It’s the most…

… hectic time of the year!

I like to blog regulary – every weekday – but every now and then, life gets in the way.  I feel that’s about to happen again… maybe through mid-February.  (Seriously.)  So don’t worry if I’m quiet for days at a time, okay?

We did meet gMarie and her husband yesterday and we had a lovely time.  THEY have photos, so when she blogs our visit, I’ll let you know and you can pop over and visit, okay?  I also have a finished object report to share with you… when I can get photos AND have time to compose a post. 

J Crew Mona in spicy cinnamon patent leather

Saturday, I spent the day going through an old closet of mostly dress clothes.  I only kept a handful of things from a 12′ row, and I suspect some of those won’t make it to the tailor for alterations after all.  The good news is, I have two FABULOUS dress options for the League’s gala, Vintage Vegas, so I just need to buy shoes, and the same fab pair we saw at J Crew yesterday will work for both dresses… maybe.  (Definitely one, but it might be too … intense for the other.)

Did you do anything exciting this weekend?

8 comments on “It’s the most…

  1. Sue says:

    I spent the entire weekend attacking a mountain of paperwork that I’ve been ignoring for weeks (months). I feel that I have to get it under control before I can do the fun things I want to do. Rob says I’ve been in a bad mood, but it’s just because I really hate what I’m forcing myself to do. As soon as I read thru a few bog posts I’m back to it.

    I completely understand how you might be too busy to post. We’ll be here when you get back.

  2. Amy says:

    I worked this weekend. Exciting, I know. 🙂 But I did have a moment where a patient once again restored my faith in why I do what I do, which was nice, considering all of the chaos and stress that has been going on there lately.

  3. Marjie says:

    So glad you got to visit with G&J! And I’m especially glad that you got through your closet this weekend – I did that this past summer, and it’s a liberating feeling. My stack of clothes to be donated is still in the corner of my room, after only 3 months….le sigh. And I’m not going to be a regular in the posting circuit, either, for the next week at least. We’ll at least understand each other.

  4. kathy b says:

    Wow look at those shoes!!! They are gorgeous I couldnt wear them I;m sure. ENjoy them for me! IT was the workend, but i am on a break after next saturday and I will have 4 weekends to really play!

  5. Barbara S. says:

    I bought new shoes too! In fact, I bought two pairs of dressy shoes and a pair of short boots, all on sale and/or clearance (which is the only reason I got three pair!). The boots and one of the pairs of shoes get to stay at the store until the 30th, just so I could have an extra 25% off the already sale price.
    I go to have a nice long Skype with my baby girl, who seems to be doing just fine, which I am sure you know makes me very, very happy and relieved!
    Oh, and I got to hear Hubband play bells in church again! This is becoming a (nice) habit.

  6. gMarie says:

    I trolled around town, met a velvetteen friend and it wasn’t awkward at all – very comfortable and I’m sure we could have chatted about anything – given the chance. Saw lots of sights and walked holes in my shoes – seriously – I’m rubbing holes in the leather of my danskos! Oh – my poor feet. g

  7. What dare I say re regular blogging? I’ve been mostly MIA for months now. Had a very busy weekend with a nice share of good things mixed among the busy, busy. Cleaning out that closet has GOT to feel spectacular. You GO girl!

  8. Mary says:

    I am sure those shoes are seriously stylin’ and will look fabulous on you, but they would give me a nosebleed…not to mention an ankle and/or knee injury. Glad you had a good weekend. Mine was pretty good..spent Sat out with DH (ordered car) and had family over for his b-day Sunday. He had a seriously good day since his presents included tickets to “The Wall” (loves PF) for next July and a N**k tablet.

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