Doglight Savings Time

Happy Thorsday, dogs on Thursday, little friday and thankful thursday.  Gretchen has her own little post up today too. 

Is anyone else struggling with this blasted time change?  The fur-girls actually adjusted just fine, but not even a week into it, we’re running short on daylight for our walks on weekdays.  By 5:30 local time, it is DARK in the woods.  We’d love to hear walking in the dark tips from any of you who do it regularly.  Keep in mind we have no sidewalks, no streetlights, and some of our neighbors seem to think the 25 mph speed limit is optional. 

January 2011 007The girls got blaze-orange reflective wear for Christmas last year.  (Thanks Auntie Kat!)   Sissy will wear hers without complaint, but I don’t know about Gretchen.  I also bought Gretchen a little pink collar with a red “blinker” (LED, maybe?) on it, and while it reportedly shipped 10 days ago, I have no tracking number and it hasn’t showed up yet.

Much as I hate the idea, I believe I’m going to have to break down and get my own reflective vest.  Again, I’d love your input…

It’s a good time to be giving thanks.   I’m most thankful that Sissy’s eye is holding its own, even as her fall allergens test us a bit.  I’m thankful that we had Wondervet for long enough to get Sis’s allergies under control, and that she’s not more than a text or a phone call away.  I’m thankful for my health, the Knight’s health and all of the other little things we take for granted.

Is ANYONE thankful for this time change thing!?


14 comments on “Doglight Savings Time

  1. gMarie says:

    When we were very good about walking daily, the dogs had blinkers/lights on their collars and JB & I both carried flashlights or wore headlamps. Served 2 purposes – we could see where we were going in the dark and cars could see us. I also live somewhere with no sidewalks or street lights. Crazy, eh?

    Get both yourself and Gretchen day glo orange – better to look stupid and be alive than not.

    I’m thankful for heath – human and canine; the ability to see a design and make it come out my needles; a job that might actually settle down and not be super-stressful 100% of the time; upcoming vacations and the chance to meet Velveteen Friends. g

  2. Nancy says:

    Who will take care of the “girls” if something happens to you while walking? Break down and get a reflective vest for yourself.

    The only good thing about the time change is that it reminds me to change the batteries in my smoke alarms.

  3. Katherine says:

    I haven’t felt the same since the time change. Don’t know if one has anything to do with the other. Someone said maybe I’m not getting enough sunlight.

    I think it was Darcy of ( who runs/walks at night with a lantern that hangs around her neck.

  4. Jim is thrilled with the time change. He likes driving to work in the daylight instead of the dark. Go figure.

  5. Mary says:

    Since I seem to leave in the dark and get home in the dark, I am not that crazy about the time change, but then consider where one of my DS lives…when I visit him next month sunrise will be 7:48am and sunset 3:50pm. Yep, dark before 4 pm. On the shortest day of the year sunrise is 8:04 am and sunset is 3:49 pm. So you see, it could be worse. No wonder my mother talked about the loooong winter nights. They really were.

  6. Marjie says:

    Ryan likes the time change, because he’s not walking to the school bus in the dark. I roll back into bed after he leaves for a couple of hours, so I’d really rather have the daylight at the end of the day. but I guess we have to take whatever the politicians in their infinite “wisdom” stick us with.

  7. Amy says:

    I would get a vest, when walking the dogs in the dark. You just never know – there are a lot of stupid people out there. And not just to ward off hit and runs. Are there hunters in the area where you walk? Just a thought.

    I feel like I’m running late and running behind, with the day getting darker an hour earlier. When I leave for work, it is practically dark!

  8. Sue says:

    et the vest. It’s better to be safe than sorry. There are glowing collars, harnesses and leashes for the girls, plus somewhere I saw reflective leg bands for dogs.

    I worry about hunters so I like my dogs to wear orange. I don’t want them mistaken for deer or turkeys or whatever.

  9. AlisonH says:

    (Raises a hand.) It means I can go out earlier and more freely. Less UV in my afternoon.

  10. StarSpry says:

    I agree with the other comments…you should get the orange vest. Better safe than sorry 🙂 I’m glad Sissy’s eye is continuing to do well!

  11. Kristyn says:

    I HATE the time change. I always end up tired and very crabby for a couple of weeks afterward.

  12. gypsyknits says:

    Be safe out there.
    I don’t mind the time change until spring. We go to bed earlier now therefore we roll out of bed early. Since we’re early risers that is a good thing :).

  13. Nichole says:

    I can sum this up in one word… NOPE. 🙂

  14. Anita says:

    Better to wear a reflective vest than to get run over! 🙂

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