Watch or not?

My dream watch - Philip Stein

Quick little curiousity here. 

Do you wear a watch daily?  Is it jewelry or equipment?

See…  in my former life as a firefighter-medic, my watch was an essential tool, and it had to have a second hand.  (… and the nurses and such nod…)  But the Knight and many of my friends don’t wear a watch; they simply peek at their cell phones when they want to know the time and no wall clock is in plain sight.

I’ve heard it said that watches will soon be obsolete, except purely as a fashion item.  I get that…  I love bracelets and always have something on each arm, generally a watch on the left and at least one bracelet on the right.  However, I almost never consult my watch anymore, and I favor “dress watches” that don’t have numbers even, much less a second hand.

I guess that puts me in the fashion category, but I probably do look at the time on my wrist at least once daily…

And yeah, I love that PANK Philip Stein watch.  If it came with just one “face” I’d be even more tempted to try their Frequency Technology.  Anyone know anything about the claims of better sleep, less stress, etc.?  (Don’t quote Oprah for me…  I’ve read/heard her testimonials.  I want to hear from someone I kinda’ know…)

What say you?  Fashion, function or technology?


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21 comments on “Watch or not?

  1. Marjie says:

    I wear a small Timex with a stretch metal band. I look for the analog clock to tell me what time it is, and that includes glancing at my arm when I’m not in sight of a real clock. All of my kids look at their cell phones to check the time, too, and it makes me crazy.

    I’d wear a more expensive watch, but the Timex has a look of fairly delicate jewelry, and since I wear my watch to bed and everywhere else, I sometimes kill them. And I would hate to do that to a pricy watch.

  2. AlisonH says:

    I need to go get a new battery in it, and thank you for the nudge. I inherited a tiny, beautiful gold watch from my grandmother that I can remember her wearing it. I don’t; I should. Battery power has been the only real thing in my way. (Well, that and I’m more a silver person.)

  3. Carol says:

    I do have a really nice watch that I wore my entire nursing career, day and night Like you say, in some professions it’s a must. The day I retired for some reason I put my watch away and haven’t worn it since. Just yesterday I was teliing my hubby I want to get a new battery and start wearing it again. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family ♥ I’ve enjoyed blogging with you and also with Chan.

  4. Sue says:

    When I was single and working I wore a watch every day for function. Rob gave me a beautiful watch for my birthday only two weeks after we met and I wore it all the time.

    When my Mom died I inherited her collection, so I now have a drawer full of pretty watches, but I seldom wear one. I don’t need one around the house and the dogs can be hard on my jewelry. When I leave the house I have a small watch attached to the handle of my purse so I can check that. The only time I wear a watch anymore is when we’re traveling.

  5. Mandy B says:

    Even though I carry a cell phone, I feel quite lost without a watch on. I’ve been wearing a citizen Eco-Drive for about 10 years now – it’s light powered, so I never have to worry about a battery. The stainless steel band is kind of scratched (I say it has character), but it’s classic and I can’t imagine being without it.

  6. Nancy says:

    I stopped wearing a watch when I retired. My life had been ruled by clocks and bell schedules for 33 years, so since leaving the classroom, my life is my own. I seldom use my alarm clock either. I am finally FREE and my time is my own.

  7. Khyra's Mom says:

    I have a man’s model Bulova that I love –

    BUT I too stopped wearing watches with the addition of the cell phone to my wardrobe –

  8. Kathy says:

    I love watches and use them both for fashion and function. My daily watch is a Tag Heuer in stainless steel with gold therefore I can wear almost any other jewelry with it and not clash. I also have several Movado Museum watches (nothing on the face but one dot at 12:00). On the weekends I generally wear a Timex Ironman watch. So yeah, I prefer watches to checking the time on my phone.

  9. Mary says:

    Have watches, but rarely wear them, except when I travel on planes or head overseas (otherwise, the smartphone is my timer). Laughing at the line about how you like small watch faces with no numbers. This worked for me back in the days before I needed reading glasses. Now I need a watch the size of BIG BEN on my wrist to see time without glasses.

  10. Jessica says:

    I still wear the Victoronix Swiss Army Womens two-tone Officers watch that Jason bought me when we lived in Germany many years ago. i think i have had it for 12 years now? I love that watch. it is jewelry and a timepiece for me. i think they have changed the style a bit, cry. i hope this one lasts many more years!

  11. Susan, says:

    If I am home, no watch. There are plenty of clocks around the house. If I leave home I wear a cheap Timex because it has the day and date. I have a beautiful Movido, but I bet the battery is dead it has been so long since I had it on!!!

  12. Katherine says:

    Wow frequency technology, and I thought my watch was high-tech! I do wear a watch everyday and it is both utilitarian and bling. DH gave me a diamond Citizen’s solar powered watch for Christmas last year. Mine has the silver band instead of the pink band worn by the lady golfers. I check my watch for time so often I have been accused of trying to show it off, but that’s not true. (I don’t think?)

  13. gMarie says:

    hmmm – you do wear a watch and check it for the time. I stopped wearing my watch when it needed a battery. I now wear a watch generally for jewelry only and don’t even check it all that often. I really want a locket that has a watch.

    As for the better sleep – well do you have to sleep with your watch on? That’s just weird. I don’t wear any jewelry to bed except for the diamond earings that never come out. So I don’t know how well that would work for me. g

  14. Mr. Puffy says:

    I enjoy wearing a watching but since my last one stopped ticking I’ve not had it replaced. Not only will watches be obsolete I also think the “way” we tell time is changing. Instead of round estimates of time – if you asking sometime what the time is now they give you a very precise answer, e.g. it’s 12:13 rather than “close to quarter after twelve.”

  15. Good question. I don’t “wear” my watch these days…I have one that I keep clipped to my purse. It is both cute (fashion) and functional, as sometimes is it would be considered rude to look at the cell phone. I think that the choice of watch dictates function or fashion, and over time I’m had watches for both both. Needed a second hand a lot in my old jobs, and also liked the look of wearing a watch for ‘jewelry” too.

  16. Blond Duck says:

    I die w/out a watch. I’ve been wearing the same Bulova Ben gave me for my 19th birthday–the first gift he ever got me. I had to get the face replaced a few months ago!

  17. Dianne says:

    I’ve worn a watch every day since 6th grade, but then the batteries is both of my watches died at the same time, and I couldn’t get to the jeweler for over a month. It drove me crazy for a couple of weeks, but then I relied on the cell phone to tell the time, and I still haven’t gotten those batteries!

  18. Walden121 says:

    I wear a watch every day. Work, breaks, the bus, etc. I just need to know what time it is. Mine are not a fashion accessory really, I buy cheap ones from Wal*Mart or Target and use them until they die or fall apart. I usually get a bright color just because I enjoy them more.

    I understand the cellphone thing instead, but I don’t, nor have I ever owned a cell phone. Plus, a watch just seems easier to me as I doubt I would want a cell phone on my person all the time.

  19. Bubblesknits says:

    I kill watches fairly often, so I usually don’t buy expensive ones. It’s all about function, though. I feel nekkid when I don’t have mine on. lol

  20. Nichole says:

    I say watches are a mix of all 3 and yes, I do wear one daily. I find them essential, yet you can have fun with mixing it up a little. Like Jessi, I feel kinda nekkid without mine…

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