Sissy would bring home if she had such options…

Why yes, he does have his foot on a jug.  Given where they were vacationing, my guess is that it’s either moonshine or whiskey.  Hem.  Leave it Sissy, LEAVE IT!  

Do you snag little pressies for the folks back home when you travel?  I try to…  I’ll share the girls’ gifts from Baltimore tomorrow.  The Knight?  Well, I copped out there.  The host League generally does a welcome “swag bag”, and this one included a pecan nougut roll.  Since neither the president nor I care for such…  hem.  The Knight was happy enough, and since AJLI doesn’t have hubby gifts in their boutique, what’s a girl to do!?



15 comments on “Pressies

  1. gMarie says:

    Very cute little gifties indeed. And knowing my boy as I do – I would say it doesn’t matter which it is – a hound doggie would lap it up! Can’t wait to hear the review on the R&B wristlet. Enjoy. g

  2. Katherine says:

    I like the pattern on the wristlet and the hound dog is so cute. Great gifties! I think a pecan nougat roll is a perfect hubby gift.

  3. Susan says:

    Nice presents!!!

    What is the inside of the wristlet like???

  4. AlisonH says:

    Californians don’t know from pecan nougat rolls. Pecan pralines? What are those?

    *dash of homesickness*

    • chanknits says:


      I’ll have to look up the brand for you. We also got… Pom-something olive oil, two packs of those new McCormick spice packages that are basically recipe cards with the spices and whatever else included, and … granola from a very mom ‘n pop looking company.

      No Old Bay. I was shocked.


  5. Marjie says:

    Cute wristlet, and cute little doggie, too. I’m sure the Knight loved his pecan roll. Men are so easy.

  6. Sue says:

    I love both giving and getting little presents and the ones for no particular reason are the very best.

    We’re waiting for the review on the wristlet.

  7. Mr. Puffy says:

    Awww. Sissy would like a country boyfriend ~ tell her me too :)))) Love to listen to country music and you can’t complain about the muscles either – LOL I tend to only buy souvenir gifts if I’ve gone overseas. Otherwise I just keep my parents supplied with the coffees and teas they like from San Clemente 🙂

  8. Barbara S. says:

    Given that I just bought some Lime-Coconut Salt for my brother, guess the answer is “Yes.” Walked by this spice and tea shop on our way back from dinner, so of course I had to stop in. Turns out Hubband has us in Old Town.

  9. love the new vera prints, as for souveniers used to but not any more, but i might pick up something and keep it for future gift giving occasions!

  10. lauriec says:

    Love your wristlet! I use one on long drives so I don’t have to lug my big purse with me.

  11. I always buy something for someone…I can’t seem to help myself. I’ve lived out here in the wild west my whole life….and I DO know what a pecan Nougat roll is! Does that me weird?

  12. Carol says:

    Very nice gifts! I wouldn’t mind having either of these. I especially love the little phone carrier.Great idea! I hope you are having a good week. Thanks for sharing :>)

  13. I brought back chocolate for my mama and earrings for my sis from Costa Rica. I love giving souvenirs!

  14. kathy b says:

    I DO snag prezzies on trips..always. My dad used to bring us the SOAP from the hotel…
    now I think that was so cheesy. BUt we LOVED it.

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