Love is Blind

Has everyone been following the story of Lily and Maddison?

Photo courtesy of Daily Mail UK

Obviously, Lily is blind and Maddison is her seeing eye dog.  You have to read the story though.  It warmed me all the more because their new dad is a retired firefighter… 

Click over.  I’ll wait. 


Leave me alone. I'm hunting.

I love the joy in Lily’s face.   If you’re new here, you might not know that our own Sissy has lost her left eye to glaucoma and we’re fighting daily to maintain a healthy pressure in her right eye, to keep her comfortable and to retain her sight.  But because she was so very young and the glaucoma was so very aggressive, we know we have an uphill, life-long fight at best. 

So Lily’s happy face is an extra gift to me, because it helps me have true peace…  No matter what, Sis will always be beautiful, loved, and have a face full of expression… and know no boundaries.

October 2010 028
October 2010


I can’t lie… I miss that left eye rimmed in brown fur, but it hasn’t changed our girl and if anything, we love her all the more for her pluck and perseverance.   Thanks Sis, for being so resilient and for making us better for all of it. 

What does your weekend hold?

20 comments on “Love is Blind

  1. gMarie says:

    my weekend? Excitement! Meeting a woman I know like my own sister (only I like her better) in person!! I’m so excited I can’t stand it. I’m running like a chicken today – but I’ll get back to you.

    Love, love the Lily & Madison story. Brought a tear to my eyes. Those are some very lucky girls indeed. See you soon! g

    ps – Sis is beautiful. Always has been and her sight hasn’t stopped her one bit. She’s been extremely helpful in my ability to deal with Beau’s slow loss of sight.

  2. Jessica says:

    i love that story. And it definitely made me realize that no matter what, Sis is going to be ok. I already kind of knew that, but i love that now YOU know it, too.

    I cannot wait for two of my favorite people to see each other in person this weekend! It fills my heart with joy!!!!

  3. Mary says:

    Great story. Sent it on to DS who has a Great Dane.

    Weekend involves: ordering a new car tomorrow (ugh, haven’t missed having car payments); and celebrating DH bday on Sunday.

    Have a great time on Sunday.

  4. Carol says:

    So loved the story of Lily and Madison. Thanks for sharing it here.
    Sissy is so blessed to have you in her life. Thank you for caring about animals. They are so wonderful and so often mistreated or abdandoned. It warms my heart how much you care for your sweet little Sissy. I feel the same way about Charli. She is my dog no matter what! I hope you are having a nice week.

  5. Kathy says:

    I’m so glad the sweet girls found a loving home. I had read about them earlier when they were looking for a place to live.

    We’ve got dinner reservations tomorrow night and lots of the usual stuff including much laundry.

  6. Sue says:

    Aren’t they remarkable? Samba is always upbeat, never has a bad day. She keeps me going and keeps me from dwelling on her illnesses. Morgan is a real trooper. She’s doing stairs by herself now and I think she may wind up with only a slight limp.

    I’m hoping to spend the weekend getting packages ready to go out in the mail next week. Rob is making lasagna tomorrow (his specialty) so I won’t have to worry about meals.

    Have fun with G and J. Wish I could join you.

  7. britknitter says:

    I have an afternoon off and am finally catching up on some blogs. I’m glad you are all doing fine. Sissy is beautiful just the way she is. I hope her right eye pressure continues to behave. I love, love, love that skirt you made. You look fabulous in it, too! Great job on all counts! If I ever get off my butt (literally) and lose a ton of weight, the first thing I want to make is that bias skirt.

    Everyone here is fine. I hope to blog again very soon. 🙂

  8. Amy says:

    Okay – I’m crying. It doesn’t take much, but that article was so sweet and moving. It warms my heart. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Marjie says:

    Our dogs love us despite our frailties, failures and foibles. We love them right back. It’s a great arrangement. Happy Friday!

  10. Katherine says:

    Thanks for the link to the Lily & Madison story. I have such admiration for pet lovers like you who take such good care of their fur-family and I’m really glad to hear that Lily & Madison have a new home. I love to watch Macy and Max together as they play, kiss, and “talk” together. Their loving communication is a lesson in true friendship! We can all learn from Lily and Madison!

  11. Anita says:

    What a wonderful story…. And Sissy is so lucky to have you. She is beautiful still. 🙂

    Nothing exciting going on here this weekend. That’s good I suppose.

  12. My weekend is full of busyness…but yours sounds sooo much better! Have a wondeful time.

  13. AlisonH says:

    Such good dogs. Love’em.

  14. Adrienne says:

    Reading the Daily Mail Online is one of my guilty pleasures (wouldn’t be seen dead with the actual paper!) Anyway, I did see this story so it was a pretty safe bet that some new owners would come forward. It is great to see a happy ending for once!

  15. Nichole says:

    What an absolutely beautiful photo…. amazing!

  16. Louise says:

    What a lovely story, Chan. Thanks for that. And thank you for sharing both Sissy and Gretchen with us. They sure do have a couple of special parents!!!

  17. Blond Duck says:

    That story is wonderful! Sending it to my MIL.

    And I’ll e-mail you the recipe for the chicken pot pie.

  18. Bubblesknits says:

    Awww…such a sweet story. Give Sissy a kiss on the top of that big ole noggin for me. And Gretchen, too. 🙂

  19. Barbara says:

    What a wonderful story, Chan. I sent it to some dog-lover friends in case they hadn’t seen it.
    Sissy is the same dog inside as she’s always been…and you’ll love her no matter what. She and Gretchen are fortunate to have you and The Knight as parents!

  20. Barbara says:

    (Wish I could cheat random number generator and have gotten you an apron….just can’t bring myself to do it! )

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