Happy Thorsday, little friday and thankful thursday!  If you frequent Facebook, you’ve likely seen the grassroots campaign to give thanks daily this month.  I’m not participating there – because I cannot add another to-do to my list – but I think it’s fabulous.  If you show up here on Thorsdays, you know that I try to cultivate a culture of thankfulness.

November 2011 003

Post Howl-o-ween blooper

Evidently, my fur-girls are thankful for the lack of costumes this year.  Sigh.   I guess parents of two-leggers go through the same rites of passage when they don’t want to dress up anymore, huh?

Momentum, the power of positive thinking, whatever you want to call it, worked yesterday.  Once the train left crankville and headed to happytown, it really picked up speed.  I got home and the Knight took pictures (tomorrow!), even if he has no future as a fashion photographer.  Then, I had a stack of packages, including some leopard pumps I’d been craving for weeks, a potential dream bag – so much so I’m pondering ordering it in another color too – and a special care package from gMarie.  No photos of that either, because I had a full evening ahead, what with dog walking duties, a meeting and playing meals on wheels for the duty crew.  Don’t rush to nominate me for any awards;  Chief Knight was running with his best pal/Asst. Chief and our nephew was hanging out.  It’s not like I drove 30 miles into nowheresville to deliver hot coffee and burgers to those at a fire!

Madden Girl @ 6pm

So, I’m thankful for all the people (and dogs) in my life who make me smile.   I’m thankful for cushy, comfy shoes that look good and feel good (at least while prancing around the house in between dog walking and going back out to a meeting), and no thankful post would be complete without mentioning how much we’re looking forward to beach time!

Do you celebrate Thanksgiving beyond the single day?


17 comments on “Thank-on….

  1. Kari says:

    heels …swoon I love heels 🙂 I just ordered some cowgirl boots and I am on pins and needles waiting for them. Shoes make me happy 🙂

  2. Barbara says:

    I only splurged on one pair of shoes this fall. Good for me. And have already worn them 4 times! Black, with a little heel. Not too dressy….just right with slacks.
    Thanksgiving is a one day event when kids aren’t here. Wish Tracy was coming down. 😦

  3. gMarie says:

    I do adore those shoes, how I wish JB wouldn’t hang me if I bought more shoes…..

    I try to find something to be thankful every day. This morning I noticed the cloudy in Beau’s eye getting better and verbally beat myself for forgetting to buy blueberries, then I decided it was better to be thankful that he can still see and is alive. 🙂 So glad your package was quick!

    Today is another Lola day – let’s see if I actually get work done. g

  4. Karen says:

    Love the shoes. I wear leopard prints as well but not heels. Love my flats and my Danskos however. I also just bought a set of Heyes, Leopard hardside luggage. Hope it gets here before I leave for Orlando next week. Glad you all are headed to the beach. I’m jealous. When are you going?

  5. Amy says:

    Fantastic shoes! I’m not one for animal print clothing, but shoes? Oh yes, please!

  6. Sue says:

    Sound like the bad day turned around quite nicely.

    I have a pair of leopard print shoes around here somewhere. I must find those.

    I have much to be thankful for and try to keep that in mind when things start to annoy me. Taking a walk usually helps me adjust my mood and I have lots of volunteers to walk with.

  7. Thanksgiving is a one day holiday here, and then there is Leftover day which would not be possible without Thanksgiving. :O)

  8. Carol says:

    It sounds like you have been pretty busy. I have been here too. The picture is adorable! I keep a list of things I’m thankful for all year long. I especially like the month of November when we seem to bring more attention to it. I didn’t know they had a facebook page related to it. How wonderful is that! I’m thankful to have gotten to know you through this blog world of ours :>)

  9. Marjie says:

    I’m thankful for everything in my life. I almost sound like Pollyanna, being so cheerful and all. Not that I’m not plenty cranky, but that life is very good to me.

    And I’m thankful for good friends like you and G, which wouldn’t have been possible without the blogosphere.

  10. AlisonH says:

    Every single day is a day of wonder that I get to be alive for this one too. Much gratitude. And my hawk flew right by my window again yesterday!

  11. Kathy says:

    Really cute shoes!

  12. Bubblesknits says:

    Really great shoes. 🙂 I’m thankful for a loving husband who “gets it”, even though sometimes it takes a while. Friends that are patient with me when I’m running around like a crazed maniac. And two absolutely awesome children. I think I’m about ready to leave crankyville.

  13. Terrie says:

    I’m glad your day got better yesterday! I love getting packages in the mail and those pumps are great 🙂 Yay for beach plans! When are you going?

  14. We do try to make a whole season of giving thanks around here. Some days it’s easier than other! Your shoes look like fun, and care packs are always a good thing. Thankful these days for SKype, Facebook, email, etc which lets me keep in touch with my far-flung off-spring.

  15. Blond Duck says:

    All month long. It’s my favorite foods!

  16. Katherine says:

    Oh how I love those shoes!! I worked for many years in retail operations and “walked the floor” in four inch heels more than I care to remember. The result is retail feet that no longer can wear heels. But I’m constantly amazed by, and thankful for, the cute flats I find in a world of heavenly shoes!

  17. Nichole says:

    LOVE those shoes… and I’m drying to see the potentially perfect bag!

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