Keep on Walkin’…

October 2010 028

Last year

… the lights are off and there’s no candy to be had here.

If it was Christmas, you could call us Scrooges.  What do you call the folks who don’t do Halloween?   It’s not totally a lack of spirit…  we live in the woods, far enough off the road that we just don’t get costumed visitors.  (More of the why explained here.)  

October 2010 019

More 2010 looks

Do you dress up?  I know some workplaces even have contests and such, but I’ve never been one of those people wired to conceive awesome costume ideas, even if we assumed I had the talents to pull together whatever my mind could come up with.

We did have a low-keyed weekend.  No snow fell at our house, but all around us there were dustings and more.  I got lots of knitting accomplished, and I’m hoping to FINALLY get some finished object shots later this week!

How was your weekend?

Camel, caramel…

Larry Levine camel hair coat from Overstock

… toffee, tan…

It’s cold and damp here in the woods, with the earliest snow of my recollection headed this way any moment.  My thoughts have turned to … all things warm.

I think maybe it all goes back to the camel-hair coat my father had.  As a small child, it was the ultimate symbol of warmth.  It was also connected to the camel on his brand of cigarettes… Tobacco.  There’s another beautiful brown, right?

Or maybe it was his love for butterscotch, heath, toffee and caramel…

Anyway, for whatever reason, I’ve always been drawn to those honeyed hues by whatever name you call them and I’ve been snatching them up left and right.

Food?  gMarie gifted me my first salted caramels and they’ve been a passion ever since.  Ghirardelli’s Dark & Sea Salt Caramel Squares are now a staple in our house.   They’re the perfect size to soothe a craving without killing a waistline!

Have you tried the Starbucks Salted Caramel Mocha?  I want to, but there are two problems…  I fear it will be too sweet and I can’t get past the pumpkin latte!

I’m not the only one thinking camel-caramel-whatever thoughts.  College Candy has a really great post about some under $20 finds to feed the need.  I’ve also already added a cardigan and cords, and I’m pretty sure I’m not done yet… but I keep getting distracted by leopard prints (not all animal prints… just leopard) and RED.  I wore all three today – that cardi I linked to above, a red turtleneck and belted ’em with a skinny faux leopard belt – but you’ll have to imagine it because I’m now home, have had a 2-mile very brisk walk with the girls and not even for you will there be a photo.

What do you do when the weather outside is frightful?  You know… until World Series Game #7 starts?

Shutterfly Cards & More

Happy Thorsday, little friday, thankful thursday and more!   Please don’t miss the contest on the girls’ blog, or their very quick and even easier muffin recipe

Many of you know I’m a fan of photo cards.  I love to send them and receive them.  Most of my cards have come from Shutterfly.  It is truly my pleasure to share my very positive experiences with you in return for 25 free photo cards.  

photo.JPGMy all-time favorite Shutterfly project/product is the photo mug I made of the girls last year.   It’s a little bittersweet because that is a two-eyed Sis, but it’s PANK and Gretchen is also featured.   I actually ordered a few extra earlier this year… just in case.  MJ got one for Mother’s Day, and if by any odd chance you need your own fur-girl mug, say so in the comments and we’ll work something out. photo.JPG

I also did special Valentines, which both of our vets still have up on their bulletin boards, thanking select people for their support during what was perhaps the most difficult period of our lives to date.   Shutterfly… it isn’t just for Christmas cards!

Of course, I *HAVE* ordered holiday cards from them too.   I like a matte finish for some reason…  What do you prefer? 

November 2010 013

Last year... I'm dreaming of a photo for the card without brown, dead leaves in the background!

In the end, it usually comes down to what card template works best with the photos I want to use.  Since I want a portrait done… hem.  Yeah.  Not yet!!


Grumpy girl blooper 2008

Thankful Thursday?  Well, I’m thankful for businesses like Shutterfly, with quality products, fast turn-around, and honestly… those free cards.  Hem.  (But it works!  I wouldn’t have blogged about where I do most of my online photo cards otherwise…  Good marketing, Shutterfly!)

And yes…  I guess I’m beginning to think about Christmas.  I’ve ordered a gift or two, and I suppose I need to call and arrange for photos to be taken ASAP…  I’m even doing some Christmas knitting – you know, that red mohair cardigan I want to have done to wear for the holidays?

Are you starting to think holiday thoughts?  What kinds of business and/or services are you thankful for as you start planning for the holidays?

A Pumpkin a Day…


Gretchen's first Halloween

It’s pumpkin day!   (And another good excuse to enter Louise‘s contest, but that post from our house will be going up later, when Sissy and Gretchen can help…)

We love all things pumpkin at our house.  So far today, I’ve had pumpkin spice coffee with a  pumpkin whoopie for breakfast (whoopie courtesy of Best Thing, the Knight’s assistant’s wife), and a bite of unremarkable pumpkin bread from some country store somewhere in the Knight’s travels, which I was promptly told was NOT for me, but for me to take home for Sissy.  Hem.  Can you say Daddy’s girl?!  Yes, yes, we’ll share with Gretchen too.

DSCN2103There are no photos of all the pumpkin foods and beverages we enjoy, but luckily, Gretchen was a pumpkin her first Halloween… 

(Well there are photos for the recipe, but they’re stuck in the camera at home.  Hence, that post coming later…)

Do you prefer sweet pumpkin recipes or savory?  I love both… and if you share a recipe, don’t forget to enter Louise’s contest too!

I still do…

September 2010 005

Chief Knight

Fourteen years ago tonight, I married my best friend.  The poor guy doesn’t get much press here, but he’s our ever-present rock, the doggy Dadaw and much more. 

My trip through Flickr makes me all the more determined to get new “family” photos done.  We haven’t had one done since our engagement photos, and we were engaged over a year…  Hem. 

The fur-girls wish to thank everyone for their good wishes.  We had a grand birthday celebration last night, complete with pumpkin muffins and milk – two of Sissy’s favorite things, but I’ll share more about that later. 

Time for some brainstorming.  What does cabaret themed attire say to you?  It’s not too soon to be thinking about what I’ll wear to Vintage Vegas Casino Night in February…

Oh – and happy birthday to Mr. gMarie and to King Tut!

Queen of our Hearts

Okay, so both fur-girls hold that title, but today’s all about Missy Sissy, Princess of Moo, Haddon Wood’s Princess of Joy, Mango Minster’s Best of Show, winner of the Shameless Doggy Diva category, and so much more. 

March 2011 020

The most darling girl is four today.  Ironically, today also marks 10 months since she lost vision in her left eye due to glaucoma.  Yes, on Christmas Eve.  I’ll never feel quite the same about that day… but today is a celebration!  Please pop over to the fur-girls’ blog and enter the contest.   We intentionally didn’t announce prizes because we want everyone to participate… so we promise we’ll dream up something good when the winner(s) is/are selected.


October 2010

It’s been one heck of a year with the Queen.   One year ago, we were battling eye allergies, but otherwise, she was great, and she still had that beautiful left eye.

December 2010 010

December 26th

Then came Christmas Eve and the roughest January on record.  I hate that photo, but it’s terribly important that you see it.  That’s what glaucoma looks like, and yes, that’s pain and suffering on her sweet face.  (I couldn’t bring myself to edit it, so enjoy the snowy steps, okay?)  We were bolstered by the best vets in the world, and continue to be grateful for their compassion, wisdom and whole-pack care, and held together by you, our friends and relations.


I’m pretty sure both girls got their Mango Minster wins on sympathy votes, but even I am shameless and proud.  It was the beginning of our heeling  healing, and again, we are grateful for each and every one of you who voted, made a spouse or co-worker vote, etc., and for the judges, who are shameless dogs and divas in their own rights.

Since then, our luck has indeed turned, with the noted exception of losing Wondervet to her home state and her hubby’s dream job.  But she’s not really gone… she just isn’t here to put her hands on Sissy anymore.  That’s the kind of impact this dog has on lives… she just wins people over everywhere we go.

March 2011 032

We love you, goofy, sweet girl.  It is truly an honor to be your caretakers, to tuck you in each night, to give bellyrubs on demand, to tend to your walking needs, to watch you mother the Wee One…  Happy birthday baby, and may there be many, MANY more.

Basically Finished Report

Okay.  I give up.  We’ll likely have a frost the next night or two, so clearly it’s nearly past time to blog my “summer cotton shawl”.  I was waiting to block it, but I’m also already a couple of FO reports behind… 

For those of you who aren’t lace knitters, the fact that it’s cotton means there will be no drastic changes.  Cotton doesn’t lend itself to the wonders of blocking… honestly, I sometimes use a steam iron to “block” cotton projects.

Anyway, I present Quake-icane… thus named because it was a work in progress for an earthquake, lots of aftershocks and a hurricane!

August 2011 003

Pattern:  Miami Beach Shawl, from Cascade.  It was the first of Dog House Yarns’ KALs.  Most of the KAL-ers are part of their knit night, but I’m doing what I can “remotely”. 

It’s a nice, quick, easy pattern.   Per the pattern’s suggestion, I used Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off.

Yarn:  Cascade’s Ultra Pima.  Wow.  Soft stuff.  Didn’t make my hands hurt, and hasn’t gotten fuzzy either…  not that it would get too fuzzy being moved from one spot to another on the back of the loveseat.  Hem.

Needles:  US #7 circulars, Addi Clicks.

Verdict:  Some of the ladies have made multiples of this shawl.  If I was a fan of weighty, cotton wraps, I could see that happening. 

Anything fun on your weekend agenda?   Celebration week begins for me tomorrow, with gMarie‘s birthday…  but I’ll share more about all the other celebrations later!